107 Goodnight

“What? You…you asked Fu Wen to get the household register from my mom?” Su Yuan asked in disbelief.

Mo Ting smiled and nodded his head, “After the marriage certificate is delivered tomorrow, you can move your household register into my household register.
Little Yuan, aren’t you happy?”

Happy? She was so damn happy! Su Yuan smiled eerily.
She was so happy that she wanted to pry open his head and see what the hell was inside! She really wanted to rush up and beat Mo Ting up, but she held back.
After all, she had already experienced the feeling of being unable to fight back when she couldn’t beat Hanhan.
Even if Mo Ting’s legs were broken, she still wouldn’t be a match for him.
Even if she fought with all her might, she would at most end up in a draw.
Then, she would be captured by the bodyguards hidden in every corner of the villa, so why bother? Sigh, forget it, it was just a marriage certificate! It was not like she could not get a divorce.
If she really could not, she could just get a divorce two years later.
She thought that with 200 million Yuan in her hands, no one would ever divorce her.

After taking a few deep breaths, Su Yuan finally suppressed her anger.
She forced a smile and asked, “So, my mom already knows about us?”

Mo Ting shook his head.
“No, she doesn’t.
I didn’t get Madam’s approval.
How could I say anything?”

Su Yuan let out a sigh of relief.
At least Mo Ting was tactful and did not cross her bottom line.
Now that things had come to this, Su Yuan had no choice but to continue forward.

“Uncle, since I’ve agreed to be married to you for two years, I’ll definitely fulfill my part of the contract.
Actually, it doesn’t matter whether we have a marriage certificate or not.
I hope you can understand this.

“I’ve already made things clear between you and me.
Our relationship is just like what was written in the agreement.
It’s just a cooperative relationship.
I’ll cooperate with you to complete the occasion you need me to, but that’s all.

“Other than that, we have no other relationship.
Not now, and not in the future.

“There are so many good girls in the world.
If you can get to know more of them, you’ll definitely find many who are better than me.
So, uncle, don’t waste your time on me and let me go.”

After saying this, Su Yuan was prepared to accept Big Boss Mo’s anger.
But, Mo Ting simply looked at her with a deep gaze and did not say a word.

But this kind of reaction was even more terrifying than losing her temper, okay? She was so nervous that her toes curled up.
She could not stop thinking, ‘This old man wouldn’t call his bodyguards out the next second, tie me up, and throw me into the sea to feed the sharks, would he?’

The medicine she had just applied to Mo Ting had some sleeping properties.
He should be so tired that he couldn’t even open his eyes by now, so how was he still so energetic?

Su Yuan turned around to avoid Mo Ting’s gaze and inched toward the door.
“Well, uncle, I’ve made it clear.
You should have a good rest today.
You still have to attend the inauguration ceremony tomorrow.
If I don’t rest well, it will affect my condition tomorrow.
I, I’ll take my leave first!”

“Wait a moment!” Mo Ting called out to her.

Su Yuan was stopped, and her body started to tremble uncontrollably.
“Is, is there a problem?” She tried her best to maintain a smile, but the muscles on her face were frozen.
Her smile was probably uglier than her crying.

“Why?” Why did it not have any other relationship with him? Mo Ting had never experienced rejection or failure, so he was especially sensitive to these things.
He really wanted to know the reason.

“Because it’s me, so I can’t?” Mo Ting asked.

“No.” Su Yuan replied helplessly.

“Then why?” Mo Ting continued to ask.

Su Yuan’s face suddenly turned serious.
“Uncle, I don’t know what love is in your eyes.
But in my heart, love is sacred and can not be blasphemed.
There was a process for two people to get to know each other, fall in love, and stay together.
I don’t believe in love at first sight.
It’s just a feeling of lust under the effect of hormones.
We’ve only known each other for three days, and you’re saying that you like me without even knowing me.
I’m sorry, I can’t accept such a quick relationship, so you should stop being so persistent.”

The room fell silent for a while.

Su Yuan thought Big Boss Mo would really get angry this time, but Mo Ting replied calmly, “Alright, I understand.”

Eh? Understood? Why was it so different from what she had imagined? However, this was also good.
Su Yuan’s worried heart finally settled down.

“Then you should rest early.
I’m going back to sleep.
Good night.”

Mo Ting nodded his head.
“Yes, good night.”

Su Yuan immediately turned around and ran out of Mo Ting’s bedroom.

Mo Ting watched as the little girl ran off in a panic.
His originally calm eyes began to turn turbulent.

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