106 Tomorrow I’ll Send

After the herbs arrived, Fu Wen used his own stupidity as an excuse to ask Su Yuan to help Mo Ting apply the medicine.
Su Yuan agreed, so how could she not? The bodyguards in the room, with an average height of 190cm, were staring at her.
No matter how good she was at fighting, it was still difficult for her to fight against four hands with two fists! Besides, she could not make a move.
Although Big Boss mo was still unconscious on the bed, he was in his territory.
If she really made a move, she would not be able to escape.
Afterwards, Fu Wen said that President Mo would definitely want to see his wife as soon as he woke up, so he begged her not to leave.

Su Yuan agreed with a smile.
While Mo Ting was unconscious, she ran through all the questions that Big Boss Mo would ask and her answers.
Who knew that Big Boss Mo would not play by the rules? He did not care about so many questions, but he kept harping on the question of whether the male celebrity and director she liked were male or female.
It seemed like she had to make a big move.

Su Yuan’s eyes turned cold.
“President Mo, since we’ve already made things clear, I’ll be frank with you.”

Seeing the seriousness on her face, Mo Ting was silent for a moment before he said, “Alright, go ahead.”

“Assistant Fu has already explained everything to me.
I misunderstood that you like men.
I apologize to you for this.
But that’s good too.
I’m a clean freak when it comes to relationships, and I don’t want my business partner to be a scumbag.
When our relationship first started, I only agreed to a contract marriage with you because you made a statement in exchange.
I only signed the agreement because I could get 200 million in two years’ time.
This was clearly written in the contract.
As for me, I don’t have any extra thoughts about you, and I hope you don’t have any thoughts about me either.
This is better for both of us.”

She finally said it out loud.
Su Yuan had already thought of these words while Mo Ting was unconscious.
This was her final move.
Since she could not dispel Big Boss Mo’s thoughts with tactful words, she could only use the most direct words.

The room fell into silence again.

Mo Ting leaned against the headboard.
The main lights in the room were not turned on, only a dim wall light was turned on.
The Mo Ting now looked a little more dangerous than before.

Su Yuan secretly observed Mo Ting’s reaction.
From where she was standing, she could not see his expression.
To be exact, she could not see his eyes.
His eyes were half-closed as if he was thinking about something.
His long eyelashes cast a shadow under the light and completely blocked his eyes.

Su Yuan originally thought Mo Ting was going to fly into a rage.
But, what was going on? Was her words a little too harsh? Did she hurt Big Boss Mo’s heart? She was so nervous that her fingers were twisted together.

“You’re afraid of me?” Mo Ting suddenly spoke up as he lifted his head slightly and looked at her indifferently.

Su Yuan looked at him and shook her head in shock.
“No, I, I just wanted to let you know my true thoughts.”

“So, you can’t be with me, but you can be with him?” Mo Ting asked.

Him? Su Yuan was stunned.

Mo Ting stopped and replied impatiently, “It’s that guy with the surname Pei.”

How did he know that she had been in a relationship with Pei Xifan? Su Yuan was stunned for a moment, then she suddenly realized that on the day she signed the agreement, Big Boss Mo had been eavesdropping.

“It’s not what you think it is,” Su Yuan quickly explained.
But, the moment she finished speaking, she regretted it.
Mo Ting was not related to her, so why did she have to explain?

Hearing this, Mo Ting’s eyes squinted as he asked, “Then what is it?”

Su Yuan really wanted to slap herself.
This Big Boss Mo really knew how to make use of every opportunity.
Just now, he had been using her words to get entangled with the matter of male celebrities.
Now, he was forcing her to ask about her relationship history with her ex.
So, after all that she had said, Big Boss Mo did not listen at all? She was a little angry and said in a huff, “Uncle, are we talking about me and him now? He was a scumbag, so what? Do you want to compare yourself to a scumbag?”

Mo Ting thought about it seriously for a moment before he replied, “I’m not a scumbag.
You can be with me.”

Hearing this, Su Yuan’s temper completely disappeared.
She understood that she could not persuade Big Boss Mo.
She said coldly, “I’m only interested in money now.
I’m not interested in love.”

“Marriage is the same,” she added, “I don’t believe in marriage.”

Mo Ting lifted an eyebrow and said, “But, we’re already married.”

Su Yuan was going crazy, “That’s a contract marriage! President Mo, this is a fake marriage!”

“No, it’s true,” Mo Ting replied in a serious manner, “previously, you said that a woman would only feel safe with a marriage certificate.
I thought you were right, so I asked Fu Wen and Aunt Du to get your household register.
Our marriage certificate is ready.
We can send it tomorrow.”

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