Ugh morning. I wake up and do my morning routine today Im wearing a black jumpsuit and red sandal (no heels this time) I don want what happened at my job interview to happen again.

On my way to catch a cab I see my landlord walking up to me.

”Hey Paul ” I say while clenching my fists. He never comes with good news.

”Noelle, I keep telling you about this screaming at night if I have to say it again, you
e outta here ”

”Right Paul it will never happen again ” I say with the smile Ive ever given. I have to be nice to Paul because a) I always pay rent late b) I literally can afford to be live anywhere else.

I walked in the building and my eyes land on a girl struggling with files and I offer her help with the files.

”Thank you for helping I don know how to repay you. By the way my name is Angel sorry if Im holding you back ”

” No, you are not Im Noe and you
e welcome I better get going ” with that I exited her office I got in the elevator, and I walked to Mr. Manroes office.

I knocked, and I got in when I heard come in

”Good morning, sir ”

”Morning miss Snow your laptop and phone are on your desk and your car is in the parking lot. You will make my coffee then schedule my meetings; my secretary will help you with that. Her office is room 225 downstairs then at exactly 10:00 come to my office then well go to a meeting together then you pick up my dry cleaning then well Ill tell you when the time comes ” he said.

I went to the kitchen, and I made him coffee black with two teaspoons of sugar, would put more because hes so sour, but I think its best I put two.

”Heres your coffee sir ” I said as I put the coffee on the table, he drank it Im so nervous my hands were shaking and sweaty

”Its good how did you know I liked it like this ” I am glad he liked it I was so anxious. It would have been surprising if he liked it sweet. I have noticed something about him he has a monotone voice its almost as if hes trying not to show emotion and because of that I will call him Mr. Robot hes not trying to be human right so hes a robot.

”Miss snow I asked you a question ” he said snapping me out of my train of thought

”Sorry I zoned out and I just guessed ” I wanted to continue and say there is no way youd like it sweet I mean you are not the sweetest person, but Ill hold my tongue for the sake of this job.

”Ok now get out and do your work ” he said in a dismissing tone.

I went to my corner and looked at my phone Its an iPhone13 wow this could pay my rent for a few months. I set my password, changed the wallpaper, installed a few apps I did the same with my Mac book.

Time to check out my new ride I go downstairs to the parking lot its a 2020 Audi A3 and its my favorite color blue I love it. Can this day get any better? Okay time to go to room 255.

”Hello Noe, you must be the new PA well Im the Secretary, Anna. Just call the numbers to confirm and once confirmed put it in Mr. Manroes digital diary ”

”Thank you ” I say and accept the file.

”And Noe, Goodluck you
e going to need it. I hope you last many haven ”

”Thanks, but what do you mean by that? ”

”Isn your job great, good pay, nice employee benefits and a car. Have you ever seen such a job anywhere else maybe in a book or movie sweetie but not in real life wonder why its such a great job its because hes an assh*l ” Anna says confirming my suspicions I knew so may pros had to come with a very big con. But he has finally met his match Ive been dealing with assh*les my whole life.

I walk out and go upstairs I go inside, and I gasp I almost had heart attack the robot himself sitting on my desk his face cold and emotionless as always staring directly at me while twirling keys. I was so in my head thinking about him that I was shocked to see him and the way hes looking at me made me feel like he could see what I am thinking.

”Here are your keys miss Snow. Sit ”

I accept the keys and sit on a chair in front of my desk.

”You don have a weekend this week. You
e coming with me to a gala Ill call you later with the details ”

”What! Nowhere in my contract did it say I have to work weekends you said Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm no weekends ”

”Well, its your choice ”

”Thank you ” There is no way I am working a seven-day week.

”Whether you want this job or not ”

Wow Anna was right about him. I need this job and he knows that.

”Ill be here ” I say swallowing my pride.

He scoffs and walks away. Just 1 hour left and I get to leave this place or is he going to take that away from me too.

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