“My lady, a present has arrived just for you.”

“A Present? From who?”

“I don’t know where it came from because the gifter was anonymous.”

What Nancy brought was a small box. I wonder where did the gift come from. I glanced down at the box.

The dark red box was tied with a pastel pink ribbon.
It was difficult to guess what was inside the box, which was a little bigger than a book.

What is this? Who would send me a gift anonymously?

“Hurry up and open it, Miss!”

Nancy handed me the box and urged me with curiosity.

The box was much lighter than expected.
Too light for its size.
I shook the box up and down a few times before untying the ribbon.
I could not figure it out, so I would have to check it then.


Upon having a look at the content inside, Nancy exclaimed.

The first thing I saw were flowers that filled the box.
Flowers of various colours such as pink, white, and yellow were in the box, and a thin layer of light yellow paper was filling the space between them.
The colourful arrangement was pleasing to the eyes, and the fragrance of fresh flowers made me wonder if the flowers themselves were the gift for a moment.

But the main gift was not that.
There was another small box in the middle.
It was a white box with a relatively large ribbon compared to its size.

“There is another box inside.”

Could it be…my brows slightly furrowed as I opened the small box.

Inside the small box was a necklace.
A necklace engraved with gold roses and decorated with a blue gem in the centre.

Is this a sapphire or a blue diamond?

Seeing that, Nancy exclaimed in surprise.

“Wow! Isn’t that a necklace?”

Who was it? Contrary to the excited Nancy, I had a serious expression on.
No matter how I thought about it, receiving a gift from someone unknown to me was really questionable.
In addition, the gift was nothing but a necklace that looked fairly expensive.
How could I just be happy at that? 

Was there anyone who meant to give me a surprise?

At that moment, a man came to mind.

Could it be Logan?

High chance it was Logan.
Because he took notice of how I didn’t wear my necklace the other day.

No, but to send me a necklace? It felt like I was taking something too valuable.
I could not return it because its owner was anonymous.
I looked at the necklace with a troubled face.


For the next appointment with Logan, I purposely wore the necklace he gave me.

“You came early.”

After greetings, his gaze was fixed on my necklace.

So it was Logan.
Normally, I didn’t care what kind of necklace I wore, but…

“You came wearing a necklace today.”

How is it? Does it look good on me?”

“It suits you.”

“Thank you.”

In my mind, I wanted to say that such a gift was too much, that I was grateful, but I could not accept it.
But what should I do? I received it from someone anonymous.

I tried hard to show that I liked the necklace.
Actually, even if I didn’t try, it was already a design that was to my taste.
The real problem came when we went to a coffee shop after finding reading materials in the library.

“Then did you feel the charm of traveling on your first trip?”

I had milk tea and chatted with Logan.
The awkwardness from our first meeting felt like yesterday, but it’s completely gone now.

Although Logan might not be very talkative, I did not feel uncomfortable sitting with him.
And Logan asked me a lot of questions too.

“It seems to be so.
The landscape I saw was totally different from where I lived.
Have you ever been anywhere else other than the Marquisate?”

“Except for Nelson’s estate, I–”


A third person’s voice suddenly interrupted my answer.
It’s a voice I already know.
I turned back to look at her.

“You two are hanging out again today.” Daisy was standing behind me, alone.

I hadn’t seen her since I let her off last time.

Daisy was different from the last time she encountered Logan with the girls.
Her always-smiling face was now expressionless.

I could not quite grasp what displeased her so much.
Daisy was looking at us alternately with her arms crossed.

Logan had seemed to notice that the atmosphere wasn’t how it used to be.
Logan greeted Daisy as if trying to divert her attention from me.

“It’s been a long time, Miss Daisy.” But Daisy did not greet Logan back.

That’s right.
Keep being so rude, Daisy.
You would be the one to regret it later.

Daisy ignored Logan and spoke to me.

“Sienna, I understand that you may be disappointed in me.
I was so emotional back then that I couldn’t understand how you felt.”

She thought I didn’t know that she was pretending to take a step back? I listened to her with a straight face, unfazed.

“But we are friends.
I’ve been waiting for your call.
Even though I did make a mistake, it wasn’t right of you to send an old friend out like that.
Shouldn’t you at least give me another chance and try treating me nicely again?”

Being delusional was also a disease. 

I said coldly.

“Let’s talk about that later.
I’m in the middle of something with Logan right now.”

Upset, she turned to look at Logan.

“I guess you don’t even care about me anymore because you’re dating a guy.”

Daisy’s gaze on Logan was cold.

She was indirectly saying that she was immensely upset with him.
At this rate, she would dig her own grave without me doing anything.

But as I watched, my conscience was pricked.
Logan probably did not know why Daisy was doing this.

First, let’s get Daisy out of here.
Because Daisy’s standing in front of the table was the perfect way to draw attention.

“Whoever I meet, that’s up to me.
Are you going to keep standing here? People are staring.”

“Then I shall sit down and talk.”

Daisy then went to the seat next to Logan and sat down.

I did not expect it to turn out this way… But one thing was for sure, Daisy would never be invited by Logan for the rest of her life.
Whenever we meet, she kept building up on her unfriendly image.

The moment I was about to say something to her, Logan snatched that chance away from me.
He spoke to Daisy, who was sitting next to him.

“We never agreed for you to sit down.
Please leave now.”

“I’m here to talk to Sienna.
You keep quiet.”

However, Daisy refused to listen to Logan, who was pretending to be a commoner, but in fact, was brimming with pride as an aristocrat.

And her next words had me shook.

“You must think that you are some kind of great person because Sienna hangs out with you.
You are still just a commoner.”


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