I was in a car accident the day after my twenty-fifth birthday with no one to celebrate.
Should I be glad that I didn’t die on my birthday?

The first thought I had in front of the shadow of death was this.

‘Oh, if you thought this was going to happen, you’d cry when you want to cry and eat a bunch of delicious things.’

Now what if you come and regret it? If you are born again in the next life, you have to make a commitment to live well.

While enjoying ‘death’ in the deep darkness, a sudden puck on the left cheek! A silent shock came.


I didn’t even have time to figure out what had happened, and the shock hit my cheek again.


“Oh, my god!”

Who’s disturbing my peace? I really wanted to oversleep?

I pushed something that hit my face with my hand and flashed my eyes.

“Oh, please……!”

“Oh! Mom


With his immaculate skin, golden shimmering hair, transparent green eyes, and a little boy who looked to be about two or three years old, he looked at me and smiled at me, saying that he was the happiest in the world.

As I pulled myself up in embarrassment, he smiled brightly, jumped onto my chest and hugged me.


I frowned at the slender arms of the child who ran and held him, and the hand that squeezed the hem of his clothes.

She couldn’t remember the last time she hugged someone.

It was strange to see someone look at me with such love.

Is she dreaming in the aftermath of a car accident?

As if happy that I had woken up, the child pressed his face against my chest and then grabbed my collar.

“Oh my gosh! Worth it!”

“Uh, uh? Let’s go together?”

Just in time, I heard an elephant stomping outside.
It sounded more like a herd of elephants than an elephant.

Thump! Thump, thump, thump, thump! Do-do-do Wudangtang!

Quaang! There was a loud sound as if something was about to break, and small children poured out.

Without worrying that the door had been broken, I crouched down to avoid the children rushing over me.

“It’s Mommy, Mom! Gwaa

“Mom! I’m hungry!”

“Wait, Seti, Marley, Rie! If you hang on all of a sudden, it’s hard for your mother!”

A girl and a boy about five or six years old ran through the door and hung around my neck and called out ‘Mommy’.

The six- or seven-year-old boy who came running last tried to stop them, but they didn’t even pretend to listen.

Marley, Rie, Seti? I thought it was a name I’d heard somewhere familiar, so I fumbled with my memory for a while and realized it.

They had gorgeous blonde hair and green eyes, all of whom were children from the web novel .
The children of the protagonist, tyrant Lucerne’s first love, who married another man.
I dodged the children jumping on top of me as if they were playing, trying to figure out the situation somehow.

“Now, wait guys, I’m ugh! I’m your mother, ugh!”

Marley plopped down like she was jumping on my belly with a sullen look in her eyes, and my guts felt like they were going to pop out.

“Gasp! Gasp!”

Seti hit Marley on the head as he groaned as if he was about to vomit.

“Don’t do that!”

“Ah! Ah! It hurts!” Oh boy!

As Marley shook his fist as if threatening, Seti burst into tears and dug into my arms.

“Hey! Ah! Mom! I didn’t hit him yet! I was just trying to hit!”

Marley lowered her raised fist as if she were looking at me.
As Seti dug into my arms, Rie, who was watching from the side, mumbled and crawled next to Seti.

“Mom, are you sick? Marley was bad.
Whoa.” I will give you a ‘hoo’.

“Ummm, are you sick?

I accidentally hugged the two children.

My heart was pounding.

What is this? Am I dreaming? Did God send me a last warm dream as a gift because he felt sorry for me when I died alone?

Anyway this was good.
The tip of my nose frowned at the kindness shown by the unfamiliar children.

Geo, who was unable to climb onto the bed and mumbled, hesitated and came closer.

“I’m sorry, Mom.
I was asked to take good care of my younger siblings, but didn’t.”

Geo pursed his lips as if he was going to cry at any moment.
He looked big among children, but he was only seven years old at best.

Having separated from my mother when I was seven years old, I knew the limits of being seven years old better than anyone else.
No matter how hard I tried, the hands of a seven-year-old were just tiny hands of a seven-year-old.

He stretched out his arms that had wrapped Rie and Seti’s backs and extended them to Geo.
And I said to that child what I wished someone would do to me then.

“It’s okay.
Well done.
Was it hard? Come here, I’ll give you a hug, Geo.”

Geo twitched his lips and he let out a wail and burrowed into my chest.

“I was scared, Mom!”

Seti looked at Geo, who was crying, with a face that didn’t understand why, and when he copied the sound of crying, Geo really brought tears to her eyes.

I patted the back of the children and thought about what to do, then lied.

“Yeah, sorry….
Uh, mom… I was wrong.”

I was only twenty-five, and the only contact I had with a man was to break the molester’s wrist.

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