I am already dad at college

female juniors,hold gold bricks.

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[Congratulations to the host, for completing the first milk powder preparation for the baby. ”]

”[received a reward of 500,000 yuan, the reward have been transferred to the bank card. ”]

” [ [Eidetic memory] everything can be remember! ”]

[ ”Get a reborn pill. ”]

[ ” Reborn Pill: After taking it, the host can stay up to three days and two nights without rest, without feeling the slightest fatigue! ”]

Hearing the voice of the system, Lin Xuan was slightly dazed. He didn expect to be rewarded by adding milk powder to the baby.

If this is the case, then change the babys diaper and take care of the baby. Wouldn it be rewarded?

”Lin Xuan, whats the matter? ”

Yang Ziyi saw Lin Xuan stunned in place, wondering.

”No, Dabao, don cry, Dad is here. ”

Lin Xuan recovered, hearing Zi Yis voice, shook his head slightly, and then took the mixed milk powder, came to Dabaos body, and personally fed Dabao.

”Lin Xuan, its not like that. Look at how I hold Erbao. ”

Yang Ziyi looked at Lin Xuans actions and shook her head quickly.

First, feed your baby and drink milk. Choose a comfortable sitting position and sit firmly,-hold your baby in your arms with one hand, let your baby lean on your elbow, your arms support your babys buttocks, the babys whole body is inclined at about 45 degrees .

Hold the baby bottle in the other hand and touch the babys lips with the nipple. Bao will open his mouth to hold it and start sucking.

When the baby is feeding, pay attention to the inclination angle of the baby bottle to fill the entire nipple with milk to prevent the baby from inhaling too much air.

If the nipple is deflated by the baby, you can slowly take the nipple out and let air into the bottle, and the nipple can be restored to its original shape. Otherwise, you can unscrew the nipple cover, put in the air and close it tightly.

Restore the original shape, otherwise you can unscrew the nipple cover, put in the air and then close it tightly.

Pay attention to the babys sucking situation. If the baby swallow too quickly, the nipple hole may be too large. If the amount of milk has not decreased much after sucking for a long time, it may be that the nipple hole is too small and it is very difficult to suck the milk.

Don put a baby

sit on the bed, let him lie down alone and take milk with a bottle. It is very dangerous if the adult leaves for a long time. The baby may choke on the milk and even cause suffocation.

After feeding the baby, you should not let the baby lie down immediately. You should lift the baby upright, lean on your shoulders, pat your babys back gently, let him burp, and expel the air in the stomach to prevent the baby from spitting up milk. .

”Zi Yi, thank you, if it weren for you to explain to me, I really don know this knowledge. ”

After listening to Yang Ziyis explanation, Lin Xuan nodded.

e welcome. ”

Yang Ziyi glanced at Lin Xuan and saw that he was taking care of Dabao and drinking milk very seriously, with a smile on his face.

Usually at night, she feeds the babies alone. Relatively speaking, it is so convenient for one person to take care of the babies.

Because the baby needs to master his posture when he is drinking, every time he feeds, he feeds Erbao first, then the Dabao, or first feeds Dabao and then Erbao.

In this case, you can only coax one of the children while feeding the other.

Now that Lin Xuan is there, it is much more convenient.

After feeding Dabao and Erbao, Yang Ziyi took the milk powder bottle and went to the kitchen to clean it.

After the babies have finished drinking their milk, they need to clean them as soon as possible, otherwise bacteria are prone to appear.

When she was done, she continued to clean up the room.

Lin Xuan looked at Yang Ziyis busy figure, and knew that she been taking care of the baby, which might not be easy.

After she packed the clothes in the bedroom, Lin Xuan picked up her mobile phone and contacted the moving company.

”Zi Yi, I have already contacted the moving company, and I will be here later. ”

”Well, during this period, the babies have to wear clothes for going out. The babies are still young and it is not convenient to go out. If there is a little wind, it is easy to catch a cold. ”

”Yes. ”

Babies, they are only three months old now, so their bodies are naturally not comparable to them. Even if they are just going out for a while, they need to take protective measures.

if the baby are sick it is quite troublesome.

Put on the clothes for the babies to go out. After a while, the moving company called and told Lin Xuan that they had arrived.

”Zi Yi, they are here, I will go down and call them up, you and the babies are waiting for me in the room. ”

”Well, go. ” Yang Ziyi nodded softly.

”Baby, Dad will go out first and be back soon. ”

After telling the baby, Lin Xuan left the room and went downstairs.

When he came to the community, he saw a moving companys car parked in the parking space, and Lin Xuan walked over immediately.

”Hello, moving company, right? ”

”Its Mr. Lin, hello. ”

”Come with me, all the luggage are packed. ”

”Ok. ”

Four people came from the moving company at a time. Lin Xuan took them to the third floor together, entered the room, and asked them to move their things.

As for Yang Ziyi, she took her baby in the bedroom, because Er Bao was a little afraid of strager, she worried that Er Bao was frightened by so many strangers suddenly, so she didn come out.

When the moving company moved all the things, Lin Xuan went to the bedroom and looked at Yang Ziyi, w gently said: iyi, everything has been moved, lets take a taxi, lets go there together.

”Ok. ”

”Come on, good baby, dad hold it. ” Lin Xuan walked in and held Dabao in his arms.

Then Yang Ziyi left the building together, found a taxi outside, and went to the new home together.

After the moving company put everything in their new home and paid the money, they left.

Yang Ziyi held Erbao and looked at this new home. The area was much larger than the room they used to live in, and it was still two rooms and one living room.

”Two rooms and one living room, so does Lin Xuan live with them? ”

Thinking of this, Yang Ziyi glanced at Lin Xuan secretly.

At this time, Lin Xuan met Yang Ziyis gaze.

”Zi Yi, starting from today, this is our new home, and I will live here in the future and take care of the babies with you. ”

”Oh oh. ”

”You accompany the babies first. I take out the things in the carton, and then start cooking. After working for so long, you are hungry too. ”

”Its okay, Lin Xuan, trouble you. ”

”Why are you so polite with me. ”

”Dabao, go with mom, dad clean up the room first. ”

After the room was cleaned up, he took out all the things in the carton, and Lin Xuan walked out of the kitchen to prepare for dinner.

Yang Ziyi was in the bedroom, accompanied by Dabao and Erbao. Looking at these two cute babies, she gently said, ”Dabao, Erbao, do you like your father? ”

”Eh, oh~~~ ”

Dabao, Erbao waved his little hands, like he was saying, I like it.

”Then Dad wants to live with us, do you agree? ”

Babble babble~~~

Yang Ziyi smiled slightly. There is a man in the family who is quite good. At least he will take care of the baby with her.

And he is also the biological father of the babies. People are in college, starting to become a dad,


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(don abandon your lover and don become a playboy)

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