front of her, she endured it.

”Miss, what are you doing here? If you wish to take a look at houses, just know that the prices here are really expensive, ” said the grinning Eliza.
”Well, it ’s fine for little girls to have dreams. ”

Mu ’en instinctively wanted to stop her from talking nonsense, but at this moment, she remembered Boss Lin mentioning before that building a good relationship with neighbors was also a secret recipe for doing business.

Hence, after a moment ’s hesitation, she said, ”I ’m here on behalf of my boss to open a bookstore branch. ”

”Eh? ” Eliza acted as if she heard an unexpected answer.
”I just said that property prices here are very expensive… ”

”Miss Ji Zhixiu has already given this house to my boss. ” Mu ’en really didn ’t want to continue talking to her, so she directly cut Eliza off.

Eliza ’s fan-flapping hand halted as she recalled what the butler had said previously.
With a snide smile, she said, ”Lying isn ’t a good habit.
Things would be bad if the Ji Family hears this.
You ’ve got to be careful with your words and actions. ”

Coming all the way to the Central District to spout such nonsense is just too foolish…
But since she said it was her boss, then she ’s just an assistant.
So the one who instigated this child to come and do such deliberately offensive acts is that boss, right?

Elisa thought to herself.
This Boss is really unpleasant, making such an honest child come over.
If she hadn ’t run into me but some other noble, wouldn ’t this child be in big trouble?


Moreover, his brain must have been zapped by lightning to intend on having a bookstore here.
Which person living here didn ’t have a family legacy spanning for generations? Which one of these families didn ’t have grand libraries spanning for many square meters? Who would even need to buy books?

Before Mu ’en had even said much, Eliza ’s imagination had already run wild as she imagined a plotline of ’an unscrupulous and evil boss making use of child labor and having her suffer for his own entertainment. ’

But fortunately, the child had met her.
As long as she exposed the lies of this boss, wouldn ’t this beautiful child be eternally grateful to her? At that time…

Eliza couldn ’t help breaking into a grin, but she quickly used her feather fan to hide it.

”I say, you ’ve really met a baddie… ” Eliza continued her ridicule.
Unfortunately, she was interrupted once more, this time not by Mu ’en but by another group of uninvited guests.

Eliza blinked in bewilderment at the group that had hastily come over.

Vincent, in white prayer robes, walked over from somewhere.
On his robes was an embroidered sun made of golden threads.
Behind him were a dozen of followers who knelt and bowed when they reached Mu ’en.

”O Great Moon, you shine with the night, eternal in time. ”

Eliza ’s eyes widened in surprise.
”…Huh? ”

Vincent came before Mu ’en and bowed with his hands to his chest.
”I ’m really sorry, Lady Mu ’en.
I just received news that Wilde ’s aura had appeared and was delayed for a bit. ”

”It ’s alright.
I came early. ”

Mu ’en seemed accustomed to Vincent ’s formalities and nodded in response.

Eliza couldn ’t hide her surprise and her mouth was now agape.
She knew who Vincent was—the pope of the recently founded Sun ’s Faith.
Because of the religion ’s rapid expansion and preaching, Father Vincent had become a hot topic amongst the nobles of Area A.
Of course, there were some that loathed him.

But even Eliza ’s husband, the head of the Morgandi Family, had a hard time even trying to make an appointment with him.

Yet, such an esteemed figure had actually bowed to this shabbily dressed girl.
In her bewildered stupor, Eliza felt a rude tug on her arm.

”Who? ” Eliza glared.
But before she could flare up, she saw that it was her always-reserved husband.

”Who asked you to come out? ” Morgandi chided.

He nervously wiped beads of perspiration off his forehead and gave Mu ’en an apologetic smile.
”My wife is insensible and has disturbed you, lady. ”

Mu ’en glanced at him, not even taking this matter seriously at all.
She shook her head.
”Not at all.
It was just a casual conversation. ”

Seeing that Mu ’en didn ’t really care about him, Morgandi didn ’t wish to embarrass himself anymore, so he dragged Eliza home.

As soon as they returned to their own manor, he pressed Eliza ’s shoulder and sat her down on the sofa.
He heaved a sigh of relief and chided vehemently, ”Did you know that I just received news that the Fred Family manor has been transferred by the Ji Family to a person called Lin Jie? And that guy ’s assistant is the legendary Saintess of the Sun ’s Faith! Those are people from the Sun ’s Faith.
Ordinary people might not know, but you understand clearly that it was those crazy fellas that annihilated the Church of the Dome! ”

Morgandi took a deep breath, trying his best to keep a straight face.
”Tell me, had you been about to act out again just now, like those little ladies you raised in the past? ”

That ’s right, the filthy ways of nobles were commonplace, and Elisa, this noblewoman, had a fetish for raising beautiful girls.

”I didn ’t know.
I just found that girl very beautiful… ” Eliza changed the topic aggrievedly and said, ”That Lin Jie person… Who is he? ”

This question stumped Morgandi.
How would he know why some bookstore owner was valued by the Ji Family and somehow became the boss of the dignified Saintess of the Sun ’s Faith?

”In any case, he ’s a very powerful person! Somebody that no one can afford to offend!

”By the way, I ’ve heard that he ’s working together with the Ji Family and sold five books.
Now that the auction is about to begin, I wonder how it will turn out… ”

Eliza sat on the sofa, feeling aggrieved, but her heart was on fire once more.
How hallowed was this bookstore owner? Could it be that the books sold are very different?

She definitely had to take a look at this auction.

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