Chapter 8: You!!!!

Mayas POV

” Are you just going to stare at me all day, you
e seriously freaking me out. You
e creepy in case your actions don say. ” Alec said as he stared at me but quickly diverted his attention on the road.


Eric : I know this is weird that I texted you. I mean its been eight years since we last talked, that was when ummmm…you know.

So I just wanted to say that Ill be coming for the shitty party on Friday. I know I have a lot to explain and Im sorry for leaving you the time you needed me the most.

I hope I see you there, bye baby sis.

I still stared at the message.

Never in years did I ever think that I would dee him again.

I realized that I had left Alec hanging so I answered him.

” Umm…its nothing. Its just that my brother texted me for the first time in eight years.

I mean I thought he was dead cause he just disappeared after all that shit and I don know whether or not to be happy because hes alive and doing great or be mad cause he left me all alone to cry on myself in stead of being there for my as I lost my mother….our mother. ” I said as a looked through the window trying too hard to conceal my mixed emotions.

” Hey, be happy cause he finally showed up. Don blame him, maybe he was too traumatized to handle it and as per my genius me, people handle different situations differently so maybe he just could not bring himself to accept the fact that….you know, so yeah, give him a chance. ” He said his eyes still on the road.

He has a point and I hate to admit it.

” Eight **ing years!! ” And he thinks a poor excuse of an apology will cover up all the time that was lost. ” I let out a fake laugh.

” Thats not what I mean….what I mean is that maybe you should listen to his reason before jumping into conclusions. ” he answered hesitantly.

” I never thought you were capable of thinking straight. ” I teased.

” Ouch! That actually hurt. ” He said faking a frown.

” It better cause the truth hurts you know. ” I said a smile still plastered on my face.

He just smiled back.

It was not long until a caught him pants down staring at me.

Im quite sure that he had been doing this for some time cause even when I was still staring at my phone, I could still feel his eyes on me.

” Alec, you
e drooling and I can swim. Eyes on the road, I didn know I was too much of a distraction for you. ” I mocked.

” As if… ” He replied as he chuckled. ” I would prefer you reply the text so that at least he doesn feel that you
e still mad at him. ” He proceeded.

I just nodded my head, Ugh! He was right.

Me: Ill be there too, we have a lot to talk about, especially you.

Eric: OK then, see you on Friday.

Me: Bye.

Eric: Bye.

” Done. ” I murmured happily.


Moments later, we arrived at my house, and for sure he was surprised.

” Wow, I didn know you
e this rich, do you live with your parents….or…. ” He asked.

” Well no one really, just my nanny, her child and my brother who went. Otherwise its just me , my nanny and her child. ” I stated as I got off the car.

” You didn want me to ride your Bugatti, I can wait to see the look on your face once you see my babies. I swear, youll drool till you die off lack of saliva. ” I teased as I showed him as he followed behind as we headed to the garage.

” Tada!!!! ” I said in a high pitched voice as I raised my hands for him to see my cars.

” Woah! You have got to be kidding me. You even have a maserati, god, Im so moving in with you. ” He said as his facial expressions displayed shock.

” Easy boy. ” I said as I chuckled.

We spent most of the time talking about non important things as nanny prepared chicken teriyaki for us as a way of also thanking Alec for rescuing my life.

After eating, I showed him my room which shocked me cause I was never this open to anyone except Brylee in my entire life with made me feel awkward but there was something about Alec that made me trust him so easily which I am so afraid of.

It was getting late and I didn want him to be exhausted.

Maya you
e a freak, why the hell do you care about him.

e not even sure if he cares for you just as much as you
e starting to.

And besides, hes too hot to lack a girlfriend or night stands.

And you can fall for him and the feeling is not mutual.

So just avoid him at all cost.

Maybe its for the best for both of us..

e just friends and get your ass to stick to that.

” So I guess this means goodbye.

I won be there on Friday, I have an important meeting my family and I have to attend. So see you soon. Im glad that were friends now. ” He almost chocked on the last sentence as if he didn want to say it.

” Ummm…..thanks for everything….I guess….and ha… ” Before I could even finish what I was saying, I caught him staring intensely at my lips and I couldn help the furious blush that crept on my cheeks and ears.

What. The. Hell.

” Im sorry. Anyways, I have to go.

Ill see you around, bye. ” He waved hurriedly after snapping out of his trance.

Before I could even bring myself to say anything to him, he had already left.



Hiiiii guys,

Maya finally has a valid reason to attend the party where shell get to meet Eric.

Hop on to the next chapter, and see how the party will turn out…


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