Jewelry of the Apocalypse

Chapter 5 [DED ED]

He tried to back away, but his legs lost their strength with each step of the behemoths hooves. Lumbering ever closer. The monster towered over him, its human like face stared blankly at him.

George wanted to scream. He wanted to scream until his throat was coarse and dry. But he couldn , it was like everything had just shut down. Unable to move, he stared in terror as the behemoth reached for his leg. Its skin was a blue-ish gray. Instead of hooves, its front limbs had a more human look to them, each muscular arm ending in a hairy-knuckled fist. And each finger ending in fingernails ragged and filled with dirt and grime.

George closed his eyes, preparing for the pain. Cmon just get it over with.

If only I could eat meat, one last time… He thought resigning himself to his fate. Every part of his mind was telling him that this was where he would die. He sniffed the air, imagining that what was in front of him was a nice juicy can of meat instead his immediate demise.

As he continued to imagine, as strange scent filled his nose. It was familiar and yet foreign at the same time. He took in several more breaths.

Wait… He thought, unable to believe himself. This is…..

Meat! Im smelling meat!

He was sure of it. His nose was only greeted by the stench of meat. Oh how it danced in the air above him- the image of cooked steak flashed in his mind.

His mouth began to water as more images of food came to mind. ”Oh meat, chicken, beef, fish, how I love thee. ”

He craned his head, eyes still closed, searching for the source of the smell. It bobbed and weaved depending on his direction.

His stomach began to growl, the fear that permeated throughout his body, dissipated with its mighty war cry.

Its stronger in the east than the west, no, its..its ”Right here! ” He shouted as he sat up, extending his neck towards the beasts thigh.

The sound of flesh tearing from skin filled his ears. It felt rough and course between his teeth. Damn, this thing must be ripped. Too bad Im not into lean meat. The beast staggered back in pain. It let out a low rumbling roar, as it tried to maintain its balance, only to lose it moments later. Gulp.

George brought himself to his feet. ”Heh, still good though. ” He wiped the blood from his chin and raised his fists in a basic boxing stance. ”So it tastes like beef, huh? ”

He opened his eyes, the once fearsome beast now seemed more like an afternoon snack to him. Blood trickled out of the gash in its knee.

He could feel the wind on his face as he leapt past the large fist hurtling towards him. ”Whoa, watch it pal. You almost hit me there. ”

The beast buried its knuckles into the ground, a plume of dust burst from the impact. It let out an angry snort as the familiar scent of blood filled his nostrils. George closed his eyes, blinded by the scent, he let down his guard. His eyes jerked back open as he felt his foot crumple under the grip of the beasts fist. ”Ah.. ” It let out a rumbling snicker as it pulled back its other fist.

Chapter 4 [surprise] end.

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