Chapter 22

It seems as though Feng Chaoyang has been cornered to desperation and thus, had no choice but to find the force behind the Feng Family,

Feng Chuge thought to herself.

“I never wanted to be enemies with the Feng Family, but they have repeatedly acted heartless towards me.
So, why is there a need to treat them as my family? I returned to the Feng Family only to take back what belongs to me! As for those from the Feng Family, their current plight is something they have asked for and I can’t be blamed!”

“Excuses!” The old man did not listen to her explanation and merely shouted in anger.
“Since Feng Chaoyang has entrusted me to get rid of you, I can only act in accordance with his wishes!”

“Is that so? It’ll also depend if you are capable enough to do so!” Feng Chuge scoffed in response.

The strength of a Great Spiritual Ancestor surged from her body immediately after.

Other than those from the Tiandi House, a sixteen-year-old Great Spiritual Ancestor was considered a genius at the top of their peer group.

“Hmph! You’re a Great Spiritual Ancestor and your talents are indeed good.
You would have definitely developed well in the future, but unfortunately, you won’t have that opportunity.”

While the old man dressed in white spoke, he raised his hand and a powerful aura surged forth from his palms.
That powerful aura pressed down on her, to the extent that Feng Chuge found it hard to breathe.
In addition, she realized that the spiritual force in her body seemed to be affected by something else and she could not gather it at all!

“Girl, I’ve said this before… I won’t give you a chance to develop!” The old man smiled as his palm sliced forth towards Feng Chuge.

His speed was as fast as sound.

His white silhouette appeared particularly terrifying under the bright moonlight.

Even Feng Chuge could not pinpoint his specific location.

All of a sudden, Feng Chuge was surprised as she completely lost sight of the old man.
Just as she was about to turn back, she felt a surge of aura from behind.

She quickly evaded to avoid the attack, yet the old man’s mirror image had changed direction once again and she did not have any time to react!

“Haha! Die!” The old man dashed towards her and was just about to land a strike.

In his point of view, his attack was sure to kill.

However, a clear voice sounded from someone near at that moment.

“An old man bullying a young lady? If this were to spread out, wouldn’t you be afraid of being laughed at?”

It was a clear voice, with a slightly elevated pitch.
He had spoken rather slowly, and it was somewhat sluggish.

It was clearly a teasing tone of voice, but it was capable of making one feel a chill down to their bones, making it hard to breathe.

The old man’s hands suddenly stiffened.

His attack towards Feng Chuge also stopped.

There was disbelief in his eyes, as he looked towards the direction of the voice.
When he saw the man who spoke, it looked like he had seen a ghost.

“It-it’s you…”

Under the moonlight, the man dressed in long black robes slowly walked over.

His pitch-black hair was casually tied with a red string, while his long hair flowed down to his back and flew in the direction of the wind.

With his black hair and black brocaded clothes illuminated by the moonlight, his extremely white complexion made him appear to be capable of charming any worldly being.

The most attractive trait was his purple eyes!

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