ore her, “but your voice and demeanour are not.”

It was like comparing the sun in the sky to the sun reflecting in the mud, an imperfect analogy.


Xu Jin Yi relished the joke until her complexion gradually turned ashen.
No way…? “The person you're referring to,” she furrowed her brows and asked, “isn't it Wang Jin Long, right?”

The girl in front of her stared wide-eyed, visibly surprised.
you know Mr Wang?!”

Wang Jin Long.

He first appeared in the beta version of «Murphy Amusement Park».
Xu Jin Yi's last recollection of this name was in the Easter egg of «Elevator Safety Instructions», where he appeared to be roommates with NPC Zeng Zhi.

However, according to Zhang Xiao Hua's script information, Wang Jin Long and the original face model of the pink hoodie were indistinguishable.

How could this be?

In 'Murphy's Amusement Park,' though the name Wang Jin Long sounded tacky, his portrait model was undoubtedly a refined gentleman.
He looked nowhere close to the fresh and clean look of the default face model!

Xu Jin Yi asked, “He looks very similar to me?”

Zhang Rou Rou nodded.

“Do you have a photo of him?”

A photo…

“I haven't taken a photo with Mr Wang,” Zhang Rou Rou replied shyly.
“He seems to dislike the camera.”

After taking several pictures for Wheatley in the base, Zhang Rou Rou learned that Mr Wang would always rise from the sofa and retreat to his room.
After a few attempts, Zhang Rou Rou figured this out.

Xu Jin Yi gently rubbed her chin, lost in thought.
Zhang Rou Rou broke the silence, her voice trailing off uncertainly.
“I'm Zhang Xiao Hua.
What about you?”

“Call me Jss,” she almost blurted out her real name but quickly caught herself and added in a deep tone, “Ssilence.”

“Silence?” Zhang Rou Rou repeated, looking puzzled.

“Yes, as in the absence of sound,” Xu Jin Yi replied, tracing the character's shape in the air.
Zhang Rou Rou seemed lost in thought, so she changed the subject.
“How did you meet Wang Jin Long?”

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Zhang Rou Rou hesitated before answering.
The memory was still fresh in her mind, and she wasn't sure how to articulate it.


In the coffee shop, Wang Jin Long clenched his fists, his eyes fixed on his phone.
The sound of voices filtered through his earphones, but he was too focused on paying them any attention.
He felt a surge of satisfaction as he thought about how he had tricked Zhang Rou Rou into leaving, using her dog as a distraction.

He had always known that someone like Zhang Rou Rou would fall for his ploy.
All he had to do was give her a task that wasn't too difficult, and she would let her guard down.
With Cao Wei Min out of the way, Zhang Rou Rou was easy pickings.

He almost jumped with a spring in his step.
The bug he had planted on her collar was still transmitting, although the sound was faint.
The twisted space in the “Spirit Shenanigans” crushed the small device that could transmit video.
Still, he had seen enough to know that the person he had encountered had been “Spirit Shenanigans” for a long time.
Those pure black, unadulterated pupils had left an indelible impression on him.

Wang Jin Long shuddered at the memory of those eyes.
He had felt the same way when he had encountered the strange woman all those years ago.
But he knew that the greater the danger, the greater the reward.
It was a philosophy that had served his family well over the generations, and it was what had allowed him to seize the opportunity back then.

He pressed down on his earphones, listening intently to the sounds coming through.
It was like a lifeline, connecting him to the world outside the “Spirit Shenanigans.”


Xu Jin Yi didn't rush Zhang Rou Rou for an answer.
Instead, she twirled the label around her neck, sporting a small smile.
“As you can see,” she gestured around the library, “I'm the librarian here.”

Before Zhang Rou Rou's arrival, Xu Jin Yi had already mapped out the layout of the joint internet game.
In this game, whoever holds the “Librarian” identity card is the sovereign of the game.
Although the game's system warned the librarians, there was no strict enforcement, leaving Xu Jin Yi uncertain about the consequences of disobeying the library rules.

“Would you like to borrow a book?” Xu Jin Yi inquired with a smile, though she acknowledged that the books in the library were far from serious.
Her eyes wandered, settling on light novels; at least they were something.


In the face of the pink hoodie's enthusiasm, Zhang Rou Rou hesitated briefly.
Her caution prevailed, and she muttered, “I'll look around first.”

Although the person before her appeared normal, her presence in the library was already unusual.
Zhang Rou Rou couldn't predict the consequences of casually agreeing to the other person's offer.

Upon hearing Zhang Rou Rou's response, the hoodie nodded and smiled.
“If you need anything, just call me,” they said while waving their library card.
“The librarian is happy to assist you.”


Xu Jin Yi breathed a sigh of relief once Zhang Rou Rou was out of earshot, her fake smile disappearing.
“Murphy's Amusement Park,” she murmured to herself.
“I need books related to Murphy's Amusement Park.”

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