a punch.

That incident had caused Lin Jie ’s view of the world to change.

Afterwards, he had even gone over to the wall and investigated carefully.
Ordinary men surely couldn ’t break this wall and would get injured even attempting it.
However, Joseph had the strength to break this wall and was actually fine after it.

Naturally, Lin Jie started thinking.
It seems like there was only one sort of explanation for such a situation…
Joseph is actually a transcendent being, right?

Or rather, I just can ’t generalize people.
Perhaps people like you from this world can smash walls with a punch when you are extremely angry?

According to his previous study on the Truth Union ’s documents, as well as Candela ’s existence, it proved that transcendent powers did exist in this world.
However, Lin Jie thought that it was merely the stuff of legends, like the mythical creatures from the Middle Ages back on Earth.

But now, Lin Jie reckoned that he had misunderstood.

Especially when Lin Jie recalled that at the banquet, Ji Zhixiu hadn ’t seemed surprised by the entire Fred Family ’s sudden demise…
as if she already knew.

However, although Lin Jie was rather suspicious, they had always been keeping in touch and getting along rather normally.

Wouldn ’t it be a little…
awkward if I were to ask a strange question like ”Are you guys usually so strong? ” or ”Do you guys have superpowers? ”

Haa, how do I make it less awkward? Lin Jie mulled.


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Sharp screeching of brakes from outside the bookstore interrupted Lin Jie ’s train of thought.
He glanced in that direction and looked through the door ’s transom windows to see a pair of beautiful leather shoes peek out from behind the door of a black luxury car.

Lin! ” As soon as he heard the lively voice of a girl, the image of the voice ’s owner had already appeared in Lin Jie ’s mind.

A girl in a white dress got out of the car and stepped into the bookstore with ease.
However, her face changed slightly when she saw an unfamiliar old man inside.

Though completely different from the Great Radiant Knight who was rumored to be dead in terms of appearance and aura, his appearance at this time… would have answered a lot of guesses.

Especially since Wilde, who was supposed to be working with Cherry, seemed to have completely disappeared from the face of the earth.

However, the little lady was quick to adjust herself.

Lin, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you.” Cherry walked briskly with small steps.
Her silver hair danced and her skirt fluttered in the air, drawing beautiful arcs in the air.
Her cute smile revealed two tiny canine teeth.
She hopped up and sat on the bar stool in front of the counter, swinging her little feet.

”What ’s with the sudden visit? You didn ’t inform me in advance. ” Lin Jie immediately put on a professional smile and looked toward the little lady warmly.
However, Cherry, who was usually sticky toward him, hung her head and didn ’t look up.
After a while, she finally revealed a pitiful little face and puffy red eyes.

”What ’s wrong? Why are you crying? ” Lin Jie pinched the girl ’s soft face and asked with a frown.

Cherry pursed her lips and pouted.
”I got up too early this morning.
It ’s all Bella ’s fault. ”

”Ahh, I see…
Lazing in bed isn ’t a good habit. ” Lin Jie smiled slightly.
”From the look of things, you aren ’t here to borrow books today, right? Is there something you want to say? ”

Cherry raised her head, meeting the looming bookstore owner ’s jet-black eyes.

Just like he was very far away from her, as if he had never changed from the first time they met all those years ago.

Wasn ’t it wrong for mortals to expect the pity of gods from the beginning?

Otherwise… Otherwise, how would those people have dared make a move…

”I… came to say goodbye to Mr.
Lin today. ” Cherry had a smile that wasn ’t like her usual one.
It wasn ’t adorable, but there was a strange gentleness and determination incongruous with her child-like appearance.

Lin Jie paused, then heard Cherry continue.
”I ’ve decided to protect someone who is very important to me, even if she ’s no longer around…
There are still some things that have to be defended.
For this, I can make sacrifices, but it might implicate others.

Lin, if it were you, what would you do? ”

Lin Jie reached out to rub her head and said gently, ”I ’ve always felt that whenever in a dilemma, everything will work out if you follow your heart.

”You should already have an answer in your heart when you came to ask me.
You ’ve already come to say goodbye. ”

Lin Jie chuckled and added on, ”Go wherever you want to go.
You are no longer who you used to be, right? If you ask me, Cherry is so adorable that she will succeed in whatever she does because the heavens can ’t bear to see you cry…
Of course, I can ’t bear to either. ”

While comforting Cherry, he wiped the tears off her face.
Though he didn ’t know what had happened, he needed to humor her at this time.

Cherry clenched her fist and nodded vigorously.
”Yes, because I met Boss Lin, I ’m different from before. ”

”Alright, don ’t you worry, ” Lin Jie chuckled.
”It ’s a small world.
Perhaps, we might meet each other somewhere else soon. ”

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