118 Don’t Talk Nonsense, Follow Me

Su Yuan strolled around and finally entered the bathroom.
Fu Wen could only wait at the door.

A moment later, two well-dressed young ladies came over and saw Fu Wen waiting at the door of the bathroom.
One of the tall girls asked excitedly, “Assistant Fu, what are you doing here?”

She quickly glanced in the direction of the men’s bathroom.
“Is Brother Ting inside?”

When Fu Wen heard this, he looked over and quickly shook his head.
“Miss Mu, you’ve misunderstood.
President Mo is not inside.”

“Not inside?” Mu Lanyi asked in disbelief.
“Brother Ting isn’t here, so why are you standing here?”

Fu Wen thought for a few seconds before replying, “President Mo sent me to entertain the guests.”

President Mo did not want to reveal the Madam’s identity, so there was no problem with him saying this.

Hearing this, Mu Lanyi looked disappointed, but she immediately smiled again.
“Do you know where Brother Ting is now?”

Fu Wen did not dare to hide it from Mu Lanyi, so he pointed in a direction.

“Okay, thanks!” Mu Lanyi said excitedly, “I’ll go find Brother Ting after touching up my makeup!”

The two girls entered the bathroom arm in arm.
Fu Wen was so nervous that he kept sweating.
‘Please don’t meet them!’

After some thought, Fu Wen quickly pulled out his phone and sent Mo Ting a WeChat message, [President Mo, Miss Mu is here.
She might have already met up with Madam.
Should I take Madam away?]

boxn ov el.
c o m

Mo Ting immediately replied, [Where?]

Fu Wen knew that President Mo was definitely asking about his wife, [The washroom.]

[I’ll go immediately.]

[Don’t, President Mo, Miss Mu is also inside!]

After a while, Mo Ting finally replied, [Once Little Yuan comes out, bring her to me immediately!]

“Ting, don’t go.
Didn’t you promise me that you’d take off your pants for me to see? I haven’t seen it yet!”

Cui Feng stood in front of Mo Ting, not allowing him to leave.
He went against his conscience and complimented Su Yuan in front of Mo Ting before Mo Ting agreed to let him take a look at his legs.
But, before he could even look at his legs, he was already running away.

Mo Ting was silent for a moment before he replied, “Help me do something.
If it’s done well, you can come with me to the company after the ceremony.”

Of course, it would be great to have enough time to look at Su Yuan’s treatment of Mo Ting’s leg.
So, Cui Feng immediately agreed, “No problem.
What’s the matter?”

In the women’s washroom, Su Yuan took off her mask the moment she entered.
“Phew! I’m going to suffocate!” Fortunately, the bathroom was clean.
Not only did it not smell bad, but it also had a light fragrance.
She could finally catch her breath.
Just as she was about to flush after using the toilet, she heard the clacking of high heels coming from outside.

“Quick, help me check my makeup, hairstyle, and dress.
Is there anything wrong with them?” Mu Lanyi asked anxiously.

“There’s no problem at all,” another young lady said, “the entire venue is beautiful just because of you!”

Mu Lanyi blurted out, “Bullshit! I have to control myself and not use vulgarities.
My mom said that it’s not elegant for girls to use vulgarities.
Brother Ting won’t like it.”

“Is the Brother Ah Ting you mentioned really that handsome? I just heard someone say that he’s not young anymore!”

“They know nothing!” Mu Lanyi quickly retorted.
“They’ve never even seen Brother Ah Ting before, let me tell you…afterwards, she wrote an essay, and the entire essay was praising how handsome and charming Mo Ting was!”

Su Yuan rolled her eyes in the cubicle.
Yet another fanatical admirer of Mo Ting’s had arrived! She did not want to go out anymore, so she simply sat on the toilet seat and listened to the heiresses outside praising Mo Ting.
She sighed as she listened.
Did the two of them not consider the fact that there was no one in the washroom when they were talking? No matter what, she was still the legal wife in name, yet she had to hide in the cubicle and listen to Big Boss Mo’s suitor discuss how to confess to him.
Was it that exciting? There were so many people here today, how could they keep their faces after being rejected?

Thinking about this, Su Yuan paused and asked herself, ‘How do you know that bastard will refuse? He’s a man who even wants those flirtatious women in the bar.
Besides, don’t you know what the girls outside look like? Her breasts weren’t big, and her waist wasn’t thin.
Men should like the plump type.’

Su Yuan’s curiosity was piqued, and when she heard the two girls leave, she quickly followed them out.

Fu Wen saw her come out and immediately greeted her, “Madam!”

“Cut the crap and follow me!”

Hearing that, Fu Wen’s heart skipped a beat.
Before he could ask, Su Yuan had already walked away.
Fu Wen took a closer look.
‘F*ck! Wasn’t Madam heading in the direction Miss Mu had left? This is bad! Something big must have happened in the washroom just now.
Could it be that Miss Mu had said something to Madam?’


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