Chapter 7

She was extremely fast and practically no one noticed how she had removed the bracelet.

With the exception of Zilan, Qingluo, and Luzhu, everyone present stared at her with widened eyes in surprise.

Was that speed something a wastrel ought to be capable of?

The Second Madam had no spare thoughts to think about others.
She stared straight at the bracelet in Feng Chuge’s hands and felt her heart bleed in pain.

It just so happened that Feng Chuge seemed to have noticed something.
With a soft cry of surprise, she flew forward once again, and directly pulled out a hairpin from the Second Madam’s hair.
“This hairpin also belonged to my mother’s dowry.”

With the hairpin pulled out, her headful of hair lost its binding and scattered down her shoulders.

The Second Madam stood rooted, looked at Feng Chuge, and wished that she could kill her at once!

Feng Chuge seemed to have not noticed her stare and waved the accessories in her hands.
“Second Madam, thanks for safeguarding these items on my behalf all these years… Rest assured, I will be swift and take away all the items shortly.
I shall not bother you and your daughters for your help anymore.
That’s right, as for the items you’ve lost or damaged, don’t worry.
When the time comes, I’ll write you a list and you can just pay the compensation in full.”

Her words made the mother and daughters feel like puking blood.

Feng Chaoyang carefully scouted out Feng Chuge.
After he confirmed that he could not discern her strength, he dismissed the thoughts he had.

For a second, Feng Chaoyang thought that Feng Chuge could cultivate with spiritual force again.

However… he still could not sense the slightest bit of her strength.

There were only two situations where one was unable to discern their opponent’s strength.

The first was, Feng Chuge could not gather spiritual force, and the other situation was, Feng Chuge’s abilities far surpassed his own.

Right now, Feng Chaoyang was already an Intermediate Spiritual Ancestor.

He firmly believed that her strength could not possibly surpass his, that of an Intermediate Spiritual Ancestor.

Therefore, he suddenly relaxed.

“Feng Chuge, I finally understand.
You’re here today to cause trouble!!”

“How am I causing trouble? Patriarch Feng, you’ve overestimated my abilities.
I’ve already mentioned I’m here to take back my belongings!” Feng Chuge was not wary of Feng Chaoyang in the slightest.
Her indifferent appearance had once again greatly stimulated Feng Chaoyang.

As a result, Feng Chaoyang honestly could not take it lying down anymore.

“Feng Chuge, you’re a disaster and a wastrel.
I shall rid my people of a pest today!” After that, a sudden burst of power surged from his body.

The trio immediately went forward when they saw Feng Chaoyang seemingly about to attack.

Even though they knew their Miss had no problem dealing with Feng Chaoyang with her current strength, their Miss’ strength could not be exposed that easily for now.

If it was exposed too soon, then there would not be much fun later.

The trio went forward and besieged him…

While they were in a fight, Feng Chuge stretched out her hand and released some spiritual force from her fingertips towards the direction in which Zilan released her attacks.


A loud noise sounded.
Zilan’s attack and Feng Chaoyang’s attack had met straight on.
Instantly, endless flames surged forth and Feng Chaoyang was forced to take two steps back.

The fight continued on one side and Feng Chuge stood on another side as if she was looking at a show playing out.

All of a sudden, she felt some movements from behind…

The person behind her was using eighty percent of their strength to launch an attack against her.

She curled her lips.
When the attack was about to hit, a protective barrier suddenly surrounded Feng Chuge.



The one who launched a sneak attack was Feng Qingwan and the attack had been reflected back at her.

The curved protective barrier mixed together with the spiritual force Feng Qingwan released.

The direction was very accurate.
All of the spiritual force was sent right back at Feng Qingwan towards her face.

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