Evans house was at the top hill. It was neither big nor small but a two-story cozy place. His parents lived out of the country in the states, leading him to live with his grandparents.

He knocks on the wooden gate. ”coming! ” a male voice answered. Sham came to open the door. As soon as he saw Evan, he shouts out, ”Evan! ”. Evan smiles as both of them hug. ”How are you doing, sir? ” ”Good! Good! Come inside, I have prepared your food! ” He exclaims as he brings Evan inside with his bags.

”Its been half a decade since I have been here, ” Evan says as he washes his hands and sits on the chair. ”Of course, A lot has changed also. ” Sham puts the dishes on the table. ”Take our neighbors as an example. Most of them are living in ruined houses as they have no power to repair them. Many people moved out. This place is slowly losing people. ”

Evan chooses to be quiet, he listens slowly to what Sham was speaking.

Sham was the caretaker of the vacant house. He was unmarried and middle-aged. ”Ill stay in my room for a while, I have to visit the lake later ” Evan moved towards his room as he finished his meal.

He turns the heater and stares at each wall of his room, recollecting the fragments of his memory. He felt like he found something he had lost.

In the fight of becoming the best, he had lost the raw version of him. And, now It seemed like he is trying to find himself again. He takes a box out as he sat down. Piles of different memories lied inside that box. Some letters, Pictures, mark sheets, diaries and a tape recorder with few tapes. He puts a tape on, His eyes turn numb as the voices surround his ears.

A look in somebodys eyes

To light up the skies

To open the world and send it reeling

A voice that says, Ill be here

And youll be alright

I don care if I know

Just where I will go

Cause all that I needs this crazy feeling

A rat-tat-tat on my heart

It felt, his soul is begging him to sing those lyrics, But he didn . The song just played, like a background. He kept staring at the wall the whole time.

Evan ran inside the woods. Someone kept on shouting, ”STOP! STOP RUNNING! STOP! ” But Evan kept running. He asked the girl to give him her hand as he reached his hand out. Alas, Before he could, she fell down the cliff. ”NO!! ” Evan shouted.

Evan woke up. It was 10 Celcius, yet he was sweating. The song was still playing, as loud as it could. He pulls the leadoff.

Sham Braggs in. ”Evan! Are you okay? Oh, my God! Rise. You are sweating so much. ” Sham helps Evan to sit on the bed and offers him a glass of warm water. ”Thank you. ” Evan said with furrowed eyebrows.

Sham- ”What happened? ”

Evan- ”Nothing. Just a bad dream. ”

Sham- ”You should try resting, or you will burn yourself out. ”

Evan- ”….. ”

Sham- ”Want me to make tea for you? ”

Evan- ”No…I am going to the lake. ”

Sham- ”Make sure to wear warm clothes. ”

Evan nods and forces a smile. Sham leaves to let Evan change. Evan stands in a feeble state. He was yet to unpack. He changed into a jacket and wears earmuffs. He takes his bag And moves outside. He reaches the place he was imagining going back to for years. The Khecheopalri Lake.

As it was a hot point for tourists, Evan didn expect to be alone there. As he reached, there were people around it. Evan was still able to find a vacant spot at the bridge and admire the view. As he opened his bag for the camera but saw the journal. ”Oh! ” He exclaimed.

Tho, he felt guilty to peek inside someones diary, who he didn even know. Evan didn care about those virtues and began to read again.




1st October.

I am sitting in front of a stage. It is the middle row, making me able to see my idol clearly on stage. She is singing operas, and can see me. After all, I am just another fan of her. But for me, she is an inspiration. She sings like no one can see her like she is singing the songs many wanted to hear or sing but couldn . The lights spark on her and show her like a spotlight. I stand here, In the darkness with many.

She probably will never know my existence. There is always a difference of stage and audience between us, that distance showing I am a fan, who she doesn know. Yes, Its weird to idolize someone so much but, I have nothing but Goodwills. Tho, she will never know me. I am happy to be her fan. I am happy to be here, at this moment, and be alive. I am happy, to be able to see and experience things others might have not. With this happiness and satisfaction to exist, I feel determination or hope. That one day, I shall be there too. Singing like there is no one, and someone might be sitting in the audience who would be appreciating my efforts, too.

So, This is to the dreams I have! to the gratefulness to exist and be here, I am happy to be here. Right now.





Once again, Evan thought, ”where is her name? ”. He scratches his head in frustration. He turns the page and finds another picture. It was a picture of a seat, B12. Once again, the words of the journal succeed to soothe him down. He looks at the lake and sighs.

”….I am also thankful….to be here and see this lake…again. ” He said as he admired the view and idea of him being alive at this moment.

By _Anna_07_

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