Chapter 45: A Lamia Beauty!

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Four clans, just enough for two clans to sit in a row.

The Rong family and the Yun family sat together.

The Feng Family was on the same side as the Shui Family.

Coincidentally, that empty seat was beside Shui Yuer.

Shui Yu-er, who was sitting on her seat, looked at Feng Chu Ge with a gloomy expression.
Her expression was getting uglier and uglier.

” It’s you…” Shui Yuer gritted her teeth and spat out two words when Feng Chuge approached her.

Feng Chu Ge glanced at Shui Yu ‘er, raised his eyebrows, and smiled faintly.” We meet again, Miss Shui…”

That faint smile stung Shui Yuer’s eyes.

If it wasn’t for the fact that this was a public place, Shui Yuer would have exploded.

“What are you doing sitting here? This is not your place.” Seeing that Feng Chu Ge and the others were about to sit down, Shui Yu ‘er sneered.

Feng Chuge did not reply and sat down.

“Come, Ah Chen, sit here.” Feng Chuge called out to Ah Chen and asked him to sit beside him.

The meatbail that Ah Chen had been carrying and torturing all the way twitched its nose slightly when it heard the ear-piercing sound.

It suddenly opened its eyes and meowed.

Shui Yu ‘er then noticed the child behind Feng Chuge and the cat in his arms.
She immediately kept quiet.

She reached out and caressed her face.

Although the scar gradually faded.

However, when she saw the cat, Shui Yuer was reminded of what happened that day.

Shui Yuer glared at the cat and thought,” Little bastard, I will skin you alive sooner or later!!

Shui Wuji’s gaze was locked onto this stunning woman.

Suddenly, his pupils constricted.

The seat that the woman was sitting in was clearly reserved for Feng Chu Ge!

When he thought about how the ugly girl, Feng Chuge, whom everyone had been looking forward to, had yet to arrive, his expression changed.
Could it be…

Just as he was thinking about it, a low growl sounded from the side.

“Feng Chu Ge, you still dare to say that you didn’t do anything to Wan ’er?!”

This “Feng Chu Ge” instantly made everyone’s faces change…

Feng Chu Ge…

This stunning woman was Feng Chu Ge??

No, no, no.
Arc you kidding me?

Wasn’t there a rumor that Feng Chu Ge was a supremely ugly woman?

Just now, they were discussing Feng Chu Ge’s appearance!

Everyone’s expressions were especially interesting.

Violet Orchid, who was standing behind Feng Chuge, looked at the group of people who looked as if they had eaten sh * t.
She felt great!

Feng Chuge did not care about the reactions of the people around him.
He just looked in the direction of the voice.

In front of him, the Third Prince Helian Jin Yu, who was dressed in a black brocade robe, was standing there angrily.

At this moment, his handsome face was filled with killing intent.

The entire Feng Clan had been driven out because of this woman!

When he thought of how Wan ‘er cried to him after he took her in, Helian Jin Yu felt even more disgusted with Feng Chu Ge.

In his eyes, Feng Chuge was a viper!

Poor his Qingwan, her face was ruined.

The alchemist in the Third Prince’s mansion had told him that the scar on Feng Qing Wan’s face could only be removed by finding the Frozen Snow Pill.

Otherwise, Feng Qing Wan’s face would be completely ruined.

Feng Chu Ge raised her head slightly and looked at the person who spoke.
After she saw the person in front of her, she curled her lips into a faint smile.” Oh, it’s this prince?”

“Feng Chu Ge, what are you trying to do?”Helian Jin Yu’s eyes were almost spitting fire.

“Your Highness, we’re not close enough to tell each other everything, right?”Feng Chuge turned his head and replied indifferently..

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