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Lucerne immediately prepared the imperial robe, the imperial carriage, and new clothes that did not get wet.

Feeling impatient, I threw away my underwear and underskirt, put on just a skirt, and asked for magic to fly across the city, but Lucerne refused.
Throughout the ride, my legs trembled with anxiety.

Inside the carriage, an imperial doctor named Dipeume examined my body.
He looked at me with an embarrassingly serious face.
He gasped, looked into his eyes, and sniffed his breath.
Then he stuck out his tongue.

“Your majesty.
“Are you certain your wife has the disease”?

There is no need to doubt it because I have seen it with my own eyes for hundreds of days.
“Day by day, her energy was getting weaker; she was coughing up blood and coughing badly.”

“The disease can only be cured by magic handed down from the imperial family.” “How did the traces of the disease disappear so cleanly?”

“Are there no traces left?”

“There’s nothing left at all.” “She is very healthy, except she is a little tired from hunger and lack of sleep.”

“Is that so?”

Maybe it’s because the sick Astia died and I was possessed by her body.

I guessed, but I didn’t say anything because I was afraid I would be caught not being Astia.

Dipeume carefully examined my body, which had disappeared between my ears and my fingers.
He turned it around, touched it, and sometimes smelled it.

I don’t know if he’s going to say he’s going to try a runny nose.

Fortunately, just before Dipeume put his finger in my nostril, Lucerne put his finger on his shoulder.

“No more.”

“My pleasure, Your Majesty.
There are places I haven’t looked at yet…….”

“Do it later.” No matter how much you are the royal palace, I don’t want to see you touch Astia’s body in front of me anymore.
If you want to be cut off, you can continue.

Dipeume hurriedly pulled away from me and stepped back.

Lucerne seemed to be a limb-amputation maniac.
When I was dealing with the guards in front of the castle earlier, they threatened to cut me if I didn’t like it.

The doctor peered into my hands, which I had been fiddling with.

White and clean hands

Obviously, it was pierced by the guard’s spear and blood flowed and hurt, but now there are no traces or pain left.

As if nothing had happened since the beginning, the guards and wounds disappeared.

Emperor Lucerne.
Could this be his power?

I looked at the twilight sky through the carriage window.
After the rain, the sky was clear.

The distance I ran all night must have been quite long, so I ran for a long time even in a wagon.
It was rewarding to work part-time for 12 hours every day for 6 years to build up my stamina.
If she was just a weak girl, she wouldn’t have been able to run that far in the rain after getting hurt.

As soon as I reached the front of the house, I jumped out of the carriage.

“Geo! Marley! Lee! Seti! Mom is here!”


Geo’s voice, which sounded small, trembled from inside.
Her sense of relief made her pulse throb.

Thank god.
Thank god.

“Geo! Are you okay? I’m sorry I’m late! Are you sick anywhere? How are your younger brothers?”

“It’s okay.
My siblings and I are all fine.
Now that Mom is here, I’m really fine now.

In her relief, she suppressed the tears that were about to burst out and pushed her body through the window from which she had escaped.
Shards of broken glass were sticking out, but I didn’t have time to clean them up.
Her elbow was cut by glass.


She swallowed a small moan as the hem of her clothing was pulled tight behind her.

She wondered where she was getting caught.

“……Wait, Astia.”

I was about to tell him to let me go, but the surroundings suddenly became as bright as broad daylight.
Round orbs of light passed me and entered the house, and the magically locked gate disappeared like dust.

As Lucerne looked, Dipeume took the bag from the carriage and entered the house.

I looked back at Lucerne, who stretched his shoulders and grabbed my hem.

“Thank you.”

“It was just a deal.”

“Thank you, though.”

Lucerne tilted his head as if he knew, but he did not let me go.

I looked at the space where the door was.
The door disappeared cleanly, as if it had not existed from the beginning.
like the guard, like the wound in my palm.

While staring at the door, I suddenly remembered and asked Lucerne.

“Say, were you able to get rid of it?”

“I do.”

“Then why did you break the roof and come in?”

“If you got rid of the door, wouldn’t other humans have peeked into your house?” I couldn’t let the rootless look into your house.
“It takes quite a lot to pull out their eyes one by one.”

Oh, my God.
That’s why you broke the roof of someone else’s house and made things like this.

“Have you ever thought that you should just go back if the door doesn’t open?”

“Because I thought you were going to die right away.” Honestly, I wanted to kidnap you and take you to the palace.

……Astia refused.

What was the reason—did he say it was because of the dead Isaac? Who is Isaac? Who did Astia love? Was he such a great man that she rejected the heart of Lucerne, the Emperor?

The thought snapped at the sound of me calling.


It was Geo’s voice.

I took off Lucerne’s hand, which was holding my hem, and ran to Geo.

Geo, who ran on the wet floor, was in my arms.

“Mom, mom!”

“Geo! Are you okay? You were scared, weren’t you? Mom was too late.
I’m sorry.”

Geo cried with a tearful face.

“I was scared.” I was afraid my mom wouldn’t come.
Still, you promised me that you would come, so I trusted you and waited.

“I’m sorry, and thank you.”

I held Geo tightly in my arms.
I felt sorry for Geo, who was alone in the dark without being able to do anything about his sick younger brothers.

I grabbed the child’s hand and went into the room.
Dipeume was looking at the children.
Seti, who is suffering with a red, feverish face, and Marley, who is shaking and coughing while sleeping with a tearful face frowning…

Dipeume laid the child on the bed with quick hands and took measurements, looking one by one.


The children’s condition has improved markedly.

Geo and Rie fell asleep in the corner of the bed after eating the food Dipeume brought, and Marley, who drank three bowls of herbal water, even burped and fell asleep lying on her back.

Seti, who was young and exhausted, could not wake up, but when she wiped her body with a towel while pouring water from the herbal medicine into her mouth, her fever gradually dropped and her expression became comfortable.

Lucerne put down a chair that was rolling around the living room, sat there, crossed his arms, and stared at Dipeume and the children.
I didn’t even know what he was thinking or how he felt.

Before I knew it, the sun was in the sky.

I’m hungry.
Mom, I’m hungry!

Shouting in a voice that didn’t look hungry at all, Marley jumped up from her seat.
She yawned, and she muttered, rubbing her mucus-filled eyes.

She said, “What am I going to play with today?”

A giggle came from her carefree voice, as if she were asking what had happened last night.
I placed a wet towel on Seti’s forehead and said hello.

“Marley, did you sleep well?”

“Mom, I am hungry.” “Give me some food.”

Doctor, where is the leftover bread from yesterday?

“It should be in the bag over there.”

Leaving behind Marley, who was stumbling with a dazed face, she crawled towards the bag Dipeume pointed to.
All of a sudden, the bag was lying at Lucerne’s feet, and I was crawling towards him.

Lucerne didn’t help; he just looked down at me as I crawled toward him.

… I feel so bad.

She opened the bag and took out a piece of bread, but then Marley shouted, as if she had come to her senses.

“Wow!” “Why is that villain in my house?”

Lucerne’s brow narrowed as if it were barely visible.

Embarrassed, I grabbed the first piece of bread I could get my hands on and threw myself at Marley.

“Hey, you bastard! Villain! You bastardise just like the Emperor of Lucerne! I’m a total muksabal compared to you! Oops!”

Do the children not know that this man is Luis? She curses at him for having someone like him in front of him.

Somehow, I managed to shove the bread into her child’s mouth before Marley added more crap.
It must have been pushed in too quickly, so the child made a whooping sound.

“Um! Um!”

“Shh, Marley! Shh! Just pretend you don’t know.
Got it?”

“Woong! Whoo!”

She showed enough caution to be quiet, so she took a bottle of clear water from her bag and handed it to Marley.
Marley, who drank a bottle of water suddenly, quickly became the happiest person in the world.

“The water is delicious.” Hic.
Mom, thank you.
Thank you.
The hiccups don’t stop.

Marley made a funny face to match her body, which was shaking with hiccups.

It’s so simple.
That’s lovely.

Smiling, she accepted the bottle from Marley.

And just in time, the other children woke up.

Mom? ” “Why are you so noisy since this morning?”

“Mom, give me some water too.”

Seti looked weak yet, but Rie and Geo yawned and stretched as if they were in good condition and crawled toward me.

“Good morning, mom.”

“Did you sleep well, Geo?” And Rie.”

“Mom, I had a dream about a giant.”

“Dreaming of a giant?” “Rie must be getting taller.”

“Oh? Do you get taller when you dream about a giant?”

Geo, Marley, and Rie looked at me with round eyes.

Uh… is it not? I think I saw on the Internet that you get taller if you dream something.
Was it not a giant dream, but a falling dream? Or was it a ghost dream? I’m not sure.

I tilted my head, but Marley grunted.

“Woo, I didn’t dream of being a giant!”

“Isn’t Rie still a bit taller than Marley?” “At this rate, Rie will grow taller than me.”

“Wow! Am I getting bigger than Geo Oppa? Exciting!”

“Wow! I want to dream of a giant too! Giant dream! How do you dream of a giant? “Let me know too!”

With a solemn expression, Rie stated

“Before I went to bed, I thought of the bad guy.” So, I couldn’t sleep at first, but later in my dream, the bad guy came to me! He stomped and smashed the roof of my house with his foot! Like this!”

“A bad uncle?”

“Yes! That uncle!”

Pointing at Lucerne, who was sitting in her chair, Rie hesitated as she realized something was wrong.

“Uh?” “Why is that man at my house?”

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