Chapter 41: Supporting the Future Wife (1)

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Feng Chugc looked at the kitten curled up in his arms like a meatball.” Yes…” Isn’t it cute?”

Ah Chen pursed his lips.” Very stupid.”

Hearing the word ” stupid ” again, the kitten suddenly raised its head and bared its teeth.
However, when it met Ah Chen’s eyes, it instantly wilted.

Seeing their interaction, Feng Chu Ge couldn’t help but laugh.
“This little meatball seems to be a little afraid of you.”

She had seen how powerful this kitten was!

Previously, it was so arrogant when facing the Shui siblings, but now, it could not raise its spirits at all.
It was obvious that it was still afraid of Ah Chen… “Meatbail?” Ah Chen glanced at him.

“This name is not bad.
It suits it…”

Feng Chu Ge choked.

She was just casually calling him that…

However, the name seemed to fit it quite well.

Feng Chu Ge reached out and stroked the meatball’s fur.” Alright, then I’ll call it Meatbail from now on.”

The meatball’s claws danced in the air as if it was protesting, but it finally calmed down because of Ah Chen’s gaze.

Feng Chuge raised his eyebrows as he watched this scene.

Now, she was 100% sure that the meatball was really afraid of Ah Chen.

Feng Chu Ge’s eyes suddenly caught sight of the bowl of noodles on the table.
He exclaimed,” Aiya, eat it quickly.
If you don’t eat it now, the noodles will be burnt!”!”

Ah Chen picked up his chopsticks and started eating.

Just as he took a bite, his expression changed slightly.

“How is it? Is it delicious?” Feng Chu Ge asked with anticipation in his eyes.

Ah Chen’s eyes flickered as he swallowed the noodles.
He ate them all, mouthful by mouthful.
In the end, there was not even a single drop of soup left.

“Mmm, it’s delicious!”

Seeing how satisfied Ah Chen was, Feng Chuge’s lips curled into a smile.
“As long as you like it.”

However, at this moment, a certain someone’s cold and cool voice sounded from the side.” Woman, next time, remember not to mix sugar and salt…”

Feng Chuge’s face stiffened.

The sugar mixed with the salt…

Then wasn’t that just a moment ago in a country of…

She looked at Ah Chen.” You ate it all if it wasn’t delicious? Are you stupid?”

“My future wife made it for me, of course I have to support her!”Ah Chen crossed his arms and leaned back like a little adult.

Future wife…

Feng Chu Ge could not help but roll his eyes when he heard those words.

This little brat’s mind is always thinking about his wife…Who instilled these thoughts in him?!

After leaving Ah Chen’s place, Feng Chuge immediately lit up the Moon Breeze Incense and urgently summoned an old woman from the Moon Breeze Brothel to be responsible for cooking.

Ah Chen didn’t care.
For two days, he kept pestering Feng Chuge to cook for him.

Feng Chu Ge couldn’t dissuade her, so he had to go along with his wishes.

The food might not be as good as he had expected, but Ah Chen ate with relish.

Soon, it was time for the Tianqi Emperor to welcome Feng Chuge.

The banquet was held at night.

That afternoon, Violet Orchid was busy dressing Feng Chuge up.

Looking at Violet Orchid and Bi Luo, who were helping her pick out jewelry, Feng Chu Ge could not help but laugh.” That’s enough.
We’re just going to a banquet.
Why make it so grand?””

“Miss, didn’t I already say it? I want to dress Miss up beautifully.
When the time comes, those snobs will be shocked!!”

Feng Chu Ge’s lips twitched.”We have to keep a low profile — keep a low profile


“How can I keep a low profile? The scene had to be shocking enough.”As Violet Orchid spoke, her eyes sparkled.
She could even imagine how shocked those people would be when they saw the young miss’s true appearance..

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