Chapter 9

Feng Chaoyang left with a furious expression.

Even though he was the master of the Feng Family, he was not the strongest.

The Feng Family had become one of the four great aristocratic families of Tianqi due to a mysterious support from behind the scenes.

This was applicable to the Feng Family along with the three other three families, the Yun Family, Shui Family, and Rong Family.

What the four families battled against was the strength of the force behind them.

However, Feng Chaoyang would never have the pride to look for the mysterious force to resolve his family’s dirty laundry.

Furthermore, he could not kill Feng Chuge.
At the very least, she could be used to replace two of his other daughters to marry that sick idiot from the Yun Family.

After the group left, no maids dared to continue lingering around the vicinity.

The Fourth Young Lady caused a great commotion the moment she returned.
No one knew what other trouble she would cause.

Therefore… all of them cherished their lives and stayed away from the Linshui Pavilion.

There was silence all around.
When Zilan and the rest recalled the earlier situation, they could not help but laugh out loud.

“Haha… Miss, Feng Chaoyang’s expression was fantastic!”

“Also, Feng Qingwan’s face can be considered a lost cause! Hmph! Who told her to launch a sneak attack on our Miss!?” Biluo added on.

Just then, Luzhu, who had a silent disposition, suddenly hesitated.
She moved her lips, seemingly wanting to say something.

“Luzhu, what are you trying to say?” Zilan discovered Luzhu’s abnormality and asked.

Luzhu hesitatingly said, “When I slapped Feng Qianxue a few times, I scattered some itching powder in passing…”

Itching powder…

Itching powder…

Zilan, Biluo, and even Feng Chuge’s lips slightly twitched.

Unexpectedly, Luzhu, who appeared to be a tight-lipped person, was capable of such a trick?

The moment the itching powder was applied, it could be said that Feng Qianxue’s face would definitely suffer from scratches and scars in a short time.

“Haha!! Luzhu, you’re pretty good, huh? I didn’t expect that someone so honest would turn out to be such a surprise package.
It was a good move!” Zilan patted Luzhu’s shoulders as she complimented.

Luzhu lowered her eyes.
“She tried to harm our Miss… I will not let those who try to harm our Miss have a good life!”

Feng Chuge looked at the trio before her and a warm smile curled on her lips.

Six years ago, after she had transmigrated, she was taken in by a mysterious person.

She was indeed incapable of cultivating in the beginning, but that mysterious person was also an alchemist.
Not only did he diagnose that the poison she was inflicted with while in her mother’s womb had blocked her meridians, he even detoxified the poison for her.
After which, she was taken in by that mysterious man as his god-daughter.

Even until now, Feng Chuge did not know who that mysterious man was.

During that period, it was these three who served her, accompanied her with her cultivation, and helped her grow up.

To her, they were not mere relatives, but even more important than her family.

“Ah, Miss, where’s that little child from before?” Luzhu suddenly recalled that strange child.

“I carried him into the inner room.
The child’s breathing is weak and it’s unknown when he will wake up.”

“Miss, your medicine is ineffective?”

Feng Chuge shook her head.
The medicine of hers indeed did not have much effect.

When they saw Feng Chuge shaking her head, the trio remained silent.

If even an Intermediate Alchemist was helpless with the illness, then that child was honestly beyond helping…

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