114 The Nightmare of the Bai Family’s Head

The bodyguard outside the window was not frightened by Bai Weiguang’s words.
He took out a black box from his waist and said, “Then please show me your invitation.”

At this moment, the other two bodyguards also walked over.
“What happened?”

Bai Weiguang did not bring a single bodyguard with him today.
If he caused a scene, not only would he not gain any advantage, but he might also lose face.
There was a large group of reporters not far away, so he could only suppress his anger and take out the invitation letter his mother, Zhang Huilan, had given him this morning.

The bodyguard took the invitation and scanned it with the black box.
The invitation was real, but he said, “Sir, your invitation is an admission ticket.
The entrance is not here, it’s on the west side.”

“What nonsense are you saying!” Bai Weiguang snatched the invitation back in disbelief.
He opened it and saw the words ‘admission ticket’ shining brightly on it.
It instantly slapped his old face.
He had come out in a hurry in the morning, so he had not opened it at all.
Now that things had come to this, he immediately drove away from the red carpet, his face so hot that it could almost fry an egg!

The Bai family’s driver followed the direction the bodyguard pointed to and found the West entrance.
However, because there were many cars, the car could only be parked by the side of the road.
Bai Weiguang got out of the car and walked over.
As the head of the Bai family, he was squeezed together with these little bosses who had no status or status.
Bai Weiguang felt that he had lost all his face that he had accumulated for 50 years in one day!

When he finally reached the entrance, the phone in his pocket suddenly rang.
When he saw the caller ID, he frowned and answered the call impatiently.

“Dad, I’m begging you, please take me with you.
Sister won’t come at all.
She didn’t even answer at all!”

Bai Weiguang, who was already in a bad mood, looked even worse when he heard Bai Yurou’s words.
“Yurou, didn’t we agree last night that you should give this opportunity to your sister?”

Bai Yurou’s eyes turned cold as she tightened her grip on the phone.
“Dad, do you still not understand? My sister hates the Bai family, but she hates you even more.
Even if you give her the Bai family, she will still be angry, let alone an invitation!”

Hearing these words, Bai Weiguang was instantly enraged, “What are you talking about? She’s your elder sister, the eldest daughter of our Bai family!”

“I’m not talking nonsense! From the day she was kidnapped, she wanted to cut off all ties with our Bai family! You still treat her as your daughter, but she doesn’t acknowledge you as her father! Besides, do you really dare to bring her to the ceremony? Aren’t you afraid that she’ll take this opportunity to smear the Bai family’s reputation? Dad, I’m your daughter.
I’m a proper member of the Bai family.
Only I can help you!

boxn ov el.
c o m

“I’m standing outside the venue right now.
Mom has given me the limited edition dress that she ordered in France.
I’ll definitely be able to stun everyone and bring honor to the Bai family! By then, I’ll be able to get to know a lot of powerful people from the top rich families.
Dad, I want to contribute my strength to the Bai family!”

Mo Ting and the others directly headed toward the North Gate, so they could not walk down the red carpet.

A large group of reporters waited for a long time under the hot sun, but the protagonist of the day did not appear.
They were puzzled when they suddenly received news from the hall.
The new president of EL had arrived.

The reporters immediately exploded.
One by one, they exclaimed in dismay that they had been deceived.
Then, they carried their machines and hurriedly left the red carpet to the entrance.

For the sake of safety, the organizer of the ceremony only opened two entrances to the venue.
One was the red carpet area at the South Gate, where only guests with invitation letters could enter.
The other one was the West entrance where Bai Weiguang was queuing.

Bai Weiguang and Bai Yurou finally managed to get to the front of the line.
Just as they were about to enter the venue, a group of reporters suddenly swarmed in and cut the line.
To be precise, the two of them were squeezed out of the line by the reporters.
The cameras held by the reporters were long barrels.
Bai Weiguang was hit in the chest by one of the reporters’ cameras.
He took a few steps back, and the father and daughter left the line.

“You, do you know who I am?” Bai Weiguang said angrily.
Today was simply a nightmare for him, the head of the Bai family.
At first, he was driven out of the red carpet by a little bodyguard, and then he had to line up with these unknown people to enter.
Now, he was being bullied by these beggar-like reporters!

When the reporter who had dissed Bai Weiguang heard this, he directly opened the camera cover and pointed the camera at Bai Weiguang and his daughter.
With a ‘click’, he asked, “Who are you?”

Bai Weiguang snickered, “Hehe.”

Bai Yurou snickered along with her dad, “Hehe.”


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