Shi Yin hurriedly blurted out, “I don’t regret.
It is you who don’t want to marry me!”

That silly tone set her appearance fullest to the silly and sweet person.

Zhou Cheng Yuan quietly looked at her, and a subtle smile suddenly appeared on his pale face.

Even with a straight face, he looked so handsome, not to mention with a slight smile, he looked killer! 

Shi Yin couldn’t help but look at his smiling face.

Having such a fairy-like appearance and a big-boss status, he should be the rich and handsome male lead in the novel!

Oh, but he wasn’t able to live long.

Alas, if he wasn’t a short-lived ghost, maybe he would be the male lead in this book.

Zhou Cheng Yuan leaned back, with a casual posture, he nodded and said to Zhou Jin Feng, “I have no objection with this marriage.”

Although Zhou Cheng Yuan didn’t know her purpose, since she took the initiative to send herself to him, there was no reason to refuse.

Zhou Jin Feng was slightly stunned.

A few years ago, he had talked to his younger son about marrying a wife, but at that time his attitude was very firm, he refused his idea.  


Regardless of what the reason was, Zhou Jin Feng was very happy if Cheng Yuan could marry. 

Besides, the daughter-in-law was still from the Shi family.

Zhou Jin Feng turned his head and happily asked Shi Ming Yuan.

“Ming Yuan? What do you think, Yu Lin?”

Although Shi Ming Yuan was not willing to agree, he was powerless in this situation.

Because this marriage with Zhou’s family was very beneficial for him.

But, it was also his daughter’s lifelong affair, if Zhou Cheng Yuan died in just a few months, then wouldn’t his daughter become a widow? She was just in her twenties, how could he allow this? 

His conscience would hurt him!

Shi Ming Yuan pondered and cautiously said, “Master Zhou, we have always respected Yin Yin’s thoughts, but all this happened so suddenly.
It is better…to discuss more before coming to a decision.”

Zhou Jin Feng understood what Shi Ming Yuan was trying to say, and he too had some doubts in his heart. 

“Yes, we should think about it.”

It was not only for Shi’s family but also for Zhou’s.
As an elder, he should think more about this marriage before agreeing.

“So, let’s not talk about these things tonight, and have a good meal first.” Zhou Jin Feng spoke.

Others also followed along, and the marriage was not mentioned again.

After the dinner, the Shi’s left.

When they reached the parking area, Tang Yu Lin dragged Shi Yin to sit in the back seat and tried to brainwash her all the way. 

She hoped that Shi Yin would withdraw her decision to marry Zhou Cheng Yuan, but no matter how Tang Yu Lin persuaded Shi Yin didn’t change.

“Didn’t you always love Si Yang?” 

Tang Yu Lin bitterly asked, “Si Yang is very good, he is tall and handsome, moreover he is in good health, right? By marrying him, you can have children.
A little girl looking cute like you or a little boy looking handsome like Si Yang! This Zhou Cheng Yuan is disabled and now in a wheelchair! Can he even do it?”

Shi Yin was quite speechless.

What were you thinking about??

“Mom,” Shi Yin was helpless not to know whether to cry or laugh.

“I do really like Uncle Cheng Yuan.
Initially, I was only close to Brother Si Yang to know Uncle Cheng Yuan more!”

“Besides…” Shi Yin’s eyes reddened, and with a pitiful tone, she spoke.

“Uncle Cheng Yuan is in such bad health, and as you said that he might…may not live more.
So, I don’t want to waste any more time.
I don’t want to regret it in the end.”

Tang Yu Lin became angry.

“Why don’t you listen? This marriage is a fire pit.
Mom tells you, you will be killed if you jump in.”

Shi Yin slumped, and she softly whispered, “Could you bear to see me and my love not be together till death?”

“If I can’t marry Uncle Cheng Yuan, then I won’t marry into Zhou’s family.” Shi Yin stubbornly wiped away her tears. 

“But if I don’t marry into Zhou’s family, will our business be in a great crisis?”

After she finished speaking, Shi Yin raised her eyes to look at Shi Ming Yuan who was sitting in front, and asked,  “Dad?”

Shi Ming Yuan sighed.

“Marrying Uncle Cheng Yuan was my only wish.” Shi Yin begged.

“This way, our family’s crisis will also be solved.”

“Let’s talk about this later.” 

Shi Yin didn’t press Shi Ming Yuan too much, after all, Shi Ming Yuan was intelligent, he could understand the pros and cons.

Three days later, Shi Ming Yuan asked Shi Yin to come inside the study.

“Yin Yin, do you still want to marry Zhou Cheng Yuan?”

Shi Yin instantly nodded and firmly said, “Yeah.”

Shi Ming Yuan helplessly sighed.

“Daddy can agree to your marriage, but there are some requirements.”

“Dad, you can say.”

“It’s okay if you want to marry Zhou Cheng Yuan, but it should be a small wedding without much noise.
You have to hide it from outsiders.
If someday Zhou Cheng Yuan is gone, then it wouldn’t affect your life much.”

Shi Yin didn’t care much about whether the marriage was public or not, anyway, she would be single in the end.

“And once Zhou Cheng Yuan is gone, you have to move back to live here.”

Shi Yin nodded and smiled.

Shi Ming Yuan asked her to move back because once there was no Cheng Yuan, there would be no support for her at Zhou’s house, and she would be bullied.

“We will visit Zhou’s house in two days.
I will talk about this to Mr.
Zhou in person.
You just need to go there.”

Thank you Dad for your care.”

The original body used to visit Zhou’s house almost every day, to look for Zhou Si Yang. 

But, Shi Yin didn’t like him, so he didn’t go to Zhou’s anymore, and to visit Zhou’s for Zhou Cheng Yuan, she was busy making her plan.

Shi Yin wasn’t sitting idle at home these days.
At this point, the heroine in the original plot had already signed up for a talent show called “Rising Stars”.

Although in her last life, Shi Yin was only a third-line star, she had good singing and dancing skills.

She just needed a little time to pick it up again.
And currently, she was busy practicing and polishing her dance and music skills.

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