if fated to be then it will be

*At mild dew international hotel*

Martina arrived early and checked the place for any suspicious people. This was her last assignment. After this is over,she gonna go get her Mom and move to California to get close to her sister. That way,shell have more opportunities to meet up with her and finally introduce her to her Mom. She will then look for a job since she was a qualified lawyer by profession just like her sister . Who would have thought both twins would choose the same career path. It was like despite being separated since birth,that sisterly bond did not disappear through their separation. thinking about her sister,a smile etched on her face. Her sister was a warm and cheerful girl. she on the other hand was very cold and distant. They were like water and milk, different composition but could mix very amicably.

She was awoken from her stupor by a ring on her phone. she adjusted her Bluetooth device and answered the call.

”The client is almost there,be alert and don let anything happen to him. ” Reported the voice from the other side.

”Got it. ” came her short reply.

Martina was hiding in a inconspicuous location but she could see the client walking inside the hotel escorted by four burly men.

she was only responsible for his safety and preferred working behind the scenes and not showing her face. She was known as gazelle for her fast and Swift movements. That was her code name.

Marina arrived at the hotel where the transaction was to take place. she was sent purposely to get rid of a drug Lord. It was a strike to kill mission.

After researching with the help of her computer expert,they finally got to know their private room.

Disguised as a waiter, Martina entered the private room with a tray with it a bottle of red wine and two wine glasses.

The transaction was taking place here so this was the only safe place to conduct the mission..

She came very well prepared. she had done get research and found out that,the big boss couldn not control his lower half after seeing a pretty woman.

She had come to play the role of a meek hotel service girl.

Dressed in a black short skirt and white blouse paired with black butterfly stocking and high heels,she sauntered in.

”good evening gentlemen, heres your wine. ” she said with that sweetest voice ever.

”This is a cute little one, isn she? ” The man said and all of them laughed.

Their laughter was annoying, really annoying. She felt like vomiting.

” Come lets drink together. ” He said dragging Marina to his laps.

Marina Landed swiftly to his laps. she gave him a fake smile. she was not good at honey traps and preferred tackling her targets head on but in this room there happened to be more men than she could handle all at once.

”You look delicious. ” the man said grabbing her butt.

Marina wanted to spring to action and server his filthy hands.

”okay. ” she replied.

The man seeing her not rejecting his advances became more bold and tried crawling his hands on her thighs.

Thats it… Marinas patience came to its limit.

”Sir,do you want it? ” she whispered lightly to his ears.

Her voice was as mellow as a kitten teasing his body. He couldn resist anymore.

He turned to his associate and dismissed them.

”Since the deal is done, will talk about the details on phone. ” he said.

After biding him goodbi, his business associate left. In the room, only marina and the big boss remained,his guards were positioned outside the door .

In her hiding place, Martina sensed something wrong. The business deal was supposed to Last atleast 20 minutes but within ten minutes it was over? Besides,the hotel staff who entered the room to serve the guests was somehow suspicious.

”**! ” she cursed and dashed towards the room.

She skipped stairs and jumped off the rails to take the least time possible. She knew in a mission like this,a minute could cost their clients life. It was her last assignment,she couldn mess around .

Inside the private room, Catherine took no time to deal with that scumbag. She was disgusted by his looks.

she retrieved a syringe that was tucked safely at the straps on her thighs

while the man was busy indulging himself in pleasure trying to kiss her neck,she thrusted it at his neck.

He stiffened at the sudden invasion of pain. He grunted widening his eyes in shock .

”you… you! how dare you inject me? ” He questioned stuttering .

”go to hell! ” she said pushing him away.

He landed on the ground with a thud.

With a bang the door was pushed open revealing a person dressed in camouflaged trousers, black leather boots and black leather jacket. she had a mask on her face.

Marina looked at her and found that figure to be somehow familiar but before she could think from where,the lady had already charged towards her .

She dodged the flying kick and soon aftere,they started exchanging blows and kicks .

Marina retrieved his twin daggers while Martina took out her twin blades .

This discovery shocked both of them. Martina had felt that the way she fought was similar to she did. it was like their movements were in sync.

”Get out from there,more people are coming. ” came the voice from Marinas communication device .

Todays opponent was a hard one to deal with,that she could tell. it was as if they knew each others next move and counterattacks.

But she somehow needed to eliminate her and leave the room. she would surely find her and have a friendly duel in the future.

”Its a pleasure fighting you but I need to leave. ” said Marina.

”like I would let you ” replied Martina.

”You don have a choice. ” With that Marina striked her abdomen and while the other party was dodging,she used her fist to knock her unconscious .

Martina slumped to the ground but not before cursing that sneaky Woman.

”I an sorry, until next time. ” said Marina and opened the door to leave.

John as expected had cleared the other bodyguards. she straightened her clothes and walked towards the stairs.

She heard footsteps coming her way and she quickly opened the door close by and entered.

It was like lady luck was on her side and it was not locked otherwise she didn know what to do.

She waited until the footsteps disappeared before coming out and running away to the exit.

she boarded get care and the engine roared to life as the car drove off.

Her mission was done but she couldn stop thinking about that lady she encountered back at the hotel. she seemed familiar but couldn tell from where she had seen her from. It was amazing how they knew each others moves. It was like they had done that forever. Like its was a normal occurence for them.

”interesting! ” she murmured.

” Try finding the lady I fought with,find everything about her. ”

”okay,I will my lady. ” replied the other man from the other side.

” stop it Brian. ” she replied chuckling.

”To where? ” asked Brian.

”Back to California baby,I just wanna take a bath and sleep. ” replied Marina.

” No assignments for now? ”

” Its about time I rest Brian, besides I still have a company to run. my life isn all about the organization. ” she said seriously.

” What do you mean,are you planning to quit? ” asked Brian.

” Yes, peter and I founded that organization to help the government to deal with notorious criminals, but that doesn mean all my life is tied to it. ” she said seriously.

” Besides, I want to find a good man, settle down and get married. ”

” or maybe I should just find handsome men and make them my concubines,I have plenty of money. I can feed a bunch of them….yeah. Thats exactly what I will do. ”

” You are crazy. ” yelled Brian and disconnected the call.

Marina woke up. she sat up and rubbed her neck.

She couldn believe she was knocked out just like that.

That damn woman but thinking about it,she found her quite interesting.

Fighting her felt quite refreshing.

Her phone rang and she did not have to look to know who it was. she picked up her phone and answered the call .

”Damn you woman,I gave you simple instructions but you couldn do it. I just asked you to keep him safe but what did you do? do you know how much money I lost because of your carelessness? ” The voice rebuked angrily.

”Carelessness? ” Martina chuckled with mirth.

”You f**king ba**ard, all you care about is money? You don care whether I die or not? Now let me tell you, you ba**ard! I don want to hear from you ever again a**hole ” She directly threw the phone to the wall and it broke to pieces .

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