ings through .
She believed that her fellow hunters could sniff her out with their acute sense of smell, h oning in on her like sharks even in this torrential downpour.

She needed to find somewhere to hide as soon as possible and buy sufficient time for her to recover .


The long blade in her hand retracted back into its mechanism , turning into a seemingly ordinary black metal cane i n the blink of an eye.

Ji Zhixiu trudged toward the bookstore amidst the rain and pushed its door open.

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The interior of the bookstore was very quiet.
She stepped in together with her cane, and it didn’t take her long to spot the boss of the bookstore .

It was a young man seated behind the counter, reading a book.
His shirt and trousers were entirely black.

In contrast to his dark, slightly messy hair, his skin was fairly pale.
His slender fingers were holding up a teacup as he gently flipped the pages of the book.

There was another cup on the counter with steam still swirling from it , but n o one was on the high stool in front of the counter.

Ji Zhixiu actually had an uncanny feeling that this cup of tea and seat was prepared for her.
Feeling a little weirded out, she quickly scanned the entire bookstore with her gaze.

It was n arrow and cramped.

Aside from the brimming bookshelves, there were many books strewed all over the floor.
Half of the stairway leading to the second floor was blocked by bookshelves, and the windows were mostly caked with dust, giving off an eerie vibe.

The only source of light in this dark, dank bookstore was the lamp sitting on the counter top, and th e young man sitting behind it gave off an air of mystery.

There was even a towel on the counter…

Drip! Drip!

Water was dripping off her thoroughly drenched self.
Her wet hair was sticking to her neck, and her low cut dress revealed her fair, supple skin .


Lin Jie looked up with warm yellow light reflect ed in his dark pupils.

With a smile, he pushed the cup of hot tea towards Ji Zhixiu.
” It looks like my long wait hasn’t been in vain .
The rain has washed a beautiful customer into my humble bookstore.”

Complementing a customer’s aesthetics was a part of good service .

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That being said , the person standing before Lin Jie was undeniable a beauty.
Despite being thoroughly drenched, her beautiful features akin to a delicately chiseled sculpture and ivory white skin was still faintly discernible in the dim light.

He felt that his wait had been worthwhile.

It looks like this customer needs a good heart-to-heart chat.
Maybe I can make a new friend today… and perhaps a regular too?

This was definitely not the thoughts of an avaricious businessman, but genuine concern and goodwill!

Ji Zhixiu eyed the cup of tea before her with narrowed pupils.

” Long wait “— this meant that the young man knew about it and had been deliberately waiting for her?

Or could there be other motives in play?

Regardless, this bookstore was oozing with weirdness .
T he coincidental timing and this fellow’s unruffled expression clearly relayed that things weren’t that simple.

Is it Secret Rite Tower? Or the Truth Union? Maybe a liason of Walpurgis?

Ji Zhixiu became more vigilant than ever.
She discreetly moved her finger toward the button that activat ed the black cane’s mechanism.
As soon as the young man made a move , the cane would morph into a killing blade that pierces through his skull.

“You were waiting for me?” The hunter probed.

Lin Jie answered with a kind smile , “Yes .
I’ve always thought that fate works in miraculous ways, how it brings two complete strangers together in the least expected way.”

He gestured toward the counter and continued, ” Feel free to use the towel there to wipe yourself dry .
Don’t worry, it’s unused.
Would you like me to turn on the heater ?”

Ji Zhixiu picked up the towel hesitantly and shook her head.
” It’s fine.

Taking a closer look at his customer, Lin Jie noticed her tightly creased brows.
Referencing from past experiences, he surmised that this person might be facing a predicament in his life.
Thus, he cleared his throat and asked , “From the look of things, you seem to have encountered some trouble?>

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