ring this, Mo Ting stopped watching.
He put down his wine glass and walked over to Su Yuan’s side.
He then said sincerely, “I’ve only ever liked you, and I’ve never had a fiancée.”

Su Yuan snickered.

The crowd watching the show all gasped with their jaws hanging.

Mu Lanyi looked at the couple in shock.

Mu Yuchen was equally in shock.

After speaking, Mo Ting looked at Mu Yuchen and pointed to his head, “Young Master Mu, your sister seems to have some problems here.”

“I know a few authoritative neurologists.
I can recommend them to you.”

Mu Yuchen did not know what to say.

The scene went out of control.
Not only did Mo Ting deny that he had a fiancée, he even said that Mu Lanyi was crazy.
In fact, she just wanted to say that her fiancée was just her own imagination.

“No, not here.
Where’s Grandpa Mo? Grandpa Mo told me personally.
He said that I’m a gentle, virtuous, and decent person, and that I’m the best choice for his granddaughter-in-law! Who the hell are you? Take off your mask, I want to see what kind of vixen you are!”

Mu Lanyi was still the Mu family’s young lady, and she had never been humiliated like this before.
In that moment of agitation, she pounced forward and reached out to grab Su Yuan’s face.

The moment she pounced on him, Mo Ting’s expression changed.
He immediately wrapped his arms around Su Yuan’s waist and spun his body in half a circle, protecting her in his arms.
Then, he picked up the champagne glass on the table and threw it at Mu Lanyi.

The glass of champagne was smashed on Mu Lanyi’s face.

Mu Lanyi lost her balance after being hit by the wine glass.
She took a few steps back and then froze on the spot.
The champagne and blood were all over her body.
Just a moment ago, she was still a rich young lady with exquisite makeup, but now, she could not be looked at at all.

The onlookers could not help but exclaim.

At this moment, Mu Yuchen could not hold it in any longer.
He stepped forward and grabbed Mu Lanyi’s wrist.
“Follow me.”

Mu Lanyi only came back to her senses after being pulled.
She suddenly struggled like crazy.
“Let me go!”

Mu Yuchen gripped her wrist tightly and refused to let go.

Mu Lanyi opened her mouth and bit his wrist, and traces of blood immediately appeared.

Mu Yuchen felt the pain and let go of his hand.

Mu Lanyi turned around and pounced at Su Yuan again, but this time, before she could get close, she was stopped by Fu Wen, who had just finished his business and rushed over.
“Miss Mu, please calm down.”

“Who the hell are you? Get out of my way!” As she spoke, Mu Lanyi reached out to hit Fu Wen.

Fu Wen’s expression darkened.
He grabbed her wrist and twisted it behind her.

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