hen he would appear, but he was sure that he would come at least once.
This time, he didn’t go to sleep until late at night so as not to miss him. 

In order to conserve the lamp’s light, he sat in bed at night with his forehead resting on his knees and waited tirelessly.
If he heard anything outside, he quickly turned on the lamp.
And he looked out the window.
After looking around for a long time, the day of waiting continued with the lamp turned off after covering himself with a blanket.
He couldn’t sleep well, so he fell asleep in the middle of the night involuntarily, and was startled by the chirping of birds passing by.
He calmed his pounding heart and called out, “Klopp?” but, as expected, only the leaves that brushed against the wind answered back.

Waiting was always rewarded.
It was one late afternoon, just as he was about to take off his clothes that were soiled with charcoal stains to wash them.
The thread of the cloth flowed from the old, ripped buttonhole and twined around the button.
He couldn’t take it off properly because of that.
At first, he tried to carefully unravel the thread little by little, but he got agitated since his fingertips hadn’t healed yet.
Even if it was, it was uncomfortable since it was so small, so Aelock was taking off his clothes almost as if he were tearing them off in an unusually aggressive manner.


The door opened.
To begin with, there was no lock, but the door, which did not move unless Aelock touched it, opened wide and a tall man entered.
Aelock, holding the half-torn garment in his hand and twisting off the button with the thread that had just been caught around his neck, stopped. 


Klopp, wearing a coat, hat, and even gloves, looked at him with a slightly serious expression as usual.
Seeing Aelock staring at him in surprise with nothing on his upper body, the sneering alpha immediately cast his gaze at the rags in his skinny hands.
The corner of the man’s mouth, which had been drawing a confident arc, stiffened into a straight line and trembled slightly.

“What are you doing?”

“Oh, these damn clothes are so nasty.” 

Aelock was embarrassed because he couldn’t even get dressed properly due to the sudden intrusion, and ended up using harsh words, blaming them for nothing.
Even after saying that, he felt like a vulgar person, so Aelock lowered his eyes a little.
There was no need to drop the level of his innate nature to that of the bottom.
It seems that it was inevitable to be affected by the environment, in spite of his efforts not to.
He was a little worried about the clever sarcastic remarks that would be thrown at him.

After a moment of silence, Klopp took off his black silk hat, set it on the table, and strode towards him.
Then, he snatched the clothes from Aelock’s hands.
A somewhat startled Aelock looked up at him, who took off his black leather glove, raised his hand, and slapped his thin cheek.


Aelock’s head sharply turned to the side.
Stars splattered in front of his eyes, and before Aelock came to his senses, a hand as strong as steel grabbed his thin chin, turned it around, and slapped him on the cheek again.
The body that had been released from the first shock could not stand it this time and collapsed.
Aelock fell to the floor and spat out what was pooling in his mouth.
A little blood flowed.
Before he could understand what had happened or why he had to be hit, Klopp took off his other glove and this time his coat as well, put them on a nearby chair, looked down at Aelock with a cold expression, and unbuttoned his cuffs. 


“Why, you ask? You still dare not know your purpose.”


He had absolutely no idea what he did wrong.
When he felt the heat on his already swollen cheeks, Klopp grabbed Aelock by the hair and hit him several more times.
Aelock’s mouth burst open and he tasted something stingy and salty, and he coughed reflexively as the saliva and blood that flowed mixed with each other were about to pass down his panting throat.
At that moment, something hot flowed from his nostrils.
Aelock’s brain was shaken from being hit in the head, and his vision was blurry so it was hard to come to his senses.
He thought it would be better to get hit on the thigh or back.

“…… Klo……? 

“Do you remember now? You should have.
It was left behind by someone who died in dreadful horror because of you.
I gave these to you so you could always remember the sins you committed, so how dare you soil and tear them up? How dare you say that with this hideous body?”

The enraged alpha’s voice was terrifying enough to give him goosebumps, and at the same time, the pain was so intense that his heart froze.

Aelock thought it was small because he simply brought him some random old clothes.
The slightly old-fashioned and plain clothes had a soft texture of good quality, so it was vaguely assumed by him that they were old clothes of some noble that was thrown away.
But they weren’t.

These were Rayfiel’s clothes. 

Even if he didn’t know, he still tore them up in front of Klopp.
It was a mistake not to be made.
But regardless, he did it.
Aelock should have recognized the clothes, which sent Klopp into a fit of rage and exercise uncharacteristic violence once again.
But, as always, Aelock’s realization came late.

He did what he deserved in the face of his sins.
Aelock silently accepted Klopp’s violence.

t/n: hello, hope you’re all doing well.
i picked this novel up to work on something different but i guess i’m mentally weak with such themes since i’m actually having a hard time continuing this lol so if you’re considerably proficient in korean and would like to take over this novel, please dm me on discord (mimii#7721) so we can discuss it through.
dw, i will provide you with all the raws.
to the rest of the readers, don’t worry.
i’ll keep working on this until i find someone suitable enough ;] really sorry about this and thank you so much for the support so far!

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