>It wasn ’t them choosing the book, but the book choosing the person.

How would they be qualified enough to buy the book? Naturally, that would only be Boss Lin ’s decision.

Sand in the hourglass on stage flowed softly, making a slight rustling sound.
However, no one in the hall raised their hand.

Ah… Wouldn ’t Uncle Ji Bonong be embarrassed? Speaking of which, the price isn ’t very high, so why isn ’t anyone raising their hands? Should I give him some face and make a bid?

…Franca ’s mind that had been frayed from the scare that Eliza had given her previously was not starting to work again.

Just as she thought about it, a small paddle was raised.

Ji Bonong squinted.
This person is…
the Truth Union?

The scholar seated beneath the stage was a little terrified, but he held an emblem with many symbols inscribed on it.
This emblem with gems inlaid on it had been personally issued to him by the Chairman of the Truth Union for the sake of retaining his rationality at crucial times.

In a certain sense, he was indeed representing the Truth Union ’s Chairman, Maria.

As it should be…
thought Ji Zhixiu to herself.
It was just like Boss Lin had said, R ’lyeh Text was given to the Truth Union.

It was said that the Truth Union ’s Chairman had reached Supreme-rank and that she was a decent person.
Ji Zhixiu had originally thought the Truth Union wouldn ’t be participating in this auction, but they had actually sent personnel on the sly.

As expected of Boss Lin, he saw everything since the beginning…
Zhixiu mused in silence.

Ji Bonong had the same line of thinking as Ji Zhixiu.
He hit the gavel three times and the book was auctioned off to this Truth Union scholar.

The lid of the box was closed once more the moment the sale was finalized, and that immense sinister pressure looming over everyone was instantly removed.
Many heaved sighs of relief, but the muttering in their ears and the realization of that massive gulf in power made them unable to think rationally.

”The next book— ” Ji Bonong announced loud and clear, ”Soul of Vengeance.
This blazing flame comes from the deepest desire in human hearts, more than capable to reforge one ’s soul. ”

Ji Zhixiu beckoned to the servant beside her, and another exquisite box was brought out.

This time, there were four rare and lustrous amethyst crystals that sealed and suppressed this book.

Amethysts and emeralds had different types of sealing ability.
Emeralds had a calming and soothing effect, while amethysts crystals had even rarer power of soul sealing as compared to emeralds.

Ji Bonong smiled and opened the box gently.
A faint violet smoke was emitted from the book, and on it was written—

Soul of Vengeance.

Was this… the forging of a soul?

Mike, the hunter standing behind Franca and protecting her, was already on the verge of being corrupted.
At this moment, he was sweating profusely as if he had just been struck by lightning and was experiencing the pain of his soul being stripped from his body.

If the previous R ’lyeh Text was unbound incantations and whispers of an evil god, then Soul of Vengeance was the pain of tearing the soul apart.

Previously, when Franca had been attacked and nearly killed, it wasn ’t because Mike didn ’t want to move.
Rather, it had been because he couldn ’t move.

Previously, it had been an erosion of his body, but now, it was the refinement of his soul.


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Mike let out a suppressed growl, while those around him also revealed expressions of pain and infatuation.
Things at the venue started to appear as though it was going out of control, and some people even shouted incomprehensible things.

All except for…

She anxiously wanted to consult Mike but was nervous and at a loss at the same time.
Her nerves were so bad that she felt like crying.

W-what ’s going on?

Why am I seeing the title of the book differently! What ’s wrong with everyone?!

So is this book The Count of Monte Cristo or not? Ah, someone please tell me…

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