Chapter 38

Feng Chuge saw that it was more or less enough, so she instructed, “That’s enough, come back!”

The cat immediately stopped.

It walked down from Shui Yuer’s face to her abdomen, then wiped its claws on her clothes until they were sparkling clean before it returned to Feng Chuge’s embrace.

Afterwards, it was as if nothing had happened as it waved its claws and lazily yawned.
It then leaned against Feng Chuge and slept with its eyes closed.

The cat’s actions thoroughly amused Feng Chuge along with the trio beside her.

Shui Wuji had no time to react.
He was stunned by the sudden change and it was only when she saw Shui Yuer’s bleeding face did he hastily come forth…

“Yuer, Yuer, are you alright?”

At the moment, there were a few scratches caused by that cat on her face.

Shui Yuer could only feel stinging pain from her face.

When she reached out to touch her face, she discovered the blood and her expression greatly changed.

She stood up and growled at Feng Chuge.

“Just you wait, I won’t let you off!”

Looking at Shui Yuer’s crazed appearance, Feng Chuge raised her brows.
“In fact, you should be thankful to me.
If I handed the cat to you, I’m afraid you would have had more than a few scratches on your face.”

“That’s right, our lady has foresight… Miss, don’t be ungrateful.
Our lady has cared for you so much: how can you shout at her?” Zilan stepped forward and added fuel to the fire.

Shui Yuer was about to explode with anger.
Her face was completely red.

Seeing this, Feng Chuge raised her lips and said, “We should return… Today, we have come out ahead.”

After which, she quirked her brow and revealed a slight smile as she looked at the lazy cat in her embrace.

This was indeed an unexpected gain.

When they came out from the underground trading area, the Madame came forward with a bootlicking expression.

“Oh? You haven’t managed to buy anything?”

Zilan’s expression was turned upside down at the sight of the Madame.

She hated these types of people who would go out their way to curry favor.

“You don’t have to be concerned over this.
Can you return the deposit now?”

“Of course, of course…” The Madame took out five Heaven silver notes from her bosom and said, “If you wish to visit in the future… Oh right, please take this token.
You can enter the underground trading area without any obstruction in the future by flashing this token.
Of course, there’s no need for you to pay a deposit either!”

Feng Chuge took the token and nodded.

Perhaps good items would appear in the underground trading area in the future.

Feng Chuge and the others left after tucking away the token.

Not long after they left, Shui Yuer and Shui Wuji had also come out.

The Madame had intended to leave, but she heard some commotion from inside the passageway.

The moment she saw the people who came out, her expression changed.

“Aiya, Miss Shui, what’s with your face? Did you get scratched?”

Shui Yuer was already in a bad mood and after she heard what the Madame said, all her anger surged forth.

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