# Don’t touch the children


Geo opened his mouth in a trembling voice.

“……I didn’t let you open it because I didn’t think you’d come.
My mom doesn’t like you……………”

If it wasn’t for such a solid magic, I wouldn’t have smashed the roof.”

“I wasn’t trying to get praised.”

Geo clenched his fist and stepped forward.

“Go back.
I’m not going to let you make our mom cry today.”

“Adu! Adu!”

I will protect my mother! In the name of justice!”

“The man who made our mother cry is a bad person!”

Her chest felt chilly, so she quickly pulled the children by the shoulders and hid them behind her back.
It is different from the original novel.

It didn’t appear that Astia was dead because of my possession, but I was Lee, not Astia.

Astia is gone, and if she discovers that I, Lee Hye-rim, have taken over her body, Lucerne will become a tyrant and destroy everything.

Thus, the long war between the tyrant Lucerne and the Archmage children began…….

These little ones could not be allowed to wage war against the tyrant Lucerne.
I had just decided a few hours ago that I had become a mother and loved my children with all my might.

Looking at Lucerne’s iridescent eyes, which sparkled brilliantly and didn’t feel human, he spoke calmly.

“It’s okay.”


His legs trembled at the daunting sensation emanating from his stone-cold eyes.

It’s okay, it’s okay.
You can do it, Lee Hye-rim.
I think he’s a bad customer.
What that customer wants is me, not Astia.
Astia is alive, so he won’t turn into a tyrant.
Go ahead and tell him what he wants.

He mimicked Astia with his trembling lips.

“I’m fine.
So don’t scare me.”

Lucerne swallowed his breath.
He stood firm like a stone and then took a step toward me.
Nervously, he took a step back and held out the bouquet of roses he was holding.

“…… What is it?”

Are you going to give?

I stepped forward and accepted the bouquet.
As large as it was, it was quite heavy and almost fell to the floor.

Lucerne muttered, quietly looking down at me as I staggered after receiving the bouquet.

“You liked red.”

“Uh, so now.”

You mean you came to pick flowers because you thought I would like it? Roof blowing? Wow.

Unlike me, who was embarrassed, Lucerne was calm.

“I realized that I had been courting you for a very long time, but I had never given you flowers.
So…… I prepared flowers even though I knew you wouldn’t take them.
But surprisingly, you obediently accept the flowers.”

Even though it wasn’t even a confession to me, my heart was pounding and goosebumps sprouting on my forearms.

This is what a 4D stereoscopic virtual reality confession is.
Real-world scientists, please help advance virtual reality technology.
It will be humanity’s last hope to save a lamb like me.

Intoxicated by the ecstatic emotion I had experienced for the first time in my life, I unknowingly replied with Lee Hye-rim instead of Astia.

“Thank you.
Roses are…… This is the first time I’ve received it.”

I should have mimicked Astia.

Luckily Lucerne looked pleased.
He muttered with a sullen expression.

“You… … Are you okay? It’s not enough that I received flowers, so I’m grateful.

Something is strange.”

Lucerne slowly took a step closer.

Rie shouted in surprise, stepping forward and shouting.

“Oh, oh, oh, don’t come! Don’t come! They’re trying to make my mom cry again!”

Lucerne frowned at the words of his rejection.

“You cheeky brat, you dare to yell at me.”

But the children did not back down, even though they were wary of the harsh impression of Lucerne.

“Rie is right! After he left, my mom cried a lot and got sick!”

“Mm, that’s right! Mom was coughing a lot, and was bleeding! Then all of a sudden she fell asleep and didn’t wake up! If Seti hadn’t woke her up, my mom, might have continued to sleep!”

“That’s right! He’s a bad guy!”

“Huh! Huh!”

The four children exchanged courage with each other, criticizing Lucerne louder and louder.

Lucerne, who had been listening to the children quietly, relaxed his expression.

Lucerne seemed to feel the same way I felt.

“You coughed a lot, you bleed, and you suddenly fell asleep and didn’t wake up?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“When did you fall asleep and when did you wake up? Be specific.”

Lucerne’s voice was furious in a hurry.

Geo quickly informed Lucerne of Astia’s condition, as asked.

“Uh, I mean.
Yesterday morning, after you left, mom suddenly coughed a lot and was bleeding a lot, and I was a little scared, but my mom said it was okay and that it was all over.”

“Did you say it was over?”

“Then she called us all out of the ordinary, gave us a hug and told us she loved us.
She thinks her mother has been a bit odd since then.
She said then she needed to get some sleep and she went to bed and she lay down….
She woke up at lunchtime when her bell rang and she didn’t wake up.”

Lucerne’s face hardened.

At that time, Astia was already dead.
Sweat dripped from my palms as I strained.

“I was a bit scared, but mother told me to take care of our younger siblings…I was cleaning and doing the laundry, and just before I ate dinner, Seti woke mother.”

“You said she woke up? How?”

“……On top of Mommy’s belly……jumping……”

Geo’s voice came in.

When Geo said that she had jumped on top of the patient, Lucerne’s face turned grim, and Seti jumped in place as if she was excited by her story.

“Ike! Ike!”

Unlike the excited Seti, Lucerne and I were serious.

Not waking up after the sudden increase in symptoms meant death.
However, when I woke up again in a strange way, I felt no pain at all.

It was strange and suspicious.

Lucerne’s eyes narrowed.

How did you suddenly become healthy? You were mortally ill, and you were refusing the only cure.
I’m sure he coughed and vomited blood yesterday too, but now he doesn’t look sick at all.
Are you really okay?”

The children stopped shouting at the low voice.

At the sudden question, I foolishly said nonsense.

“That, I don’t even know.”


… … .

Oh shit I made another mistake.
Astia is not such a character.

Lucerne had a long crush on Astia, but she was not Astia.
The exact circumstances were not revealed in the novel, but what was certain was that Astia hated him.

‘Go away.’

‘It’s not something you dare to worry about.’

I should have said it this way.

Lucerne murmured.

“… Seeing that you are insane, it seems that you are not completely fine.”

Fortunately, it seemed that they misunderstood that I was talking nonsense because I was sick.

“Maybe it’s a new disease.
It’s strange that, after suffering from such a disease, she gets better overnight.
Suddenly the coughing and bleeding stopped and she was talking nonsense… … .
I’ll have to tell the royal court to figure it out.”

He sighed and stroked her chest.

He was the man who said he would bring down the lightning bolts and destroy the world because the woman he loved died.
Astia is already dead and if he finds out that I have taken over her body…

 It might be trying to give you the pain of being separated from your body and soul.

It wasn’t my fault, but it sent a chill down my spine.

She held the children’s shoulders tightly and gave strength to their voices.

Now that I’m alive after dying, my memories are sparse and I’m out of my mind.
So just go back.
I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

“……It’s interesting.”

He said it was fun, but Lucerne’s face didn’t look happy at all.
He looked at me with narrow eyes, like someone trying to see through my identity.

“Are you saying with your mouth that you are insane? Usually, really insane people say I’m sane.”

Is it.

“No! No, yes! I’m sane now! You’re fine!”

“That’s funny.”

Lucerne’s face became strange.
Like who are you right now? It looked like he was asking.
While contemplating what to do, I knelt on the floor clutching my chest.

“Ugh! Ugh! It hurts!”

I was a normal, no, a little sad and lonely human being.
I had never studied acting, or even seen how actors play sick people in TV dramas.
In short, my acting in pain was terrible.

Sweat beaded on the bridge of my nose from the tension.

What was really fortunate was that they were children who loved their mother and a man who was crazy about love.

Children came and clung to me.

“No! Waaaah! Do not be sick! Please! You can’t get sick again!”

“Hey, you bad scoundrel! You hurt our mother again! Go! Go away!”

“Mommy! Woahhh! No mother!”

“Ummm, do you have a dog? Umm, it hurts, ho-oh, ho-oh!”

“Take it! Super Marley Typhoon, Woo Woo Woo Woo!”

Marley shouted and blew, and a strong wind blew.

Pretending to cough, I glanced up at Lucerne.
His face, which was originally white, had become even paler.

“Ah… … Tia.”

“Aigoo! It hurts! I’m dying! Wow! Heck! Cough!”

I actually coughed because of screaming.

“Kyaaaagh! Mom, are you okay? Mommy can’t die!”


Rie, startled, burst into his weeping loudly, and Seti, frightened, wept in unison.

Geo approached Lucerne with tears in his eyes and grabbed him by the crotch of his pants.

“Uncle, please don’t bully our mom.”

 Go fast.

“A cheeky bastard dares to put his hand on someone’s body… …!”

Lucerne’s face twisted and growled.

No! The children!

Without even thinking, I jumped out and took Geo in my arms.
In a sense of urgency, I screamed ferociously at Lucerne even though I knew that Lucerne was a terrifying human being who might turn into a tyrant.

“Don’t touch the children!”

I will protect the children!

I glared at Lucerne with a preying expression.

I thought he’d get angry at me for being cocky, but Lucerne’s expression was rather vague.

“Yes, I see.”

What’s wrong with that?

Lucerne lowered his raised arm and murmured in a small voice that was barely audible while being blown by the gusting wind.

“You have changed, I had unreasonable expectations.
You are you, I mean.
Yes, you always looked at me with those eyes when I first met you.”


I had chosen the correct answer without realizing it.

Then you can’t stop here.

He shouted sharply.

“Off, off! Right in front of my eyes, Puetch!”

I sneezed.

The dirt is blown away by the wind, and my nose is ticklish!

“Eech! Eech! Eech!”

Whether it was a cough or a sneeze came out for a long time, and the children cried again and called for their mother.
After patting the children on the back and telling them it was okay several times, they were finally able to stop screaming.

“Get out of my sight right now!”

Lucerne’s brow furrowed in pain, clenching his loose hand.

“…… Ok.
Today…… I’ll go back.”

As Lucerne raised high into the air, the roof that had been blown away flew back.

The roof obscured the sky, and the house soon became dark.

Marley stopped the wind, and the house was filled with nothing but the sound of children whimpering.

Seti whined, wrapping her arms around my neck.


“Wow! Shitty! Dirty! Seti, how can you poop in a situation like this?”

“Marley, Seti is still young.”

Geo stopped Marley from pointing her finger at Seti, and Rie put her nose on Seti’s ass and sniffed her sniff, and she covered her nose in fright.

“OMG! Mom, it’s real! Seti pooped! It smells!”

Peace in the house as if Lucerne had never been there… … No, back to normal mess.

I don’t know what it was, but anyway, it seemed to work out well.

* * *

Thug, thug.

Damn it.
A well-resolved bullshit.

The sky, which was clear even during the day, was covered with clouds in the afternoon, and soon it rained like a downpour.
The rain poured incessantly through the cracks in the poorly interlocked walls and collapsed roof.

Geo tried to use magic to fill the gap, but he couldn’t block all the water flow, and the floor quickly became full.
We climbed onto a narrow bed to avoid the wet floor.

Sitting close together, we endured the cold with only the warmth of each other’s body heat and the occasional fireball that Seti blew into the air.

At least it disappeared after Seti fell asleep.
She must have been very tired from crying and shouting since morning and even using magic.

It was so dark outside the window that it was difficult to tell the time.
I could hear the faint sound of a bell through the sound of rain, but I couldn’t tell if it was an evening call or a curfew.

Rie whimpered and murmured.

“……Mom, I’m scared.”

“It’s fine.
It will be fine.
Mother is here, you will be okay.”

Mom, hug me… ….”

Marley coughed.

“Ah, the wind blows so much that my throat hurts and I am hungry.
Mom, I want to eat.”

“Food? Wait.
Mom will bring you something to eat.”

“No! It might be a curfew! If you go under curfew, the monster Lucerne will eat you!”

……What is Lucerne doing?

Rie was terrified and shaking, unlike the way he had shouted at Lucerne

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