Martial RPG

Back Again

We arrive at a lavish town full of life and trade. Its convenient location garnered many tourists and traders, they have a reputation of being one of the best places to trade.

Tall towers of different pavilions are littered around Tie Guang, at this point it can already be called a city if not for its somewhat small size.

Jia Xis carriage stops at an inn and she alights. ”We are here. ”

I follow her, we walk into the inn before Jia xi approaches a small and frail person. Looking around, I don think Ive seen such a peaceful inn. Everyone is suspiciously well-dressed and there are no practitioners despite it being the middle of the day. The price of a meal here isn high, this isn the place for wealthy people to gather.

My instinct tells me to run but…

”Xie Mo! This is the person, ” says Jia Xi.

”Ah, yes. Hello, Im Xie Mo. ” I say.

The man smiles at me and readjusts the spectacles on his face. ”Young lad, nice to meet you, you can call me Luo Ming. I heard from Jia Xi that you would like to earn some money around here. Don worry, your job will be simple. In addition, I will provide a lounge and food for you. ”

”Thank you! ” I reply.

So many benefits for someone new and unimportant…

However, I need to figure out whats going on first. I can use the information in my next life to my advantage.


The Main Quest has been received!

Main Quest bestows a lot more rewards than regular quests. Expect very generous fruition as well as increased difficulty!

The player has realised suspicious activity going around. Find out what is going on while playing the role of ”Merchant Assistant ”.

Tip: Things saved in the inventory will not be lost even after death. However, there is a limited amount of space. Organise your items carefully and judge which is best for the next life.

Reward: ???

Failure: Death

Time limit: 15 days.


There is a time limit? Its trying to imply that I will die if I don do anything either way…

”Follow me, I will guide you to your room. ” He says.

I follow him up the inn and to the last room on the second level. Luo Ming opens the door and beckons me to come in before closing it shut again.

I ready myself to use the sword hidden in my robe.

”Look, I know you are suspicious of everything that happens here. Thats why Im paying you way more than usual, didn I? ”


Choose a dialogue:

1-(I knew. I expected something like this when Jia Xi mentioned the good pay.)

2-(You bastard! You will pay for this!)

3-(I knew, but can I know what kind of ”business ” is happening here?)

4- Stay Silent.


The second option is asking for death. The third will arouse suspicions of my identity and purpose. The first option gives a cunning and smart facade. All three are undesirable as a subordinate in this line of work, they want people who are naive and stupid, blinded by money.

I choose the fourth option.

Luo Ming gazes at my silence. ”Thats right. All you have to do is stay silent; remember curiosity kills the cat. Just do what you are told and we are on the road to wealth. ”

He extends his hand out and I take it, we smile at one another. ”Understood, ” I say.

”Glad we can be on the same page. ” Luo Ming replies.


6 days have passed since I started working under Luo Ming.

The jobs I do include being on the lookout, transporting suspiciously heavy fruit crates, and exchanging a bag for some money with people in the alley.

The information Ive collected… I only know that most of Luo Mings patrons are martial artists or pharmacists, which means… The product might be unorthodox pills instead.

*knock knock*


I open the door to my room and see Luo Ming with two gold ingots in his hand.


”Here is your share. ” He says, placing the gold ingots in my hand.

Luo Ming smiles. ”Do not be so surprised, there are more to come. ”

My jaw subconsciously drops, these heavy gold ingots are a lifetime of fortune for commoners like me. Its my first time holding one.

”Thank you so much! ” I pretend to be overjoyed.

”Don mention it. Get some rest, you have an important job tomorrow. ” He says and he leaves.

I keep the gold ingots in my inventory.


Inventory full.





98/100 space


-25 Silver Ingots(75)


-1 Silver Sword(10)


-3 rabbit fresh meat(3)

-2 Fish fresh meat(2)


-4 rabbit hide(8)


Money takes up so much space?!

How big were these gold ingots?


Gold Ingots.

A highly valued currency for the wealthy.

Take up 30 spaces.



Even when I get rid of the food and material, I can even store a single ingot. I need the sword so I definitely cannot part with it.

10 silver ingots are equivalent to one gold ingot so it doesn make a difference if I abandon the silver for gold.

I sigh.

Well… Should I go enjoy myself for a while.

I sneak out of the inn and throw all the food and material in my inventory aside on the street. Afterwards, I go to a pavilion and ordered the most expensive meal course I could ever dream of: Duck, Chicken, Pork. I indulge myself in all kinds of luxurious meat while avoiding beer as I need to work the next day.


”Ugh… I ate too much… ” I groan as I rub my belly.

The waiter throws a glance at me.

I place one gold ingot on the table and left.

Its dark in the sky yet the streets are polluted with bright light as carriages and people go by.

From the corner of my eyes, I see some crates stacked in the alley, some people are guarding those crates.

Where have I seen them before?


I realise they are people working under Luo Ming.

The number one rule of Luo Ming is to never peek into the crates but… shall I try stealing some? It should be good pills if the customers are paying such a hefty amount.

I have an inventory, even if they conduct an investigation, they cannot pin the blame on me. Now, how do I get past those guards?

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