Jewelry of the Apocalypse

Chapter 6 [Companions?]

The first thing going through his mind was Ugh god my head… He attempted to open his eyes but the swollen skin prevented him from doing so.

Blindly, George tried to move his hands only to find them bound together. His head turned at the sound of shuffling.

Was someone there? he thought as he tried to pinpoint where the sound was coming from. His head glided across the slab of metal underneath it. Movement was limited however as George heard the distinct sound of a lock clicking into place.

On the other side of the room, the beast grumbled, dabbing a large piece of cloth against the gash on his knee. Blood dripped from the rag as it pressed against the wound. As he continued tending to his knee, the beast nodded his head towards George. ”Hes a feisty one, be careful… ” The beast growled in a low gravely tone.

The clack of heels resounded as the figure stepped across the room. A long scarf licked at the floor as they made their way to the metal restrainer in the middle of the room. On the slab sat a dusty looking man. His shoes were stained with blood as his entire body was covered with dirt. Across his arms, legs and chest were long metal bars with a small collar around his neck, the red light in the middle blinked before turning green seconds later.

Inspecting the mans body they moved his wrists weakly checking how strong their force was. However while they were tracing his fingers with their own, the hand tried to clasp down. They moved their fingers out of the way in time as they smiled, tusks glistening in the light of the moldy sun.

”Heh….you weren kidding Rupert, this kid is feisty….. ” They spoke, their voice smooth and mischievous. It sounded like they were planning something.

The gruff voice, Rupert, spoke up again. ”Oh Blaire come now, what ever you
e planning…it won work… ” It sounded like these two people knew each other.

George croaked, his voice crackly after having not recovered from the fight he had gotten into earlier. ”Uhm…Whats- ” Before he could finish speaking the smooth voice, Blaire cut him off.

”Oh it seems like our little spy has finally woken up, good…. Rupert, please undo the blindfold if you would… ”

”Whats going on? ” George spoke again, his voice clearer this time. Even though he couldn see, he still could smell the bountiful smell of Beef coupled with Pork. It was like he could see vague approximations of where his captors were.

He tried to swivel his head, he felt cold metal scrape against his chin. God what was this? A collar? He thought. ”Who are you people exactly? ”

The one who smelled of Beef, Rupert, answered. ”Heh do you think well tell you who we are just out of the gate? ” A foul smelling odor snaked out from his mouth. It was like a mixture of garbage and garlic. His face scrunched as Rupert smiled smugly.

”He heard our names dear….of course he knows who we are you dolt.. ” The Pork smelling one, Blaire, snapped back.

”Besides, if he was a true spy, he would have to know his targets pretty well, wouldn you say? ” George felt a sharp nail scratch underneath his chin, he had no choice but to lift it.

Chapter 5 [DED ED] end.

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