sight of it made my mouth water.

I quickly took a sip of the soup.
At that moment, a sensation gathered from all over my body and concentrated at the tip of my tongue, as if an electrifying shock ran through me.

‘Wow, this is incredible.’

It was a taste that instantly awakened my senses!

At that moment, without realizing it, a memory from the past resurfaced.
It was a cold winter day.
Even with a warming magic-infused blanket wrapped around me, the wind was piercing enough to freeze my bones.
I was hungry, cold, and sleepy, longing to go back home and see my parents.

That’s when Adandito made me a stew.
He had only added some roots, unknown vegetables, and fruits, but it instantly warmed my chilled body, which had been suffering from the cold

It was delicious, but as I reminisced for a moment about the past, suddenly Adandito’s nagging voice came to mind.

‘Even though we don’t know how much longer we’ll be able to get food, you all eat so much.
Are you all parasites?’

‘…The past wasn’t particularly enjoyable, huh?’

So this is why they say memories are beautiful when they’re memories.
I looked down at the empty stew bowl on the bedside table, regaining the almost moved feeling I had before.

It was slightly unsatisfying without meat, but it was excellent as the first meal after being hungry.

I patted Adandito’s shoulder without hesitation and praised him.

“You did well.
It was delicious.”

“Thank you.”

“Still, next time, let’s focus on meat, alright?”

Adandito looked at me with a confused expression.

“But why are you… using informal language…”

“Oh, sorry, I will.”

“…It feels even more awkward when you speak formally.
You can just speak comfortably.”

“…Right? It’s more comfortable for you too, isn’t it?”

After three years of not speaking, it felt strange to be polite.

‘I was worried about how it would feel if you asked something and hung on, but I’m glad.’

I looked at Adandito with an exasperated expression, and our eyes accidentally met.

He looked at me with a complex expression as if lost in thought, then quickly turned his head when our eyes met.
Then, with a more foolish expression than usual, he mumbled.


“Why are you like that?”

“That… “


“…It feels like it just rained.”


“It’s nothing.”

After saying that, he cautiously spoke to me in an unusual tone.



“…Is meat enough?”

Suddenly talking about food.
Did I seem upset about side dishes?

Of course, meat was important.
But I couldn’t ignore the reward I had agreed to receive after the demon king’s subjugation.

‘Hard work for three years!’

I thought I would get the reward for my hard work in participating in the demon king subjugation.

So, even though I knew Adandito wouldn’t understand what I was saying, I spoke candidly.

“First, I have to receive a sufficient amount of gold.
Enough to build a castle with!”

“A castle made of gold…”

At that moment, for some reason, Adandito smiled brightly…

“Then will you continue to stay here until then?”


Of course, there was a teleportation array here, and it was close to the Yellow Road.
There was no reason for me not to stay here.

‘As long as Adandito doesn’t suspect me and torment me.’

Fortunately, for now, there was no sign that he wanted to torture me.

I’m not sure why he’s going along with it so easily, but bringing up the topic of meat and rewards made me feel like he was being kind to me.

‘But he’s not the type to just go along with things…’

Just as joy was about to surge, doubt suddenly raised its head.

And it’s understandable.
The Adandito I’ve seen so far has been cold, sensitive, and irritable, if not hysterical.

‘But why is he suddenly being nice to me?’

I’d rather believe that a passing thief is kind.

As soon as that thought came to mind, I looked at Adandito with eyes full of suspicion.

“You’re hiding something from me.”

At that moment, Adandito flinched.

Looking into his wide eyes, I became even more convinced of my suspicion.

I tore off a piece of the steaming bread and mumbled while chewing, lost in thought.

‘I guess… I have to find out what Adandito is hiding.’

* * *

Adandito, the chief executive of the Sunghwan Temple, had been practicing silent meditation for a whopping fifteen years.
He was an elite official highly regarded in the temple and even served as the deputy chief executive.
He maintained a reputation for calmness and composure.
However, today he couldn’t utter a word, his mouth agape.
It was after hearing what Adandito had said.

Separate from that, Adandito’s behavior was far from composed; it overflowed with leisure.

“Did I hear correctly?”

“Do I need to repeat myself?”

Adandito replied with a soft tone.
His gentle intonation sent chills down her spine.
The monk bowed his head, knowing full well that a knife lurked beneath the noble smile.

“…I apologize.”

“No need.
Carry out what I have instructed.”

Only with gold, to build an extravagant castle, is that what you mean?”

I will use my wealth.
As for the scale… yes, it would be nice if even a cute baby bird wouldn’t get bored too soon.”

“A baby bird… you mean the one currently staying at the sanctuary.”

“That’s right.
It will stay there from now on, so please take special care.”

Adandito smiled and turned his gaze back to the pot.
The large pot was filled with chunks of meat, boiling vigorously.
The chief executive pondered as he looked at the pot.

‘I guess that’s for the baby bird as well.’

Adandito rarely ate meat.
To be precise, he was close to being a vegetarian.
He made a fuss about how he couldn’t stand the smell of meat, claiming it didn’t sit well with his stomach.
At most, he would eat eggs, removing the yolk and only eating the egg whites mixed with vinegar.

And now he was personally boiling meat.

‘Three years… seems quite long.

The chief executive concealed his bitter emotions and turned around.

As soon as he left, a hint of joy flickered in Adandito’s cold eyes.

“…Will this meal be enjoyed?”

He had a reason for saying that.
It was because of the dream he had been having all week.

After completing the seal and returning to the temple, Adandito had the same dream every day for a week.
It was a dream of a woman who appeared as if she were born with golden hair and spring’s blessing.

‘Is she a deity?’

At first, Adandito mistook her for a deity due to the resemblance of her power to divine power.
But upon closer inspection, her power was different from that of a deity.

She was a healer who inherited the power of fairies.
And there was something even more surprising.

The woman was in the Demon King’s fortress.

Forgetting that it was just a dream, Adandito held his breath.

“Why would you be in the Demon King’s fortress?”

The Demon King’s fortress was filled with venom, and even an ordinary person would be fatally poisoned just by entering.
Even with healing abilities, it was difficult to endure to some extent.

But the woman appeared completely fine as if she had plenty of energy.

Moreover, the Demon King’s fortress was not a place anyone could enter.
It took three years for the three most powerful individuals on the continent to break through.

And a lone human woman was standing there.

‘Could she possibly be a demon in human form?’

While sealing the Demon King, Adandito, a colleague and high mage named Hierian, noticed a rift in the space-time continuum.
Sending the Demon King to another dimension was the only option, as he was an entity that couldn’t be killed, but now there was a rift in that option as well.
It meant that at any time, the seal could be broken, or other minions sent by the Demon King could cross over to the current dimension.

As soon as he realized this, Adandito, who had been in a state of sluggishness, sharpened his senses.
He carefully examined the woman.

At that moment, as if shaking his entire dream, a voice resounded as if pouring down from the sky.
It was a divine voice.

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