Martina went straight to the hospital to see her mom but was surprised to see her mom awake,a nurse feeding her

She rushed towards her and hugged her bursting to tears.

Don mistake her,these were tears of joy. Her mom had been lying in bed for the past one month. She was rushed to the hospital after falling unconscious and was diagnosed with kidney failure.

She had tirelessly searched for a kidney donor just to save her mom. God was gracious enough, they had found the perfect donor but her moms body had shown signs or rejection and she slipped to coma so seeing her mom awake and well,how could she not be happy.

”My daughter! ” Her mom called her lovingly.

”I missed you so much Mom,I thought I would lose you! ” she cried

”I could never leave without seeing my other daughter. ” her mom said longingly.

She missed her other daughter. After giving birth to them,she didn have a choice but give away one of them. She couldn support them and did not want to let them suffer with her.

She had taken the bravest and painful decision to give that woman one of her daughters.

She knew that her daughter would be in safe hands and opted to raise the other.

just to stop the Santos family to stop going after them,she had staged their death.

She had stayed hidden and even moved to another state just to escape those old folks.

Now she could feel her body was weakening,she wanted to see her other daughter but she couldn just walt to Santos family and demand audience.

She had told her other daughter about the truth pleading her to look for her sister.

”Mom I have good news,I met my sister already. ” Martina announced happily.

”You did? ” Her mom asked surprised. That was pretty fast.

”Yes mom I did. she looks exactly like me. Looking at her,Its like I was seeing a reflection of myself on her. ” she continued.

”Ofcourse you two look alike,you are a pair of identical twins afterall. ” Her mom said.

”You know,my sister is very intelligent. she even has a law firm.. mom did I tell you,shes a lawyer just like me.But she seems to be guarded alot, like she is ever afraid. I wonder why? ” You could see the stars shining in her eyes. Pride evident in her tone.

”Maybe her life hasn been peaceful. ” Her mom concluded.

”Maybe. ” she replied. ” Tell you what Mom,I am so excited to meet my sister again and introduce myself to her. ” Martina continued happily.

”You take it easy Martina, maybe you are speeding things… she might not be able to accept the truth, its been more than twenty years afterall. ” Her mom said In a melancholic tone.

”Yeah,you are right. I might be overly excited mom. ” She said.

”When am I leaving here. ” Martina knew that her mom hated being in the hospital the most.

”You just woke up. Let the doctor check you then tell us when you can get discharged. ”Informed Martina.

”But I feel just fine. ” came her immediate protest.

”Yeah sure ” Said Martina rolling her eyes. That has always been her escape verse. this time she won be listening to her, only she knows the fear that gripped her heart when she saw her mom laying In bed unconscious.

”I just want to go see my daughter. ” She defended.

”Mom,you will see her but for that to happen,you have to get well. Do you want your daughter to see you like this? ” Martina rebuked her stubborn Mom.

”Okay, okay. ” she finally gave in.

”After you get well,I will take you to California to see your daughter. We will be staying there for good. I want to start my life afresh . ” Martina said seriously.

”So you left that organization? ” her mom asked.

Martina was taken aback by her words. she had hidden her Involvement with that organization pretty well,so how did her mom come to know about it?

”how… how did you know? ” she asked stuttering.

”You are my daughter Martina,do you think you can hide anything to me? ” she asked back.

Seeing her guilty look,she could only sigh.

”You do know its very dangerous to get involved in such groups but you still went ahead. I know you joined to earn money to support me and for that I feel absolutely useless and guilty. ” He mom said sadness flashed in her eyes.

”Mom. ” Martina moved to hug her.

”Don ever say that. You are the best mommy I could ever ask for. I just wanted to share your burden. You have worked so hard to raise me,as your daughter,its my responsibility to take care of you now. ” Martina explained to her Mom.

”But it is supposed to be my duty to provide for you. ” Her mom retorted.

”Nonsense! who said that? I am a grown up woman now,if I don share your burdens, won that make me an unfilial daughter? ” She wanted to ease her moms guilt and make her feel better .

”What a sweet girl you are? ” Her mom said pinching her cheeks.

”Mom stop it! ” Martina said giggling.

Her mom always likes pinching her cheeks ever since she was small. But she was a grown woman now, doing that was embarrassing to her.

”Why are you so embarrassed,its not like theres some else in the room ” she said laughing .

It was six in the evening when a black Bentley was packed at the underground packing of her apartment.

Marina had just finished dressing up for the dinner date at her house. Today,she was dressed differently from her usual self.

Wearing a short flowery skirt paired with a kitty printed t-shirt,she had completed the look with white sneakers. Looking at her,you could mistake her for a college girl.

Her black waist length hair was tied into s high ponytail,her small round face bare of any makeup with just lipgloss on her lips.

She skipped downstairs, grabbed her sling bag and hoped out towards the Man.

When Lucas saw her,he was dumbfounded.

Her look today was refreshing like she was doing uniform seduction. Looking at her exposed White thighs,his mood worsened.

Marina did not notice his darkened face,she happily twirled around and looked at him expectantly.

”How do I look? ” she happily asked.

She had taken alot if time to dress this way. Today she wanted to take a breather and dress carefreely.

”Get in the car. ” He ordered coldly.

Marina was surprised? now whats wrong with this iceberg? She had taken ages to decide on her outfit tonight and look beautiful but now he was giving her attitude.

She could never comprehend what he was thinking .

But she decided not to mind him. if he did not complement nor appreciate her then shell just ignore him. Yes, thats right. she was expecting some complements from the man. He could atleast tell her that she looked beautiful today, afterall,its not everyday she takes time to dress for a man, this was her first time, okay?

But contrary to her thoughts,Lucas was angry because he imagined her dressing up like this and acting all adorable with another man and that thought did not sit well with him.

He only wanted to be the one to see her milky body, only him.

What was she doing dressing like a seductress? He wanted to grab her, kiss her till she lost her breath. With that perky butt peaking out from the skirt,he just wanted to squeeze it and spank it till it turned red.

If possible,he just wanted to kidnap her, lock her in his room and love her over and over again. He wanted to do evil things and taint her soul.

Waking up from his absurd thoughts,he couldn believe himself. He had sworn never to let a lady in his life ever again because according to him,they were all untrustworthy and full of betrayal, but now what happened? His resolve was crumbling each passing second he spend time with her. She was dangerous for his sanity,he concluded.

They drove in silence, marina was ignoring the man while Lucas was trying to keep his distance before he does crazy things he might regret later.

Arriving at the Santos family villa, Marina quickly alighted and dashed inside the house calling for her Dad.

Seeing her behaving like this, Lucas chuckled.

”Childish. ” He muttered.

He packed his car and proceeded to take the gifts he had brought .

Mr Santos heard his daughter calling for him while in his study.

He smiled and left everything to meet his precious little girl.

”You child,why are you shouting so much? Ain you afraid of waking the ancestors in their sleep. ” He reprimanded yet you could hear the happiness and love in his voice.

Marina pouted , her expression that of someone wronged.

”Dad,ain you happy to see me? ”

”Ofcourse am happy to see my princess, come give daddy a hug. ” He said and marina rushed to hug her Dad.

This is the scene that welcomed Lucas to the house.

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