113 Driver’s License

In her previous life, she did not know that she had this problem until she became a manager.
Her airsickness was very serious and she would vomit until the sky turned dark.
The last time she took the plane, she fainted, so she did not have any reaction.
This time, it was hard to say.

Mo Ting’s long legs were just about to step onto the stairs of the helicopter.
As soon as he heard this, he immediately stopped in his tracks and turned around, “You don’t like helicopters?”

“I don’t like it,” Su Yuan replied obediently.

Fu Wen looked at his watch.
The inauguration ceremony would officially begin in half an hour.
If he did not take the helicopter now, it would be too late.

“Alright, let’s change to a car.” Mo Ting said without hesitation.
At the same time, he pulled back his leg that was about to step onto the stairs and held onto Su Yuan’s hand as they walked toward the lake.

“President Mo, we don’t have much time left.
There’s only half an hour left.” Normally, President Mo could do whatever he wanted, but not today.
It was the global launch of EL Corporation and all the world’s well-known companies would be there.
They could not be late by even a minute! Furthermore, it might even cause dissatisfaction among their business partners, and they would not be able to explain it to elder mo!

Mo Ting’s expression darkened, “Didn’t you hear the Madam say she doesn’t like helicopters?”

Fu Wen’s neck shrunk back at Mo Ting’s words and he did not dare to say anything else.
But, the problem was still not solved.
President Mo was too late.
In a fit of anger, Elder Mo might make a move on him and he would no longer be President Mo’s assistant.
Fu Wen followed behind with a pale face, not saying a word.

At this moment, Su Yuan said nonchalantly, “I have a way to get there in half an hour, but…”

“But what?” As soon as he heard his wife say she had a way, Fu Wen immediately perked up.
But, he was also warned by President Mo’s eyes and quickly lowered his head.

Mo Ting looked at her gently and asked, “But what?”

Su Yuan said, “I need a driver’s license that’s not too bad.”

boxn ov el.
c o m

5 minutes later, Mo Ting finally understood why Su Yuan wanted a driver’s license.
Had anyone seen someone drive a Maybach like an F1 race car? His wife had done it!

Fu Wen, who did not know anything, took the initiative to sit in the front passenger seat to show Su Yuan the way.
Then, as soon as the car started, he pressed his entire body against the back of the seat and never left.
18 minutes and 52 seconds later, the Maybach came to a sudden stop at the north gate of Ginza.

As soon as the car stopped, Fu Wen immediately unfastened his seat belt, got out of the car, and ran to the side of the street.
He vomited.

Mo Ting did not vomit, but his face was a little pale.

“Are you alright?” Su Yuan pulled out the car key and got out of the car elegantly.
Then, she praised, “The car’s not bad.
The acceleration within 100 meters is pretty good.”

Mo Ting looked at her excited expression and asked, “Do you like cars?”

Su Yuan turned around to look at the Maybach and nodded without hesitation.
“I do!”

“I’ll give you this one,” Mo Ting replied.

Su Yuan’s lips twitched.

“Mo Ting, what’s wrong? Are you looking down on me for driving it?”

Su Yuan, ‘He’s even giving me a car, and you say he’s not a scumbag? I’m not falling for it, bah!’

“President Mo, Madam, let, let’s go in?” Fu Wen vomited enough and came over to ask for instructions with weak steps.
The matter of sending the car was interrupted.

Su Yuan obediently put on her mask, only revealing her eyes.
But, even so, Mo Ting was still not happy.
He instructed Fu Wen to get her another pair of sunglasses.

The south gate of the Ginza was bustling.
A long red carpet was laid out in front of the venue, and there were bodyguards on both sides of the red carpet.
The reporters gathered in the designated area with their cameras.

At 10:30 am, luxury cars of different brands arrived one after another.
The sound of the shutters almost drowned out the noise.

Bai Weiguang’s luxury car was also here.
He had been woken up by Zhang Huilan early in the morning and had arrived before nine o’clock.
It was finally time to enter the venue.
He lowered his head and tidied up the haute couture suit he was wearing.
He went through his speech in his mind in case a press conference came to interview him.

At this time, someone suddenly knocked on the window.
A man in black with a serious expression saluted him through the window and said, “Sir, your car is not on the red carpet list.
Please leave the red carpet immediately.”

“Why isn’t my car on the red carpet?” Bai Weiguang asked in return.

“It means that your car is not qualified to be in the red carpet zone,” the man in black said, “please leave the red carpet area immediately and don’t block the other cars.”

“What did you just say?” When Bai Weiguang heard this, he exploded, “Do you know who I am? I’m an honored guest invited by your Mo family head, how dare you speak to me like this?”

He was the head of the Bai family, and yet he was humiliated by a mere bodyguard.
His face immediately darkened.

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