104 The Watered Pork

In her shock, Su Yuan could not care less and shouted, “Assistant Fu! Fu Wen, hurry up and take your man away.
F*ck, stay away from me!”

His man? Fu Wen, who was just about to go up to the third floor, heard this and was so scared that he fell down the stairs and rolled down half the floor.

The words ‘your man’ caused Mo Ting’s face to turn so dark that ink could almost be squeezed out of it.
When he heard Su Yuan and Aunt Du’s conversation, he was a little angry, but he still felt a little lucky.
Su Yuan had misunderstood that he had a woman or even a man outside and was probably jealous.
But now, he had been slapped in the face! No wonder the little girl always said strange things and always looked at Fu Wen.
It turned out that she had always thought that he and Fu Wen were a couple!

With this thought, Fu Wen’s face suddenly appeared in Mo Ting’s mind.
He quickly shook his head to get rid of the image, but his stomach still felt like it was about to turn.
He felt sour, nauseated and his head hurt a little.

Fu Wen, who got up and rushed to the door of the room, said, “…”

Su Yuan immediately saw Fu Wen and quickly shouted, “Assistant Fu, you’ve come at the right time.
Hurry up and hit the back of his head with something.
I’ll help you escape from the fire!”

Mo Ting was stunned for a moment before he subconsciously turned around.
As expected, he saw Fu Wen standing there with a blank expression on his face.
Then, he suddenly had a bad feeling and noticed something.

However, it was too late.
Su Yuan had already pulled out one of her legs and used her knee to kick upwards! “You scumbag, die!”

Mo Ting’s vision went dark as he lost consciousness and fell onto Su Yuan’s body.

At that moment, Su Yuan felt like she was about to suffocate.
She took in deep breaths and tried to push Mo Ting off her body.
But, the unconscious Mo Ting was as heavy as a pig that had been injected with water, she could not move him at all!

Fu Wen also reacted at this time.
‘Oh my God! The Madam had kicked President Mo unconscious?’

Su Yuan rolled her eyes at Fu Wen, “Why are you still standing there? If your man continues to have a fever, he’ll become a roasted boar!”

Fu Wen did not know what to do!

By the time Mo Ting woke up, it was already 12am.
The villa was quiet to the point of awkwardness.
That was right, it was awkward! After he opened his eyes, he turned around and saw Su Yuan by the bed.
He finally heaved a sigh of relief.
He was about to speak, but when he thought of what had happened earlier, he instantly felt a little awkward.
He unwillingly shifted his gaze away from Su Yuan and pretended to be cold.
“I thought Madam would find a cute little puppy to take care of me.”

Su Yuan was still lost in her thoughts when she heard Mo Ting say something about a puppy.
She subconsciously nodded her head and said, “Oh, okay.”

Mo Ting glared at Su Yuan; he could not wait to eat her up.
This little girl actually liked to make up stories about her man and other men! If his legs were not broken, he would have let her know whether he liked men or women today!

Mo Ting lost control of his emotions as he pulled at his hair in frustration.
He simply could not figure out what went wrong to cause Su Yuan to have such a misunderstanding!

He wanted to get off the bed and have a good talk with Su Yuan, but the moment he exerted force in his legs…

He gasped in pain.

Su Yuan heard the noise and quickly walked to the other side of the bed.
She lifted the blanket and revealed Mo Ting’s strong legs, which were only briefs pants underwear.

Su Yuan was taken aback.
She blinked her eyes, then reached out to pull the blanket back and covered herself again.
However, her heart was beating wildly, and her face seemed to be burning as if it had been burned.
‘Motherf*cker!’ Su Yuan was cursing Fu Wen in her heart.
Even if he helped Mo Ting take off his pants, he did not have to be left with only his underwear! He must have done it on purpose!

Su Yuan tilted her head so Mo Ting would not see her red face.
She then pretended to be serious as she examined his leg.

But, who was Mo Ting? The president of EL Entertainment, if he could not even catch such a small movement, what kind of President was he? The awkwardness and gloominess just now were all resolved after the little girl blushed.
Master Mo was in an extremely good mood!

Su Yuan carefully removed the accessories on the wound.
The wound had already been covered with white powder and stopped bleeding, but now it was starting to bleed again.
Her expression turned serious as she immediately changed Mo Ting’s bandages.

“Your leg is still seriously injured and infected.
I’ll apply some medicine for you now to reduce the inflammation.
It won’t hurt very much, but it will make you less sober.
You need to rest too.”

At the mention of rest, Su Yuan suddenly raised her head, and their eyes met.
There was a moment of silence.

As a doctor, Su Yuan only wanted to give her patient some advice, but she met his loving gaze.
She looked at the man for a while, but as if she had thought of something, her expression suddenly became cold.
Then, she said in a very unfamiliar tone, “Uncle, do you like me?”

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