Chapter 34

We didn’t come here to visit the brothel,” Zilan spoke up.

“En, she’s right.” Feng Chuge continued to head forward.
“Let’s go in.
There’s no shop in this world that doesn’t do business.”

The four of them moved together.

“Ho? Ladies, this is not a place you should be visiting.” Just as they were about to enter, a woman with heavy makeup laughed aloud.

Feng Chuge paid no heed to her as she continued walking.

“Didn’t you hear me talking? Or are you here to find your man?” While the woman spoke, she obstructed Feng Chuge.

She then sized Feng Chuge up and down.

“Such a beautiful lady can’t even keep her husband? It seems like you’re lacking in the servicing department!”

Zilan had a short temper.
The moment she heard what the lady said, she was instantly enraged.

She stepped forward and said, “You better control your mouth.”

Feng Chuge raised her hand and stopped Zilan.

She then looked at the woman.
“Call out your Madame.”

“Oh, I know now.
You’re not here to look for your husband, but instead, you want to enter our Drunken Dream Pavilion.”

“You better call for your Madame right now… Otherwise, your head may end up spinning,” Feng Chuge narrowed her eyes and said coldly.

Her voice was originally clear and now that her tone turned cold, it gave off a bone-chilling feeling.

The woman looked at Feng Chuge’s expressionless face and instantly understood that she was not a person to be provoked.

She dared not continue lingering around.

“Ok, I’ll go right now, alright?”

After a while, the female brothel keeper was called out.

The moment she saw four beautiful women, her eyes instantly brightened up.

“Ladies, you’re looking for me?”

Feng Chuge pulled the woman by the arm and said, “Let’s talk somewhere else.”

When they arrived at a quiet location, the Madame took a step back and sized up the stunning woman dressed in light blue robes.
The stunned look in her eyes intensified.
“Girl, are you thinking of…”

Before she could finish her sentence, Feng Chuge interrupted, “Lead me to the underground trading area.”

The Madame was surprised.

The underground trading area was a place where the wealthy, core younger generation of various families liked to visit.

As it was an underground shop where underground transactions happened, the Drunken Dream Pavilion was used as a cover.
There were not many who knew of it.

The Madame was surprised for a second before she laughed.
“Miss, the underground trading area is not a place just anyone can enter… If you wish to go in, you have to pay a deposit of 5 million silver… It’s not a place you can visit just because you want to.”

Paying a deposit of 5 million was the underground trading area rule.

First, it limited the class of the people visiting, and secondly, it prevented people from deliberately inquiring about the underground area.

“5 million?” Feng Chuge asked.

“That’s right.
5 million.
If you are unable to afford it, don’t even think about it.” The Madame assumed they were incapable of paying and grew impatient.

She turned around with the intention to leave and Biluo suddenly appeared before her, then took out a stack of silver notes from her bosom.

The Madame’s expression instantly changed even though she only took out several pieces of silver notes.

There was the word ‘Heaven’ written in gold shining on the edge of the note that was particularly dazzling.

The Heaven silver note had a special existence in the Yuntian Continent.

Denominations of other silver notes were not big.
However, those notes with the word ‘Heaven’ printed on them could amount to 1 million.

What Biluo had taken out were five Heaven silver notes that equaled 1 million each.

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