Chapter 3: Regrets

Hi guys, a little information, most chapters will be written in Mayas POV cause she is like the main thing tho i will tell you when im writting other characters POV, anyways, enjoy this chapter.



I wore a pair of black skinny pants, a white crop top with an illustration of the Eiffel tower which reminds me of how magnificent Paris is.

I added my denim jacket and finalised with a pair of white converse.

I did the final touching by applying a bit of makeup to cover my swollen eyes due to crying.

I applied my favourite gloss and I was set to go.

I wanted to use one of my cars but it was of no use since Brylee didn stay that far, it was only a twenty minute walk which I could manage since walking was not a problem for me and besides, showing off was not one of my traits, I despised it with a passion.


I locked my house and slid the keys beneath the carpet, nanna would come home later in the evening.

I then phoned Brylee.

Me: Im on my way, give me twenty.

Brylee: Alright, Ill be waiting, see ya!

I ended the call and started my journey.

The odd silence on the street was too loud that I couldn help but remember the good times I spent with my mother, I also remembered how we used to crack jokes together and how I got to find out she was sick, she had managed to hide her sickness for a whole year until the day she collapsed while we were cooking together and the doctor said her condition was worsening due to stress and high blood pressure which was caused by the frequent arguments they had with my father.

She said that she hid it from my brother, father and I because she did not want any of us worrying about her since we had our own lives to live.

On her death bed, she asked to speak to each one of us privately and I remember I was the last person to see her.

She gave me a necklace with a locket that had both our pictures, she said that she was proud of me and I deserved to be happy.

She also said that she will be watching me from heaven and that I should always follow my heart.

She whispered that she loves me and took her last breath. She died on me.

I never got to say I loved her too. This was what hurt me the most. Don get me wrong, I know its been close to eight years since her death but it still feels like yesterday. We were really close.

But what still angers me till now is the fact that my father of all damn animals, missed the funeral.

Who the hell does that, then he finally appeared with Grace, the witch that took my mothers place.

Wow…. So wow….. So **ing wow!!!!!!!


I snapped back to reality and realised that I had passed Brylees house.

” Damn you, Maya!!!!!!, ” I thought to myself before going back and rang the door bell to the mansion.

” Come in sweetie. ” A soft voice ushered me to enter, I was quite sure it was Brylees mom.

I entered the house and greeted her, ” Hi Mrs. Michael, I was hoping to see Brylee. ”

” Of course sweetie, shes upstairs, you can go see her but make sure you both come down after sometime for a snack. ” She said as she continued to prepare a snack.

” I honestly think that that won be necessary Mrs. Michael. And besides I don want to be a bother and I just got here. ” I said

even though we both knew that I was a huge fan of her food.

How the hell did she not become a world class chef…..

” Come on sweetie, you are like a daughter to me and its a pleasure to cook for you. And don you ever say that you are a burden cause you are not. ” She said as she put the chicken in the oven.

I did not want to argue much cause she would like literally force me to eat so I just nodded and made my way upstairs to Brylees room.

I knocked and peeped in only to find her concentrating on her laptop

” Oh hi, I didn notice you had arrived. I was just surfing on the internet. Come in anyways. ” She said as she ushered me to come in.

We hugged, one of the things that shes fond of and makes me happy even though I have tonnes of problems to deal with.

” So tell me, whats wrong? ” She said as I threw myself on her king size bed.

”Ugh! Goddamn! Its that hell of a bitch, Grace. She had the **ing audacity to barge into my house and order me around like her puppet, Jane.She told me that my brother and i are expected at my fathers party for the celebration of the opening of another one of his damn hotels in New York.

I also don want to go because Im freaking sure that he does not want to see me since he cares too much about himself rather than Eric and I.

And besides Eric and I are both adults so we have all the right to refuse to go to that shitty party. But I can object my father, you know that he can even have me kidnapped just so that I can attend his party.

And besides I wanted to meet with Eric since we don talk much and he has to attend that shit because my father is obviously going to hand over his company to him when time comes. ”

” Wow, thats something else sis, I mean, she literally burged into your house. That woman is a pest. ” Brylee whisper shouted so that her mom would not hear when she tried to eavesdrop which was her one of her constant habits.

”Yeah I know, my life is always **ed up. ” I said.

” Don say that maam and I am also a part of you. And I think Im totally amazing, in fact, too amazing for this life. ” Brylee said ad she wiped off a non existant dirt on her shoulder

”And Im glad that I have you. ” I smiled.

We pulled each other into a tight hug.

” I would advice that you just go and get things over with and that you can finally talk to your brother who …..well you know how he spaced himself out from everyone. ” Brylee said as she held my hand.

”You know what, you
e so right, Ill just get things over and done with, thanks. ” I said

” Anytime bestie. ”

” Maya! Brylee! Time to eat! ” Mrs Michael shouted on top of her lungs.

I didn even realize how time had passed. It was already five in the evening.

Oh well,we went downstairs and had the chicken teriyaki which was freaking delicious.

After that, I checked my time, Lord, it was six already.

”I have to go, its getting quite late. ” I said to particularly no one as I dusted my plate.

I hugged Brylee and her mother who just reminds me of my own but I pushed those thoughts behind.

I waved at Mike who was playing games on his tablet. He never even waved back, how rude. Anyways.

” Honey, Ill just get my keys, ” Mrs Michael said as we finally pulled out from out hug.

”No no no no no, Im so not taking that offer, I think youve done enough, and besides my house is blocks away. I will reach there before you even notice. ” I said quickly.

” Okay you win this time young one, but next time I will carry you in my arms home ” she said as we both let out a small chuckle.

I mean I already visualized the way she would have carried me but that picture is too hilarious.

I have to go, bye and thank you once more.

I headed for the gate and started waking home.

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