I can’t use any common skills!

Hidden Dungeon Owner - [ Chapter - 3 ]

So I left the digital space and when I got back I got hit by a stick but the energy body shield skill protected me so I didn get hurt and I took a stick and used my new swordsmanship skill to fight them off and the intuition skill was useful, some of them threw their rocks at me but they missed I wasn sure if it was the luck skill or they just have bad aim, but after a while, all of them ran away.

[Bzz, the Host has completed the Sudden Mission! The Host has been awarded 500p.]

”Where did you learn to fight like that? ”, Byung-ho asked, I replied by saying, ”Its my awakened ability. ”, Byung-ho was shocked and was really excited and started telling me to do the hunters test so that I can become a hunter but I just told him I will think about it once I get used to me new ability.

When I got home I asked Bolt, ”Bolt can you do the Common Gacha again, If so do it. ”.

[Bzz, 5 Common Gacha in process…]

[Ding! The user got a common skill, 3 uncommon skills, and a rare skill!]

”Open the skill panel. ”

[Skill Panel]

[Name: Dae-Seong]

[Common Rank Skills: ”Luckier ”, ”High Intuition ”, ”Better Senses ”]

[Uncommon Rank Skills: ”Apprentices Swordsmanship ”, ”Swift Body ”, ”Growth Speed 10x ”, ”Faster Reaction Time ”]

[Rare Rank Skills: ”Heavenly Yin-Yang Body ”]

[Epic Rank Skills: ”Energy Body Shield ”]

[Legendary Rank Skills: None ]

[Mythical Rank Skills: None ]

I tested out the skills and the common skill I got was pretty straightforward I just had better senses but it was still useful in some situations, the swift body skill made my body 10x faster but I was able to control it and the reaction time skill was also pretty straightforward as well, the growth skill I didn try it yet but maybe I could use it with the Heavenly Body skill I got.

”Ok, I need more points, Bolt what do you suggest as the best source of points for me now? ”, I asked.

[Bzz, I suggest you learn common skills or complete missions.]

”Ok then what are the missions? ”, I asked.

[Mission Panel]

[Mission 1: Train your internal energy until ”Martial Warrior ” rank]

[Mission 2: Become a Hunter in 1 month]

[Mission 3: Earn 1,000p]

I didn understand the first mission so I asked Bolt what it meant.

[Bzz, The Host has to train his internal energy by doing martial arts, The Growth and Heavenly Body skill will hasten the progress of your martial arts. | The Levels Of Martial Arts, (Martial Apprentice), (Martial Warrior), (Martial General), (Martial King), (Martial Saint), (Martial God).]

”Ok, but how do I train? ”, I asked again.

[Bzz, Go into the Crossed Leg position, imagine the air around you and try to breathe in all the air around you.]

So I did that and after a while, some black sticky stuff came out of my body, I ignored it and trained for 4 weeks and after the 4 weeks I cleaned up all of the mess that happened while I was training.

[Bzz, the Host has completed Mission 1! The Host has been awarded 500p.]

I was able to reach the Martial General during the training and I decided to do the Hunters test. So I went to the place where I will do the test and there were a few tests like strength, speed, defense, intelligence, practical battle, and going into a gate.

So I signed up and I had to wait for a few hours before the test started and there was a bunch of people talking and saying things about the other participants and saying how they were strong and the rest of us were weak.

So during the tests, I put my full power into doing all of the tests and they didn pass most of the tests so they had to leave they kept demanding I cheated and the machine was faulty but no one cared about them and continued.

The last three tests were now there the first was the ability test, it was the same as the awakening test I did before.

[Awakening Test]

[Name: Dae-Seong] [Age: 16]

[Gender: Male] [Unique Skills: ???]

[Skills: Swordsmanship and Martial Arts] [Disadvantages: Can Learn Any Common Skills]

[Categories Of Skills]

[Common Skills: Learnable Skills or Skills found in dungeons or gates]

[Unique Skills: Skills that usually are only acquired upon awaknings]

[Blessing Skills: Skills that are acquired upon getting sponsorship or blessing from a God]

The machine didn put all of my skills and only added more vague information than my system and after a while, all of them saw my test results more and more people started to care about me less. After all, even though I had a unique ability and it only showed my two unique skills it was useless because if I maxed them all out then I become useless because they thought I couldn do anything after that.

But I did well in the practical battle I won and was able to beat all of the other participants so I did get a bit of attention but not from any of the big guilds. Then it was the final test where a group of 3 had to battle a gate because I was the strongest I was assigned a C rank gate with two others who were strong but not as strong as me.

I went in but then a notification from the system came up.

[Ding! The system has changed your entrance to the Hidden Dungeon Haunted Sorrows! ”]


[Skill Panel]

[Name: Dae-Seong]

[Common Rank Skills: ”Luckier ”, ”High Intuition ”, ”Better Senses ”]

[Uncommon Rank Skills: ”Apprentices Swordsmanship ”, ”Swift Body ”, ”Growth Speed 10x ”, ”Faster Reaction Time ”]

[Rare Rank Skills: ”Heavenly Yin-Yang Body ”]

[Epic Rank Skills: ”Energy Body Shield ”]

[Legendary Rank Skills: None ]

[Mythical Rank Skills: None ]


『Again really sorry for the rewrite and also for the story change I had a hard time writing more chapters but I still hope that you guys enjoy!』


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