I discovered the fact that I was born in the world of a novel on my eighteenth birthday.

While blowing out the candles during my birthday party, memories from my past life resurfaced like a panorama.
At that moment, I realized that this world was the setting of the novel I had read, “Withered Flowers Don’t Cry.”

“Withered Flowers Don’t Cry” was a 19+ novel where the male protagonists, as a price for sealing the Demon King, received a curse of immortality and went insane.
They couldn’t endure even a single day without the heroine, the salvation character who was a real-life antidepressant.

The problem was that as soon as I became aware of this fact, I was appointed as the “salvation character” and set off with the male protagonists to seal the Demon King.

Fortunately, I wasn’t the salvation heroine from the original story who was obsessively pursued by the male protagonists until death.
I was the previous generation’s salvation character, born a hundred years before the appearance of the heroine.

The salvation character was chosen through generations of succession, but not much was known about them.
One common characteristic among them was the ability to heal.

That’s why many of the previous salvation characters were healers, and I was also a healer.
Moreover, I possessed the strongest healing power inherited from the fairy race, known for their healing abilities.

I was born at a time when the Demon King was wreaking havoc, destined to help the male leads and participate in the subjugation of the Demon King.
Still, the situation was better than being the heroine who would eventually become the savior in my later generations.
When the Demon King was sealed and cursed the male leads with immortality, after a hundred years, they would go on a rampage and torment the heroine because they couldn’t bear it. 

Anyway, I was an existence that deviated from the original work.
There was no mention of a predecessor savior in the original, so I don’t even know what happened to me.
I was just a little surprised to find out that my three colleagues were the male leads, the Thunder Monkeys, and I was only worried about whether I would survive the curse of the Demon King.

“Anyway, it was fun being together, but let’s never meet again, please.”

After three years of hardships, the Demon King was now being sealed right before my eyes.
Even though the male leads, who were handsome enough to blind me, rushed towards the Demon King, I was supporting them from the rear.
It wasn’t too difficult, as if I was just breathing.

“Is it my imagination? Why do I keep locking eyes with the Demon King?”

The Demon King, whom I desperately needed to resist, was staring straight at me.
There was no room for leisure as the strongest male leads in the world fought against him.

When I felt something strange, I furrowed my brows, and he smirked.

Perhaps sensing the ominous sign, the male leads also stepped back.
And just as they followed the Demon King’s gaze and turned their eyes towards me in the rear…

You have finally returned.”


[As promised, I will erase your existence from this world.
So that no one remembers you.]

The Demon King reached out his hand toward me.

And at that moment, I lost consciousness.

When I woke up later, I found myself alone in the Demon King’s castle.

* * *

A fist-sized pebble rolled across the ground with a thud.
As soon as it happened, a beast resembling a mole hidden in the forest popped out and swiftly devoured the pebble.

Crack! The sound of the stone breaking reverberated, and another beast hidden somewhere emerged and devoured the first beast that had eaten the stone.

Crunch! The evil forest was filled with these beasts.
In the midst of it all was the Demon King’s castle, and I, who had no power to defeat the beasts.

I was currently trapped in the castle, on the verge of starving to death. 

“I’m starving to death.”

I was born as a healer and lived my life as one.
Before embarking on the journey with the male leads to subjugate the Demon King, I had considered enhancing my abilities in case of unforeseen circumstances, but I gave up due to their opposition.

“Is there any point in learning now?”

“That’s right.
Just stick by our side.”

“If you get in the way, we’ll abandon you.”

Those creatures of darkness were not opponents that could be dealt with easily.
So, I diligently focused on developing my healing abilities and providing support.

And now, this was the result.
I had no power to cross the evil forest, and even if I managed to escape somehow, I didn’t possess the ability to lift the seal that surrounded the forest.

There was only one choice left for me.

“Should I starve to death, or be devoured and die? That is the question.”

It had been nearly a week since I last ate, and my stomach clung to my spine.

“All this suffering just for a taste of meat.”

They promised to reward me with a golden cas

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