120 Damned Cripple

Mo Ting held onto his glass of wine and looked at her with a cold gaze.

Mu Lanyi was halfway through her sentence when she saw Mo Ting’s gaze.

Two years ago, the two of them met in Chicago due to an accident.
Although Mo Ting was cold back then, he was not as scary as he was today.
What was wrong with him today? Why was he looking at her with such cold eyes?

Mu Lanyi was so nervous that she was breaking out in a cold sweat.
At this moment, a strange voice suddenly came from not far away, “Yo! I’ve come at the right time! Was Ting going to marry the Mu family? Haha!”

The crowd automatically dispersed to make way for Su Yuan.
Su Yuan looked over and did not expect to see a wheelchair.

The man in the wheelchair looked 80% similar to Mo Ting.
They had the same hairstyle, the same color of their suits, and even their ages were similar.
If Mo Ting was in his wheelchair and did not look at her face, he would easily be mistaken.

“Third uncle,” Mo Ting called out coldly.

Su Yuan’s heart skipped a beat.
He was Mo Yi! In her previous life, Mo Yi’s death was unclear.
According to the rumors, because he overestimated himself and tried to steal Mo Ting’s assets, he was executed in secret.
It was because of this rumor that Mo Ting’s reputation took a hit.
In the end, he became the ruthless and unpredictable Big Boss Mo.

“What’s wrong? My good nephew? You don’t welcome me?” Although Mo Yi looked like Mo Ting, their auras were completely different.

Mo Ting’s aura was cold and his eyes were determined.
He looked like a gentleman.
On the other hand, Mo Yi’s eyes were listless, and the dark circles under his eyes were extremely heavy.
One look and one could tell that he had overindulged in sex.

“Third uncle, what are you saying? Do you expect me to send someone to welcome you with firecrackers?” Mo Ting asked.

In City A, due to environmental pollution, firecrackers were not allowed under normal circumstances.
There were only two situations that allowed it.
One was a wedding banquet, the other was a funeral.

boxn ov el.
c o m

“You!” Mo Yi’s expression changed, “Mo Ting, don’t think you can do whatever you want just because my father is protecting you!”

After saying that, he suddenly turned to look at Mu Lanyi.
“Miss Mu, my nephew obviously doesn’t like you.
If you really want to marry into the Mo family, you can consider me.
I’m also a member of the Mo family, and I’m his uncle.
After you marry me, he’ll have to call you aunt!”

Su Yuan was shocked.
This was such an interesting show.
Uncle and nephew fighting over a woman in front of everyone.
It was so dramatic! But in her previous life, she had never heard of uncle and nephew fighting over a woman.

Just as Su Yuan was feeling confused, Mu Lanyi could not take it anymore.
She was the Mu family’s eldest daughter and was used to being arrogant.
From the start, she already had no confidence in confessing to Mo Ting in public, so she had to hold on.
Mo Yi, on the other hand, started off by saying that Mo Ting did not like her.
It was no wonder she was so angry!

Her expression and mental state instantly crumbled, and she scolded, “Bah! What are you thinking of? I’m Brother Ting’s woman in life and Brother Ting’s ghost in death.
I’m not going to marry you, you damn cripple!”

The elegant, gentle, and capable Miss Mu, who was known for her outstanding abilities in the circle of rich and powerful families, was actually speaking so rudely, which was somewhat out of Mo Yi’s expectations.
He could still bear with the first half of the sentence, but the last sentence, ‘damn cripple’, directly crossed his bottom line! Ever since his leg was broken, he would feel so irritated that he wanted to beat someone up whenever he heard any word related to a cripple, not even a harmony!

Mu Lanyi had called him a cripple in front of everyone, and Mo Yi’s face immediately darkened.
He lost control and shouted at Mu Lanyi, “Little b*tch, what did you just call me?”

A person like Mo Yi was actually nothing to be afraid of.
Even if he was a lion, it was just a lion with a broken leg and was not dangerous.
However, Mu Lanyi was still frightened, and it was not a light one at that.
It was as if she was afraid that Mo Yi would jump out of his wheelchair and hit her.
She shouted, “Brother Ting, save me!” After speaking, she opened her arms wide and pounced toward Mo Ting.

Su Yuan was shocked.
‘You can do this?’ Just as she thought Mo Ting would catch Mu Lanyi, he suddenly dodged to the side.

Mu Lanyi let out an ‘aiyo’ and fell to the ground in front of everyone.
Everyone in the venue was startled by this ‘aiyo’.

The guests gathered around, and those who didn’t know the situation asked around.
After a while, all the guests from all over the world knew what had just happened.

However, the crowd blocked Su Yuan’s line of sight.

“Hey, don’t block my view!” Su Yuan was engrossed in the show, so how could she let someone else take the front row seat? She pulled Fu Wen and ran out of the dessert counter.
She immediately moved to a closer position.
Of course, this position had her back facing Mo Ting.

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