Chapter 1: Welcome

Lin Jie opened the bookstore’s old wooden door as per usual.

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A muffled chime sounded from a bronze bell.
Streams of water trickled down the door frame from above, leaving vestiges on the dirt-covered transom window.

The sky was murky.
It was pouring heavily outside, the pitter-patter of rain and vapor creating a foggy curtain.

Puddles of water had accumulated outside the store .

“Such a heavy downpour , ” remarked the frowning Lin Jie.

He was a little miffed at his shirt and trousers getting wet.

“This heavy precipitation that began last night will continue for approximately a week.
The Meteorological Centre has issued a yellow warning , which could rise to red…”

Audio from the neighboring shop’s TV was quickly drowned up by the rain.

It was unlikely that there would be any business for the bookstore under such weather


Lin Jie pulled out a triangular supporting frame and wooden board from behind the door to make a simple step at the entrance before flipping the hanging sign to display “Open”.

It was unlikely for there to be too many customers under such weather.
It looked like it was going to be a quiet day for the bookstore.

‘ Rather than to open for suc h lacklustre business, why not go back to sleep ? ’ This was probably what most people would think .

” But what if someone were to get caught in the rain without an umbrella and needs a place to wait it out ?”

Lin Jie took a book from the rental shelf before heading toward the counter.
He casually flicked on a warm lamp along the way before placing a towel by the side.
After that, he brewed two cups of piping hot tea before finally settling down behind the counter.

He flipped the book over to where he last stopped before push ing a cup of hot tea across the counter, as if passing it to a new acquaintance.

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A book and a cup of hot tea.

The tools needed to warm a lost person’s body and soul.

Lin Jie took a sip from his own cup and smiled.

Indeed, he was just this sort of kind hearted romantic.
Despite being an ordinary man , he was known by his customers as a n honest man and a life mentor adept at doling out chicken soup.

Life should always be filled with anticipation, ain ‘t it so?



With a twist of her hands, Ji Zhixiu snapped the neck of the person caught in her clutches.
However, the battle was not over yet.
She quickly turned around and drew a long blade to sever the neck of another man.


The man ’s head fell to the ground, his eyes still wide open.

Ji Zhixiu pushed the two bodies a way from her before walking out of the alley.

A heap consisting of more than ten corpses was left in her wake.
They gradually burn ed up and turn ed to ashes.

This was the aftermath of an alley fight in this downpour.

Blood that had seeped through her black formal dress during the fight dripped onto the ground, evaporating into a wisp of acrid steam that was immediately washed away by the rain.

Her body temperature was rising rapidly.
Her b lood and muscle started to squirm, painfully alerting her of the number of broken ribs she had.

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But this wasn’t a problem to her.

As a hunter who had sordid blood injected into her bloodstream, it would only take her an hour to fully recover from such injuries .

“Time, I need time.”

She looked ahead of her .

Vaguely concealed amidst a curtain of rain was a bookstore with faint light peeking through its glass windows.
Through the window, she could faintly make out rows of bookshelves.

Aside from the bookstore, everything else in the area was dark.

There were many shops in the vicinity, but with such heavy rain, this was the only one in operation.

The hanging sign at the entrance displayed “Open”, and there was a crudely made step for easy accessibility at the entrance.
It looked strangely incongruous with its surroundings.

What was even more coincidental was that it was located directly opposite to the alley she had come out from.

“Is it a c oincidence or a trap?”

Ji Zhixiu didn’t have the luxury to stop and think th

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