117 She is My Wife

After hearing Cui Shouzhong’s words, Mo Ting’s expression froze, “Uncle Cui, you also think that she’s my bodyguard?”

Cui Shouzhong had been dealing with laboratories for many years and was considered someone with a high IQ but low EQ.
So, he did not notice Mo Ting’s unhappiness.
Instead, he opened his eyes wide in confusion and asked, “Could it be that she’s…?”

Elder Mo did not know about Mo Ting’s manager in country M when he was younger, but he did know that this young woman was agile and did not look like an ordinary bodyguard.
She looked more like…

At the thought of this, Cui Shouzhong was shocked.

Mo Ting looked at his reaction and knew he was overthinking things.
So, he gritted his teeth and said, “Uncle Cui, she’s my wife.”

Su Yuan, who was hiding behind Mo Ting, almost could not hold back her laughter as her shoulders drooped, “You guys take your time, I’ll go over there and take a look.”

Su Yuan was afraid that she would hear something she should not and hurt Big Boss Mo’s reputation, so she quickly found an excuse to leave.
Fu Wen followed.

Cui Shouzhong thought he had heard wrong.
He looked at Su Yuan’s back in confusion and asked, “Nephew, what did you just say? Your uncle is getting old, my hearing isn’t that good anymore.”

“Dad, the person who kicked me just now was my sister-in-law.” Cui Feng quickly replied with a smile, trying to please Mo Ting.
He had been locked up by his father for three whole days, and his limbs were almost degenerating.
Earlier, when he saw Mo Ting, his first reaction was to pounce on him and complain.
He did not even remember that Mo Ting’s leg was injured.

“What!” This time, Cui Shouzhong heard everything clearly.
His son said that the person just now was his sister-in-law.
So, the girl was Mo Ting’s sister-in-law.

After he came back to his senses, Cui Shouzhong hit the back of Cui Feng’s head again.
“If you’re in love, then be in love.
What sister-in-law? Then isn’t it just…?”

“Uncle Cui, Cui Feng didn’t lie to you.
We’ve already gotten our marriage certificate.” Mo Ting casually pulled out two red booklets.
Although his expression did not change, his eyes were filled with pride.

boxn ov el.
c o m

“I just got it today.”

Cui Shouzhong’s eyes widened even more.
For some reason, he had become the first person apart from Mo Ting and Fu Wen to see the marriage certificate.
Even Su Yuan, the person involved, had not seen the marriage certificate!

Cui Shouzhong was stunned for a few seconds.
He reached out to take the marriage certificate and take a good look.

However, in the next second, Mo Ting placed the marriage certificate back into his pocket and said with a cold expression, “If you want to see your marriage certificate, go home and look at your own.”

Cui Shouzhong laughed at his statement.

Su Yuan walked around the venue a few times but did not see Chen Yi.
She thought to herself, ‘Did Mu Yuchen give her false information on purpose?’

On the other side, Bai Yurou sneaked in from the North Gate.
The moment she entered, she saw a familiar face.

“What are you doing here?”

Li Feifei, who was wearing a milky-white lace dress, stared at Bai Yurou in shock and asked, “I thought you didn’t have an invitation? Why are you here?”

Bai Yurou’s face darkened.
“There are so many people.
Can’t I not line up? Don’t tell me that your family also has an invitation?”

Li Feifei was so nervous that she did not notice Bai Yurou’s guilty conscience.
She said softly, “If my family could get an invitation, would I have sneaked in?”

The two of them hid in the shadows around the corner.
Staff and bodyguards would occasionally appear in the corridor, so it was very difficult to sneak in.

“Hey! Don’t tell me that you sneaked in just to take pictures and clock in?” Bai Yurou clearly remembered the envious look on Li Feifei’s face when she heard that she could attend the inauguration ceremony.
Li Feifei had even told her to take more photos so that she could show off on her social media.
Was it worth the risk for just one photo?

Li Feifei bit her lip and did not say a word.

“What?” Bai Yurou asked, confused.
“Isn’t it to take photos?”

“Aiya, Yurou, don’t ask anymore!” Li Feifei said.

However, the more Li Feifei refused to answer, the more curious Bai Yurou became.
Recalling what the reporters had said earlier, her expression suddenly changed.
Then, she looked at Li Feifei’s gown and her meticulous dressing.
She sneered, “Ha, didn’t you also know that the Mo family was choosing a wife for Mo Ting today, so you came to try your luck?”

“For whom?” Li Feifei was stunned and asked.

Bai Yurou’s face darkened.
“You still want to lie to me?!”

Li Feifei was Bai Yurou’s lackey in school.
She was very respectful to Bai Yurou and always kept her word.
Now that Bai Yurou was angry, she did not dare to hide it anymore.
She quickly shook her head and explained, “I’m really not.
I’m here to see Chen Yi.”

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