111 A Special Emotion

Su Yuan immediately realized that he wanted her to fulfill the agreement.

Mo Ting’s large hand directly grabbed onto Su Yuan’s small hand and pulled her hand away from her nose.
His eyes darkened as he asked, “Why are you so careless? your nose is red.”

Su Yuan was stunned for quite a while.
She was almost conquered by the man’s superb acting skills.
The lines and the expression management were simply professional! Although she was not an actress, she had worked at an entertainment company for so many years in her previous life and was considered an expert.
How could she be inferior to an outsider like Mo Ting?

Afterwards, Su Yuan put on a coy expression as she raised her small fist and punched Mo Ting’s chest a few times.
“You’re so annoying! It’s all your fault! Don’t touch me! I don’t want to talk to you anymore!” She turned around to go upstairs.

Mo Ting was stunned.
He never expected Su Yuan to speak to him in such a sweet tone.
In an instant, his heart started to race and he was filled with excitement.
He took a big step forward and stood in front of Su Yuan.

A tall shadow pressed down on her, and Su Yuan subconsciously backed away.
However, the man did not give her the chance to do so.
He grabbed her wrist, pulled hard, and hugged her waist.
It was not a princess carry, but a child carry.
Su Yuan’s butt was resting on Mo Ting’s firm arm.

“Hey, you!” Su Yuan panicked and started to struggle.

“Don’t move,” Mo Ting stopped her in a low voice.

Su Yuan did not dare to move.

Mo Ting reached out his hand and pulled the suit over her body, covering her fair and tender feet.

No matter how petite Su Yuan was, she was still an adult.
Just by sitting on Mo Ting’s arm like that, she felt like it was going to break in the next second.

At this time, Mo Ting suddenly grabbed onto her ankle and pulled her into his embrace.
Her foot then landed on Mo Ting’s stomach.

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Su Yuan felt a warm sensation on her feet, and she instantly turned red.
F*ck! This position was too embarrassing!

Not far away, Fu Wen was stunned.
If it was not for the fact that there were so many people here, he would have immediately clapped for his President Mo! As expected of President Mo, his flirting skills were amazing!

Under everyone’s shocked gaze, Mo Ting carried Su Yuan up to the bedroom on the third floor.

Su Yuan was about to go crazy.
She had agreed to cooperate with him according to the terms of the agreement, but she did not agree to let him take advantage of her!

Mo Ting’s legs were long, so his steps were large.
He carried Su Yuan to the bedroom in no time.
Just as he pushed the door open, before Su Yuan could react, Mo Ting quickly walked over to the bed and gently placed her down.

Afterwards, Mo Ting took two steps back and said in a serious tone, “I’m sorry, I had no choice just now.
I hope you won’t be angry.” His expression was too serious, and Su Yuan was stunned.

What kind of crazy operation was this? Su Yuan’s stomach was filled with anger, but she could not let it out now.

Mo Ting pretended not to notice Su Yuan’s expression as he continued to explain, “Those people downstairs are all from the Mo family.
Although they look like they’re only here to style me, they’re actually sent by the Mo family to monitor me, so I’m afraid.”

Hearing that, Su Yuan cursed in her heart, ‘F*ck you! If I believe you, I’ll be an idiot! You’re really shameless, using the people downstairs as an excuse to take advantage of me!’

But, Su Yuan could only suffer in silence.
She could not possibly go downstairs and ask everyone if they were sent by the Mo family to spy on Mo Ting, right? ‘Motherf*cker! If it wasn’t for the fact that I could get 200 million in two years, I wouldn’t even be here!’

“The show is over, I’m leaving.” Su Yuan got off the bed and was about to leave.

“Wait a moment!” Mo Ting called out to her.

“Why?” Su Yuan asked.

“Does the agreement Madam signed with me still count?” Mo Ting asked.

Su Yuan frowned and had a bad feeling.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the bedroom door.

Mo Ting went to open the door.
Fu Wen had arrived with a large and exquisite box in his hands.
He walked over to Su Yuan and asked in a respectful manner, “Madam, do you want to try on the dress now to see if it fits?”

“I need you to attend the inauguration ceremony as my wife today.” Mo Ting’s attitude was sincere and his expression was serious.
It was as if he was asking for her opinion, but in reality, he didn’t give her a chance to reject.

Fu Wen opened the box.
There was a shiny and luxurious black dress, a pair of diamond-studded high heels, and a set of blue diamond jewelry.

Su Yuan stared at the box for a while, then immediately took it and said, “Wait!”

Afterwards, she quickly left Mo Ting’s bedroom.

Su Yuan was not as shameless as Mo Ting, she was someone who separated her work and personal life.
She had an agreement with Mo Ting.
No matter what happened between them, she would fulfill the terms of the agreement.


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