Chapter 24

Wasn’t Di Juechen someone from the Tiandi House? Why would he appear outside? More importantly, why was he in the Feng Residence?

The moonlight gradually brightened.

Feng Chuge suddenly raised her head and her eyes revealed some light.
“Di Juechen? Can I ask you for a favor?”

Di Juechen’s lips twitched.
This was the first time this woman was asking for his help.
Naturally, he had to agree.

“Follow me.” As she said that, she headed in a certain direction.

Within the Linshui Pavilion, Zilan and the rest had only managed to settle down.
They knew that if they went in search of their young lady, they would certainly drag her down instead.
Therefore, it would be better for them to remain and wait for news.

The sound of footsteps suddenly sounded from outside.

The trio hastily went out.
“Miss… it’s really you.
Thank god that you’re fine!”

The moment they saw Feng Chuge, they shouted in excitement.

Feng Chuge patted her shoulder and said, “Hey hey, it’s fine now.
Take a look at who I brought with me!”


Immediately after, Di Juechen walked in from outside.

Under such a situation, Di Juechen would truly be a fool if he had no inkling of her intentions.

The moment Di Juechen appeared before the trio, their eyes widened in shock and they stood rooted on the spot.

This man… was too beautiful!!

“Miss… he… he’s?”

“Di Juechen.
Isn’t he the man you keep talking about?” Feng Chuge asked teasingly.

Di Juechen’s expression completely darkened after hearing her words.

It was rare for him to be able to go out with his real appearance, but he could due to the poison in his body slightly weakening from the full moon.
He originally thought he could surprise her; however, he never expected such a reaction from her.

“Eh? Where’s Ah Chen?” Feng Chuge surveyed her surroundings, but she did not spot him anywhere.

“I don’t know… When we came here earlier, Ah Chen was already gone.”

Feng Chuge’s expression instantly changed.

Tonight was truly an eventful evening.
Hopefully nothing happened to Ah Chen!!

“I’ll go outside to look for him!” Feng Chuge immediately headed out.

“Miss… We’ll follow you.”

“Stay inside.
What if Ah Chen doesn’t see anyone when he returns?” Following that, Feng Chuge was enveloped by the night scene once again.

Di Juechen stood by the door as he watched Feng Chuge leave in a hurry.
He could not discern if he felt bitterness or happiness deep down.

His happiness was due to the fact that she still cared for Ah Chen.
The mini-him had shrunk due to the effects of the poison.

The bitterness was because she did not recognize him even though he was standing right in front of her.

Di Juechen softly sighed.

He looked up and saw that the moon had already shifted.
From the look of the sky, it seemed like it was about time.

His eyes flickered ever so slightly.
He turned around and headed towards a direction.

Feng Chuge searched up and down the entire Feng Residence, but she saw no trace of his whereabouts.
Instantly, she started panicking from the bottom of her heart.

She honestly liked Ah Chen very much.
He had a cool and cold personality.

However, it was precisely this child that resembled the previous her very much.

The Feng Chuge from the previous life did not have a single family member.
In the end, she was brought into a killing organization and turned into a heartless killer.

After she transmigrated to this world, she obtained a godfather who cared for her, along with Zilan and the rest.
Everything seemed to have changed.

Feng Chuge could not bear to watch a small child suffer so much.
Therefore, she always brought Ah Chen along with her.
As long as it was something he wanted, she would want to satisfy him and provide him with the best.

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