Chapter 5: Pervert

Mayas POV


Fuck !!!My head hurts!!!!!



Why is my bed in navy blue sheets.

I thought it was white last morning.

And this are not my clothes.


It was not long until I heard a soft snore.

Im quite sure that was not me.

Because clearly Im awake.

Wait this is not my room!!!!

I turned around only to be hit by something rock hard

What. The. Hell

Was I at the wall??

No, dimwit!! Walls don snore.

I turned around and what I saw made me almost faint.

A man clearly older than me, probably twenty five years old. He had eight well defined packs and his face was smooth with a well defined jaw line and jet black hair that threatened 11.59 pm

His bed hair was messed up and he slept so soundly.

He had huge bulging muscles coated with thick veins.

He was freaking….. SHIRTLESS.

There and then, memories of yesterday came rushing back to me.

Was he the man from yesterday??

I took a look and there was no sight of my clothes

Oh. My. God

The next thing I did was let out an eerie scream as I tried to look for a weapon and the next ting I knew is that I got hold of a book.

Wow…. Maya ….Wow.

Just before I could hit him on the face, he got up way faster and pinned me on his bed.

He was literally on top of me.

He gripped my wrists and pinned them on top of my head.

I couldn move.

He looked shocked.

” Who the hell are you!! ” he yelled.

What. The. Fuck.

I should be asking him that.

” Oh shit shit shit shit shit shit, Im so sorry, I thought it was a robber. ” He said huskily.

I was literally shocked.

”Please don hurt me. ”I managed to whisper as I thought it was the end of me.

” No shit, Im not going to hurt you. I helped you last night. ” He said as he freed me.

I took the book with an attempt of killing him with it…..

Don blame me …..please.

I was just desperate and I didn trust him.



I hit him on his chest as I thought I already killed him.

” Seriously, you wanted me to die by being whacked by a one hundred paged book. You know, I think you look better than that. ” He said as he took the book from my hands and threw it away.

” I don think its my fault that I woke up in a boys room with his shirt on me and the boy was shirtless, what the **ing hell did you want me to think.And where the hell are my clothes. ” I yelled back.

All he did was stare at me looking amused and awed.

I started shaking slightly. My hands started becoming pale and my lips slowly turned purple.

I looked at the time an cursed.

Shit my pills!

”Wheres … bag, my phone and my clothes… ” I said as I started shaking.

Im sure the man was shocked too.

” Why are you shaking. Im pretty sure its not cold. ” The man said as he drew closer to me.

” Is English that hard for you? I said give me the goddamn bag and let me go home. At least if you won give me my stuff, give me the pills in my bag and I will walk away. ” I said looking super annoyed.

He looked stunned and walked to his bathroom and gave me my bag.

I started looking for my bag and my pills were not there.

” Where the ** are my pills! ” I hissed spitefully.

” Not until you tell me what exactly they are for. ” He smirked.

Why can people mind their own business these days.

” Mind… your own ….business, child. ” I said this time trembling uncontrollably.

I swear I tried to hide it but it was all in vain.

He raised his hand to show that he gave in and handed me over the pills

Like a person who had no experience of eating food, I grabbed them viciously and took them even without asking for water.

I was that desperate…..

I know that he probably thinks Im a creepy psychopath who just got released from a mental hospital… Oh scratch that….just ran away from an asylum.

He looked at me as if he just saw me making out with Lucifer himself.

After the shaking stopped. I felt my strength come back again. My nerves were calm.

There was an awkward silence.

” Uh… I gotta go. Wait, give me back my clothes and my phone. ” I finally said.

” Well I would be a terrible person if I let you go home hungry. At least let me cook for you. And oh… Im Alec by the way. ” he said as a smile was plastered all over his face.

” Well thanks for everything, for last night, for your bed, your help, and for my pills. But you don have to cook. Ill do that once I get to my house so I better get going and besides, I don want to keep my nanna waiting, she must be worried. ” I said as a looked for my clothes.

” Um….. First, you don get to trespass in my compound by looking for things and Im not giving you your clothes back, unless I drive you back.

Or would you rather prefer going out in my shirt which shows a little too much if you asks me…mmh…. mh.. which is very distracting by the way. Im sure you would not mind a repeat of yesterdays incident. ” He said as he smirked once again.

He has a point Maya. His shirt is concealing almost nothing…..

” And on that note mister, who the hell do you think you are to change me into your attires? ” I said looking annoyed.


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