Shi Yin hurriedly strode towards the bathroom wearing five-centimeter heels.

Looking at her appearance in the bathroom mirror, she found that her current appearance was very different from the past. 

The girl in the mirror had long hair, with seductive peach eyes with long and curled eyelashes.
Her nose was tall and the lips looked bumped.
She had smooth skin with no blemishes.

Although in her past life, Shi Yin could be considered a beauty, she didn’t have a face like a fairy.

Shi Yin raised her hand and squeezed her face severely.

It hurts! Damn it! 

Shi Yin gloomily looked at the mirror, there was a red mark on her strange face because of the pinching. 

Now, Shi Yin was completely sure that she had transmigrated into an abusive novel she just read.
The heroine had the same name as her.

Shi Yin didn’t like reading abuse novels.
After all, life was already bitter, there was no need to add more bitterness to it.

However, the heroine of this abusive book had the same name and surname as her, Shi Yin was curious so she read it.

This was a dog-blood novel filled with torture.
The heroine was a wealthy daughter who was about to go down. 

And the hero was a wealthy young master whose parents had died.
He only had an old grandfather and a sick young uncle in the family.

Although there was an age gap between the hero and the heroine, because they had known each other since they were children, they could be regarded as childhood sweethearts.

The heroine was silly and sweet with no scheming behavior.
Her eyes were full of Zhou Si Yang.
She was more than happy to marry her dream lover.

Shi Yin thought that after their marriage, the two protagonists would slowly develop their feelings.
After all, in most of the novels, the hero and heroine fell in love with each other after their marriage. 

But it seemed the author didn’t want that halfway through the novel, the white moonlight of the hero came out, and the male protagonist started chasing her.

He engaged in rekindling his old love while entangling with the heroine.

Unclear Scum!

Shi Yin felt suffocated reading it, she wanted the heroine to turn over and cruelly torturing the male lead and get rid of him.

In the climax, the weak heroine still failed to abuse the hero and even committed suicide while being pregnant.

This made Shi Yin feel like she had eaten a pile of shit.
The ending was disgusting, reading it she wanted to vomit.

So the third line female star, Shi Yin, sent her comment on this book to express her dissatisfaction while she was resting on the set after shooting her scene.

Shi Yin was very angry at that time, so she posted that comment.

[I hope that the author can personally experience the experience of the heroine’s tragic life:)]

She wanted the author to experience it, then why did she get in here instead of the author?

Shi Yin stood in front of the sink, while still looking in the mirror, she recalled the novel slowly and then tried to analyze the few people she just met.

The white-haired elderly man should be the hero’s grandfather, Zhou Jin Feng, the old man of the Zhou family.

The beautifully dressed middle-aged woman who was sitting next to her was probably the heroine’s thoughtless mother, Tang Yu Lin.

Naturally, on the other side of Tang Yu Lin’s, Shi Ming Yuan was sitting, he was the father of the heroine.

Zhou Si Yang was sitting opposite her.
Shi Yin raised her eyebrows, no wonder he was the hero, too scumbag.

There was one more, person sitting beside Zhou Si Yang in the wheelchair.

Shiyin frowned, and carefully recalled the content in the book.
Her eyes suddenly gleamed.

That was the second young master of the Zhou family, Zhou Cheng Yuan! 

He looked noble and cold but was hard working.

Although in the novel the relationship between the hero and that person was good, he didn’t appear much in the novel.
He was more like a big boss in the background, he only lived through some initial chapters.
The person was frail and sick since he was a child, and later he died.

The author didn’t specify the disease, and the timing of his death was also not clear.

Shi Yin only knew that the person died after a few chapters. 

Couldn’t live long? Great!!!

Shi Yin suddenly saw a ray of hope in this insane situation.

The marriage contract couldn’t be canceled, so to stay away from the hero and his abusive behavior, Shi Yin had decided to marry Zhou Cheng Yuan.

After the marriage, she would wait for Zhou Cheng Yuan’s death and then naturally return to her single life without being forced to follow the heroine’s tragic life trajectory.

This would also successfully save the Shi’s enterprise.

And most importantly, she would legally become the little aunt of that scum Zhou Si Yang! 

It would relieve some of the frustrations that she felt while reading that book!

The thought of that scum hero calling her little aunt respectfully, suddenly makes her very happy!

She was clever!

Thinking about all the countermeasures, Shi Yin adjusted her posture and went out of the bathroom.

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