Chapter 31

“Woman, you’re very long-winded.” Ah Chen looked up and stared at Feng Chuge.

“I’m trying to prepare you mentally!” Feng Chuge clicked her tongue.
“What if you take things too hard if this pill doesn’t help you the way you want it to?”

“I won’t grow up that quickly.” Ah Chen suddenly lowered his eyes.
“Woman, I want this pill every month for a year.”

“A year!?” Feng Chuge widened her eyes in astonishment.

“That’s right,” Ah Chen replied with indifference, but his eyes were solemn.

He had to consume this pill for twelve months before the poison in his body could be completely detoxified.

This was the only way he could return and seek revenge against those old men!

When he thought of them, a cold glint streaked past his eyes.

Half a month ago, while he attempted to advance into the realm of an Advanced Spiritual Monarch, old men from the Tiandi House launched a joint attack against him when the spiritual force in his body was unstable from the advancement.

During one’s advancement, the spiritual force in the body is unstable.
The group of old men used that opportunity to take him down with the intention to kill him.

While they exchanged hands, they poisoned him so that they could deal with him more effortlessly.

That poison reduced him to the appearance of a six-year-old child.
In addition, the spiritual force in his body had completely dissipated.

Because of this, he would appear like a five to six-year-old child most days.
During nights of a full moon, when the spiritual force in his surroundings are the densest, the poison in his body is suppressed, allowing him to return to his original appearance.

While Di Juechen was deep in thought, there was a sudden cold touch on his forehead.

Looking up, he saw Feng Chuge’s hand.

“Hmm? There’s no fever…” Feng Chuge murmured.

Feng Chuge’s expression slightly darkened.
“Woman, you’re the one who has a fever!”

“Ah Chen, I can tell you in all seriousness that trying to grow up by relying on pills is unrealistic.”

Ah Chen turned away.
“You don’t understand.”

“Why wouldn’t I understand?” Feng Chuge sighed.
“Dreams are beautiful, but reality is cruel.
I know you want to grow up, but growth must be taken step by step.
You can’t try to accelerate it.
Ah Chen… I’m telling you…”

Feng Chuge turned her head and looked at Ah Chen as she wanted to continue her speech.
However, she saw that he had his eyes shut and was lying on one side.

“Ah Chen… Ah Chen…” Feng Chuge gently nudged him.

Di Juechen closed his eyes and did not even bother to lift his eyelids as he coldly said, “I’m asleep.
Don’t disturb me.”

His voice clearly sounded young, but his tone was chilly which made the others feel uncomfortable.

“Little brat, you’re acting cool again!” Feng Chuge lightly chuckled.

“Woman, there seems to be someone looking for you outside,” Ah Chen’s eyes remained shut as he said.

Only then did Feng Chuge recall Zilan looking for her earlier, and said that someone from the Palace had come.

“I’ll go out and take a look.” Feng Chuge stood up.
Before she left, she turned around once again and said, “Chenchen… I’m reminding you again.
That pill…”

“Woman, you can leave.” Ah Chen’s cold, young voice interrupted Feng Chuge.

His attitude made her pout her lips.
At the same time, her mind gave birth to several thoughts.

What has this child experienced for him to appear so mature whenever he speaks? He doesn’t show any child-like characteristics at all!

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