ring him out of his wits.
He contacted his wife without thinking.
From the looks of it, he had been tricked by Master Mo.

The tarmac was in the back garden, and the two of them entered directly from the back door.
The back door was used for the servants to carry things, and it was not far from the main hall.

As they passed by the dining room, Mo Ting stuck his head out to take a look.
He noticed that the dishes on the table were all covered with a heat-resistant cover and there were no signs of them being eaten.
His lips could not help but curve upwards.

How could Fu Wen let go of such a good opportunity to flatter him? He quickly said, “President Mo, look, Madam is waiting for you to have a meal together!”

Mo Ting quickly retracted his expression, as if the smile from before was just an illusion.
He replied coldly, “Yes.”

The couple walked around the dining room and out of the corridor.
Suddenly, Mo Ting stopped in his tracks.

Fortunately, Fu Wen reacted quickly and did not pounce on him.
The two of them were hidden in the shadows when they heard Su Yuan’s voice coming from the living room.

“Really? Are you sure Mo Ting doesn’t have any other woman? What about the man? Other than Fu Wen, the other men are probably the soft and cute type, you know?”

Aunt Du’s face was filled with questions.
She had no idea what the cute little girl Su Yuan was talking about! But, this did not stop her from explaining on Mo Ting’s behalf.
‘It wasn’t easy for Master to coax a wife to come home.
If she were to misunderstand, would her master still be able to get a wife?’

“Madam, please believe me.
Sir is a very clean and honest person.
Not to mention having a mistress outside, he would even choose those 40 or 50-year-old aunties as his villa’s servants.”

Clean and honest? Then what was with the big-breasted woman in the bar? What was the matter with Fu Wen?

Su Yuan sighed, ‘Big Boss Mo, you’ve hidden yourself pretty well! Even the housekeeper didn’t know about these things.
What else could she say?’

‘Aunt Du, the maids were Mo Ting’s cover, yet you still protected him.
You have no idea how crazy he was outside.
His legs weren’t even healed yet, and he was in the bathroom of a bar playing with a curvy woman.’ She heard everything!

Mo Ting, who was hidden in the shadows…

He looked back at Fu Wen.

Fu Wen felt a chill run down his back.

Fu Wen said while trembling, “President Mo, I’m…”

A particularly bad feeling came from Fu Wen’s mind.

“A cute little puppy, right?”

The walking stick in Mo Ting’s hand was almost crushed.
He had specifically asked Fu Wen to buy this to trick Su Yuan.
He was in a hurry, so Fu Wen could only buy a simple one from the nearest prescription, which was like a branch.
It looked okay, but the quality was not as good.
As Mo Ting pressed down on it, a small crack actually appeared.


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