>“You want to fight? Alright, let’s go upstairs and fight on the bed!”

“Wait, what are you doing?” Su Yuan panicked.

What was he doing? Mo Ting picked up his jacket from the sofa and placed it on Su Yuan’s butt.
Only then did her fair thighs get covered.
Did this little girl know what it meant for men to see her two white legs?

But how could Su Yuan listen to him? she was going to resist until the end! If his legs did not work, then he would use his mouth! Big hooligan, go to hell! She bit down on Mo Ting’s sensitive waist.

Mo Ting’s body trembled as he almost lost his balance.

“President Mo!” Fu Wen rushed up and supported him.

Mo Ting’s leg had not actually recovered, but his endurance was stronger than most people’s.
He could not accept being a useless person, so he gritted his teeth and walked like a normal person.
In fact, when his legs hurt, he could not help but clench his fists.

Fu Wen had already seen this scene a few times and now, his wife had misunderstood him.
Fu Wen could not stand it anymore and wanted to explain on behalf of Mo Ting.
But, before he could finish his sentence, he grabbed onto Mo Ting’s arm and exclaimed, “President Mo, why is your body so hot?”

Hearing this, Su Yuan immediately let go and quickly touched his waist.
It was indeed hot! She grabbed onto Mo Ting’s arm and checked his pulse.
The thing she was most worried about had happened-his wound had become infected and he had a high fever! And the temperature would not be low, at least 39 degrees!

“Quick, put me down!” Su Yuan twisted her body and tried to get off the bed, but Mo Ting held onto her waist tightly, not letting go.

“If this continues, don’t even think about attending the inauguration ceremony tomorrow.
It doesn’t matter if you leave this matter to me.
You should think about it yourself.
Hey, hey, hey, what are you doing!”

Mo Ting acted like he could not hear her as he carried her upstairs.

Before Su Yuan could react, her body was thrown onto the soft bed, and the smell of wood immediately filled the air.
F*ck! This was Mo Ting’s bed!

She struggled to get up, but Mo Ting pushed her down and placed a heavy leg on top of her leg.
Her hands were also held in place and the man’s other hand was on top of her head.
In an instant, she could not move.

“What do you want to do? Are you crazy?! Your leg hasn’t recovered yet!” Su Yuan shouted.

Why did she have to treat someone who looked like a mental patient?

Mo Ting sneered, “Madam, didn’t you want to fight? The bed is soft, so it doesn’t hurt to fall.” After saying that, he unbuttoned his shirt with one hand, revealing a large area of his skin in front of her eyes.
Her eyes were blurred, so what was she going to fight for? What a lunatic!

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