112 Couple Style

Mo Ting’s eyes darkened as he watched the little girl leave.
He originally thought the little girl would think of a way to reject him, or at least argue for a while before she agreed.
In the end, she actually agreed so easily.
This showed that in her heart, attending the inauguration ceremony as her wife was just a task.
In other words, he was also a mission to her.

Mo Ting’s heart was filled with bitterness.
After so many years, this was the first time he had felt such a special emotion.

Fu Wen was still immersed in the joy of Su Yuan agreeing to attend and did not notice his President Mo’s abnormal behavior.
He said excitedly, “President Mo, since the Madam has agreed, I’ll go and inform the venue to add a seat for the Madam next to you.
Is that okay? I won’t be going on stage.
Madam, please take my original seat.”

Allowing the Madam to attend the ceremony was an impromptu decision by President Mo early in the morning.
He had yet to inform the organizers of the ceremony, so he had to communicate with them as soon as possible.
Otherwise, it would be a dereliction of his duty as an assistant if there was no seat when the Madam arrived.

“No need,” Mo Ting replied coldly.
He then picked up Su Yuan’s suit jacket that she had thrown on the bed and left the bedroom.

Fu Wen wondered, ‘What’s wrong with President Mo? Weren’t you quite happy just now?’

“What are you standing there for? Why aren’t you leaving?” Seeing that Fu Wen was not following him, Mo Ting impatiently said.

Fu Wen was startled and immediately trotted to follow.

Mo Ting walked in front as Fu Wen followed behind cautiously, not daring to say a word.

As they headed downstairs, Mo Ting suddenly stopped in his tracks and said in a serious tone, “Madam’s attendance at the inauguration ceremony is not to be revealed to anyone, especially the Mo family!”

On the other hand, because of her experience in prison in her previous life, Su Yuan washed up much faster than other women.
After taking a shower in five minutes, she quickly dried her hair and put on all the things in the box.
To her surprise, the dress and high heels seemed to be tailor-made for her.
They fit her very well! She was a little curious, how did Mo Ting know her shoe size? She walked around the room in her shoes.
The shoes were just right and comfortable to wear.
It had to be said, although Mo Ting was annoying, he had a good taste.

boxn ov el.
c o m

The dress she was wearing, from the cut to the design, was very good.
It was dazzling but not too luxurious.
There was no label on the dress, so it looked like it was custom-made.
Her accessories matched her high heels well.

The living room downstairs had quieted down.
The group of stylists had left.

By the time Su Yuan arrived downstairs, all she saw was Mo Ting sitting on the sofa with his back to the staircase.

Hearing the clacking of high heels, Mo Ting turned around to see a tall and slender figure slowly walking down the stairs.
The girl’s skin was white and tender to begin with, and it looked particularly fair in the black dress.
The cut of the dress was just right to show the girl’s beautiful figure.

Mo Ting’s eyes flashed with surprise before he fell into an extremely frustrated mood.
He was starting to regret this last-minute decision.
He couldn’t even get enough of his little girl, how could he let others see her?

He put down the documents in his hand and stood up to welcome her.
“This dress suits you very well.
You look very beautiful.”

Su Yuan thought he was just being polite, so she did not take it to heart and casually said, “You’re not bad today either.”

In the end, Mo Ting did not seem to notice her perfunctory response.
He lifted his hand and removed a blue diamond cuff from his suit and placed it on Su Yuan’s dress.

It was a sleeve of the opposite sex and looked like a flower.
If one did not know better, they would think that it was a brooch.

“In that case, we’ll be considered a couple.”

Su Yuan lowered her head and glanced at her sleeve.
‘Dog man, you want to trick me? No way!’

At this time, Fu Wen appeared out of nowhere and respectfully said, “President Mo, Madam, the helicopter is ready.
We can leave at any time.”

Mo Ting held onto Su Yuan’s hand and prepared to leave.

“Wait a moment.” Su Yuan looked at Mo Ting’s exquisite and grand appearance and pointed to herself, “Don’t you need to do my makeup and style?”

Hearing this, Mo Ting looked at Fu Wen.
Fu Wen pulled out something from his briefcase and handed it to Mo Ting with a strange expression.

Mo Ting did not even look at it as he placed it in Su Yuan’s hands.
“Be good and wear it.”

Su Yuan was shocked as she looked down and saw that it was a black mask!

A strong wind blew over the tarmac, and a pink helicopter was parked there, waiting quietly.

“Um, can’t we go by car?” Su Yuan suggested tactfully.
It was not that she did not like to take the helicopter, but she was prone to airsickness.


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