122 What Kind of Vixen

Mu Yuchen smiled evilly, “What’s wrong? You’re the only one who’s allowed to trick dad into getting an invitation, but I can’t?”

Mu Lanyi’s face was filled with disbelief.
“That’s impossible.
The Mo family only gave us an invitation.
I’m not lying, it was Grandpa Mo who invited me!

“Why did I invite you?” Mu Yuchen sneered.
“Climbing into a man’s bed? He doesn’t even want you! Where’s your face? Mu Lanyi!”

As expected, the daughter of a mistress was not a good person! He had only wanted to come in to look for someone, but he ended up seeing such a dirtied scene.
The Mu family’s face had been completely lost!

After being insulted by her brother in front of everyone, Mu Lanyi’s face alternated between red and white.
She turned to look at Mo Ting with a pitiful expression, “Brother Ting, tell me, we’ll be together, right? Grandpa Mo told me that he’s taken a fancy to me and wants me to be his granddaughter-in-law.
He also said that we’ll get married at the end of this year.”

Mo Ting was silent for a moment before he asked, “You…you want me to marry you?”

Mu Lanyi’s eyes lit up and she immediately nodded.

Mo Ting’s expression darkened as he reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone, “Wait a minute, I need to ask someone.”

Hearing this, Su Yuan subconsciously wanted to run away.
However, just as she turned around, her phone rang.

Everyone’s eyes were on Su Yuan.

Mo Ting turned toward the source of the voice and saw Su Yuan turning around to run.
She seemed to have felt Mo Ting’s gaze as she turned around and smiled awkwardly at him.
This little girl was indeed hiding behind him to watch the show.
After he hung up, he waved at Su Yuan.
“Come here.”

Mo Ting’s words were so normal, but they were so gentle and warm; it was like he was a completely different person from the cold and distant Mo Ting from before.

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The surrounding crowd was shocked and looked at Su Yuan in curiosity.

Su Yuan’s face darkened, and she walked over unwillingly.
As expected, it was not easy to be a fake wife! It was clearly stated in the agreement that she only needed to cooperate on certain occasions.
Why did she have to add more scenes? This was considered exploitation! He had to pay more!

Su Yuan walked over to Mo Ting’s side and whispered in a voice that only the two of them could hear, “It’s not a problem to use me as a shield, but you’ll have to pay more.
Ten million for each person.
I won’t cooperate until the money is in my account!”

Mo Ting whispered back, “Huh, not bad.
You’re so young, but not only do you know how to watch the fun, you’ve also learned how to ask for more!”

The two of them were negotiating terms, but in Mu Lanyi’s eyes, they were exchanging flirtatious glances.
Where did this wild woman come from? What right did she have to stand next to Brother Ting?

“Who are you? Why does Brother Ting need to ask you to marry me?” Mu Lanyi’s angry shout interrupted the conversation between the two.

When Su Yuan looked at Mu Lanyi, her eyes met Mu Yuchen’s.

Mu Yuchen’s face looked as if it had been struck by lightning.
He stared at Su Yuan, his mouth half-open, but no words came out.

Su Yuan quickly gave him a warning look.

Mu Yuchen was stunned for a moment, then he pursed his lips into a straight line.

Mo Ting noticed the two women’s eye contact.
His originally gentle and loving expression immediately turned dark as his dark eyes turned stormy.
He reached out and wrapped his arm around Su Yuan’s shoulders, pulling her into his embrace.

Su Yuan lost her balance from his hug and ended up bumping into Mo Ting’s chest.

In Mu Yuchen’s eyes, the two of them seemed to be hugging.
“Let her go!” He was enraged.

Everyone knew their relationship from the hug, but Mu Yuchen’s shout made them whisper among themselves.

Mo Ting did not even look at him.
Instead, he leaned into Su Yuan’s ear and whispered, “Deal!”

“You, who are you?” Mu Lanyi was on the verge of a breakdown from the intimacy between the two.
Her eyes were red and her lips were trembling as if she had seen something unacceptable.

Mo Yi was also very interested in this masked girl who suddenly appeared.
How interesting, his nephew actually had someone he liked.
This was too interesting!

In an instant, the venue fell silent again.
Everyone’s eyes were focused on Su Yuan, as if waiting for an explanation.

Mo Ting lowered his head and whispered into her ear, “My dear, tell her who I am to you.”

Su Yuan’s head started to hurt as she looked at the countless curious eyes.
From the bottom of her heart, she did not want to offend all the heiresses present because of a contract marriage.
If she did, she would become the enemy of all of Mo Ting’s admirers!

In the crowd, many heiresses from rich families looked at her with anger in their eyes.
Among them, there were a few people who had secretly asked around about her relationship with Mo Ting.

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